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We have done enough short sales to see our fair share of bankruptcies occur. There is an impact to a homeowner’s credit and their short sale if they file bankruptcy. Homeowner’s in need of filing need to speak to an experienced attorney if they are considering bankruptcy as an option to stall a f...
People misunderstand the terms deficiency and deficiency judgment when explaining the risks in short sales or foreclosure actions.  It is easy to do.  Short sales and foreclosures are confusing for most homeowners.  Even after explaining the potential outcomes of a short sale or foreclosure in Ma...
Short sales are a mishmash of paperwork, time, anxiety and questions, and one of the biggest questions I receive from Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners wanting to short sale their home is, "What do I write in my hardship letter to the lender?" This is a simple question to answer, but the...
Short sales are confusing enough, but let's throw a new program into the mix.  It's called HAFA.  Now to not confuse you even further, I'm going to talk about the good old regular HAFA program and not the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae HAFA short sale program. Homeowners need to be aware of the pros and ...

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