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All eyes have been upon the woes of the subprime market over the past week or so.  What do you think this means for real estate investors?  Bernanke & Co. shrug at the sub-prime meltdownMore woes for the sub-prime mortgage market :: What it means for investorsSub-Prime lenders take a hit  
Ok, I’ll tell you something you already know:  Real Estate investors are different than other clients that you might serve.  But most of you will agree that even if you know something it’s sometimes useful to hear it again.  Especially when it come to understanding the psychology of a client – an...
I’ve talked about the importance of understanding the numbers as the key step in avoiding the dreaded real estate burnout.  If you know what you’re getting into then you’ll do a much better job of balancing the stress (and rewards) or real estate investing.  So not only do you keep your momentum...
Being a buy-and-hold investor means dealing with tenants.  Speaking personally I don't find this to be a tough part of the job ; the human interaction is enjoyable if you’ve done a good job of pre-screening your tenants.  But every landlord needs to be on the lookout for illicit activity.   The w...

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