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During this down economy I find myself going above and beyond more then usual.  I love to go the extra mile for people when it comes to helping them find a home.  The problem I am having is the bad apples that don't seem to appreciate what I do.  I am by nomeans sniveling about this.  Actually I ...
It was the first opportunity I had to post a referral on Active Rain.  So being new at this thing I was being very thoroughand trying to do right by my clients by asking the questions that matter.  I was real happy with what I have done, I thought I would email a copy of the referral to my client...
I work for a wonderful company with great people.  A while back one of those great people had a unfortunate illness that took his ability to talk.  He is a good friend and a great teacher.  He would give a class every Thursday mornings on ninja selling.  During the time of the class I always seem...
Here I sit,  waiting for the phone to ring.  Thinking of what I have done in the past week to better myself and my buisness.  I am happy to say I did quite alot.  I had a nice agent open house, and on the only day off I had I loaded up my lawn mower and attacked two of my clients yards.  I figure...
I recently had a bad fall.  Broke my Knee and had surgery to repair my wrist.  It has been about 4 weeks now and am going crazy!!!  From training I have received I have been able to have 2 buyers wait for me to heal.  And today I got a call to list a house i prospected 2 months ago.  I also dragg...
Recently I had a encounter with a person that Im sure no one would even think he would be in the posititon to buy a house.  He was so pleased that I took the time to find what his needs were and helped him purchase a home with land.  Turns out we became good freinds and he calls or stops by every...
Allow me to illustrate a situation that proves that the best results can rise from the worst of circumstances.A young man was playing poker with six of his friends. Now this young man did not have a vast amount of money but wanted to play anyway so he threw a quarter of his money in the pot.When ...
A young man asked Socrates the secret of Success. Socrates told the young man to meet him near the river the next morning. They met. Socrates asked the young man to walk with him towards the river. When the water got up to their neck, Socrates took the young man by surprise and ducked him into th...
On my last blog entry i discussed how it would be better for me to do my own buyers packet.  Well after racking my brain, doing research, hours on the net.  I had to swallow my pride and take advantage of my collegue and purchase his buyers guide.  It is one of the best that is packed with well t...
i could have easaly purchased a buyers packet from a coleage.  I didnt, others in the office did.  If you buy something you will use it.  That is a fact proven in all marketing situations.  I chose no,  I will create and make the buyers packet to the best of my ability.  Blood sweat and tears als...

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