economy: I was happy to read this report from BofA - 06/05/13 04:28 AM
I was happy to read this report from BofA  
June 5, 2013
Last Week in Review 
Consumers are feeling more confident about the direction in which our economy is moving. Read on for details and what they mean for home loan rates.

Table Source: Mortgage Success Source

Consumer Confidence, which measures how optimistic or pessimistic consumers are with respect to the economy in the near future, hit a five-year high in May, coming in at 76.2. The Consumer Sentiment Index, a similar measure, also came in above expectations for May.

There was also good news on … (0 comments)

economy: Job Recovery is what will take this economy into an upward movement - 01/21/11 08:50 AM
The Daily Real Estate News has Job Recovery is Vital for a Strong Economy .
With the exception of financial companies, corporate profits in 2010 were the highest ever, which should bode well for U.S. job recovery, says NAI Global Chief Economist Peter M. Linneman. "This could be a real stimulus for the economy," unlike government efforts which just shifted existing funds around, he says. The problem so far is that this $1.3 trillion of excess cash isn't translating into new jobs. Linneman, who made his remarks during a Jan. 18 webcast, attributes the inactivity to uncertainty over political policies and regulation. … (0 comments)

economy: HOme prices will rise this year say the experts - 01/04/11 12:04 PM
4 different analysts from different University economy specialists give us all about the same : home prices will rise this year.
UCLA predicts Orange County homes will rise 7.5% this year, and continuing to climb until 2014.Reports say disappear fear and pent up demand with great affordability. Even though they dont expect another recession they do expect that is will be a slow recovery.
Chapman University predicts home prices will rise 3.3% this year, a much smaller rise.The lingering housing problems will keep it low. They expect the defaults and forclosures to continue but a change in the mix of homes … (0 comments)

economy: Economy is Easing - 11/20/10 06:09 AM
Some people fell that the beating they took in the past recession is past them now.  The bankers are showing a 3rd consecutive improvement after 12 consecutive declines. The Corporate sector is showing profits now and we are waiting to see if they start hiring again. Consumers are feeling a little better with a fourth straight index increase after 10 declines and are starting to buy cars again. Merchants are finally happier due to the largest index gain in nearly 5 years. Propety owners are seeing increase rents and Mortgage lending on the rise with job losses slowing.
There are new … (0 comments)

economy: Commentaries: Based on Truth or Fiction - 10/25/10 11:09 AM
Who do you believe?
You read the paper and it will have tons of Commentaries, but are they backed with fact or hearsay?  Do you believe the one you read on page 2 or page 5. The two opposiing thoughts both offer opinions based on information they got. Sounds just like what we get on our own. We can read facts and listen to the news and make our own decision and hope that what we decide is correct. Who do you vote for, when do you buy, what do you do with your retirement plans?  I usually look at who … (0 comments)

economy: Housing market rebound at !.8% average is a Good Thing - 08/06/10 03:22 AM
A housing market rebound seems tenuous following the expiration of the home buyer tax credit, and consumer confidence remains weak due to lackluster employment, but David Stiff, chief economist at Fiserv, says the bottom is near. Home prices in the U.S. have declined 29.5 percent over the past four years, according to the Fiserv Case-Shiller Indexes. Stiff says prices should form a trough early next year, when median prices will be down an estimated 32.9 percent from the 2006 peak.
By early 2014, they will have climbed about 7.2 percent from 2010 levels, according to the indexes. Fiserv and Moody's … (0 comments)

 by Joe Weisenthal in Investing, Recession
One of the hottest feuds in economics today is the one between Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman. The debate represents austerity vs. stimulus, with Krugman, of course, arguing that the U.S. needs to do way more to save the economy.
Ferguson notes that his dispute with Krugman isn't even so much about economics -- it's about history. Ferguson is a history professor. And history says pretty clearly that countries with this level of sovereign debt eventually go bust.Ferguson isn't convinced we're totally doomed just yet. And he's not calling for overly … (0 comments)

economy: If 'Jobless Recovery' Becomes True 'Double Dip', Catalano Says - 07/14/10 02:36 AM
 by Keegan Bales in Recession
By the end of the third quarter it will be clear whether the economy is forging a real recovery or slipping into another recession, says Vinny Catalano, founder and president of Blue Market Research. This is a much more important than some academic debate over whether the economy suffers a "double dip" or not.
When he sat down with Aaron Monday, Catalano said he believes the economy is in recovery mode now, albeit of the "jobless" variety. He notes that corporate profits are strong, there is significant growth in the world's emerging economies and while developed … (0 comments)

economy: Long Recession Ignites Debate on Jobless Benefits - 07/10/10 02:36 AM
by Sara Murray
Management Recruiters of Sacramento, Calif., says it recently had a tough time filling six engineering positions at an Oregon manufacturer paying $60,000 a year -- and suspects long-term jobless benefits were part of the hitch.
"We called several engineers that were unemployed," says Karl Dinse, a managing partner at the recruiting firm. "They said, nah, you know, if it were paying $80,000 I'd think about it." Some candidates suggested he call them back when their benefits were scheduled to run out, he says. 
Rick Jewell has a different take on extended jobless benefits: He didn't want to be … (0 comments)

economy: Many Filers Confused by Stimulus Tax Credit - 04/16/10 08:14 AM
by David KocieniewskiTuesday, April 13, 2010
provided by
As the deadline approaches for filing tax returns, the process of claiming a tax break created by the stimulus package has proved to be more work than millions of people had bargained for.
The new tax credit, championed by President Obama as a follow-through on his campaign promise to provide broad-based tax relief, affects 95 percent of all Americans by cutting $400 from the total tax bill for individual filers and $800 for married couples.
In an effort to jump-start the sputtering economy by putting the money into people's pockets as quickly as … (1 comments)

economy: RED FRIDAY a show of Support for our Troops - 12/01/09 08:08 AM
Have you heard, as have I, that Red Fridays will be coming. This is a show of support for our troops. They are looking for the "Silent Majority" to be no longer Silent.. They are looking for having us Voice our love of God, Country and Home. Many Americans are simply wanting to recognize that the vast majority of America do support our troops. The belief is that starting this Fridayand continuing every Friday until the troops all come home; everyone show their support with a deafening message that...Every Red-blooded American who supports out men and women a far, will wear … (3 comments)

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