real estate agents: A Mobile, Technology-Drive Age Means __________ for Real Estate Agents. - 01/26/12 05:01 AM
You can fill in the blank with any of the following:
Increased Leads
More Business
Higher Profits
Better Commissions
In a recent Software Advice article from Matthew Collis from IXACT Contact, the discussion begins with his take on what mobile and technology mean to real estate agents in today’s market.  His ultimate conclusion “Real estate agents with the right systems in place will be well prepared going into the future and be in a good position to take their business to the next level.” Well, we couldn’t agree more.
One of the more intriguing statements in Colis’s post, “… home buyers … (0 comments)

real estate agents: Inman Real Estate Connect, NYC – Are Agents and Broker Owners Ready to Connect with their customers via Mobile? - 01/13/12 02:01 AM
The first full day at Inman NYC was very interesting. Lots on fascinating discussion around technology, real estate tools and what real estate agents really use or don’t in their everyday business.
One fact is clear, everyone I’ve spoken with so far seems to understand that real estate agents and industry pros alike need to use technology, including mobile. But everyone also agrees that agents will be slow to adopt. While that may be true, I am not sure home buyers and sellers are so slow to embrace technology.
So there is an interesting tension in that fact. The question is, which … (0 comments)

real estate agents: Mobile will get your Brand to the “Forefront of Millions of Potential Customers’ Minds” - 12/15/11 05:32 AM
In an article for Research 2 Guidance: The Mobile Research Specialists, Ralf-Gordon Jahns discusses why his company thinks mobile applications will become as important for companies as their websites. The mobile app marketplaces are constantly changing and developing. This constant positive growth has led Ralf to his list of six reasons to support the companies’ claims of application importance.

For reasons 1-3, both the ubiquity of Smartphone and the ubiquity of app stores will contribute greatly to the success of mobile apps.  Smartphone will increasingly grow in popularity, causing the use of standard cell phones to decrease. This growth in … (2 comments)

real estate agents: Embracing Technology can Impact your Brand Perception – Thoughts on the Way Home from NAR 2011 - 11/15/11 08:04 AM
So I am writing this from the airport on my way home back this year’s NAR Convention in Anaheim, CA, to the east coast from Long Beach airport.  I am flying Jetblue from Long Beach which is my first trip from the LBC, as Snoop Dog affectionally refers to it.
When we were looking for flights I wanted to go with Jetblue since I have rarely taken them, because it seemed like a cool brand and thought the experience would make the long flight seem less painful.  I was surprised if not frustrated to learn once I boarded that the flight, … (2 comments)




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