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Looking back at the end of each year , there is always that one transaction that you remember. Most likely it is not the one that generated the most glory, or the most money, but the one where you generated the most good. Here is the story of my most memorable mortgage of 2007: BEHIND A WHITE PIC...
  I will give the gift of unconditional support and acceptance that transcends the past, and ignores fault.I will understand that the emotional journey that others have taken is unique, and renders me unable to fully understand or justify their needs.I will refuse to solve problems by looking the...
Update*****PLEASE, YOU CANNOT MISS THE ANONYMOUS COMMENT & PRICELESS INPUT ON THIS POST FROM "A FELLOW MILLENIAL"All eyes were on her,  certainly not me, as we strolled into the upscale suburban supermarket to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner. Who was this exotic blond creature that stood in s...
Disclaimer: I currently own an auto leasing company and spent 20 years financing cars. Fact: I am a mortgage broker because I love real estate more than I love cars. Please, if you consider this a conflict of interest, read no further. Personally, I feel this gives me a very unique insight on the...
Two rats met late one December afternoon in 2007 to discuss a mortgage. BUYER RAT had been referred to MORTGAGE RAT by their mutual friend, REALTOR RAT."I want to buy cheddar cheese," said Buyer Rat, "but I need a loan. What is your rate, Mortgage Rat?""Ah, Buyer Rat, I see you have not bought an...
I should be writing about Wamu. The enormous changes they are putting in place. The jobs that are being lost. The impact on future buyers. But there is another story on the front page that I can't stop thinking about. Michael Vick going to jail for killing dogs....AND for being dishonest about it...
During the mortgage crisis of 1982 (yes, this is NOT the first "mortgage crisis") we were forced to move when my husband was transferred to Dallas. We bought a grand old house sitting high on a hill in an elite neighborhood called Las Colinas (as Californians, we were real estate rich).In spite o...
When in the car business, I was forced to do this same calculation again and again: Would it be better for my client to take the $3000 rebate? Or take the 3% interest rate (offered via the manufacturers lender)? You can't have both, because this benefit is nothing more than a SELLER CREDIT.    Re...
The sign was almost unreadable through the misty fog that gray December morning. Still, an inexplicable force caused me to veer off the road, in search of their house. Admonishing myself for being so easily distracted (from my intended Christmas shopping), I found myself in front of an old house ...
Hey, I have an idea. Let's freeze all those adjustable rate mortgages for seven years at those low rates we had 2 years ago. Don't you agree those people "deserve" to keep their lower payment? Don't you think the lending industry somehow stuck it to those poor souls and "deserves" to be punished?...

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