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  Consumers keep spending, the economy keeps growing. Mortgage rates are easing lower this morning on just-released, slightly worse-than-expected Retail Sales data from December 2010. Excluding motor vehicles and auto parts, December’s sales receipts were $1.5 billion higher from November. Analys...
According to foreclosure-tracking firm RealtyTrac, the number of foreclosure filings nationwide dropped for the second straight month in December. After falling 21 percent in November, filings were down by an additional 2 percent in December. “Foreclosure filing” is a catch-all term, comprising d...
  For some homeowners, electing to take an adjustable rate mortgage over a fixed rate one can be matter of budgeting. ARMs tend to carry lower mortgage rates and, therefore, lower monthly mortgage payment as compared to a comparable fixed rate loan. Relative to fixed rate mortgages, current ARM p...
Credit card debt, left unchecked, can pile up quickly. Especially for debtors making minimum payments.   According to the Federal Reserve, a credit card balance of $5,000 at 23.99 percent APR won’t pay off for 16,127 years. That’s one reason why it’s important to manage your credit card rates, a...
Mortgage markets gained last week as a combination of safe-haven buying and an improving economic outlook attracted new buyers. Demand for mortgage-backed bonds outweighed supply and conforming and FHA mortgage rates edged lower. Last week marked the second straight week that mortgage rates fell ...
On the first Friday of each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its Non-Farm Payrolls report. More commonly called “the jobs report”, the government’s data include raw employment figures and the Unemployment Rate. The jobs report hit the wires at 8:30 AM ET today. It’s making big waves...
Starting April 1, 2011, loan-level pricing adjustments are increasing. Most conforming mortgage applicants will face higher loan costs. Loan-level pricing adjustments are mandatory closing costs. They’re assigned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and based on a loan’s specific risk to Wall Street in...
  The Federal Reserve released its December 14 meeting minutes Tuesday afternoon. There wasn’t much there to disturb mortgage markets, thankfully. The “Fed Minutes” is an official recap of the most recent meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. It’s published 8 times annually, 3 weeks after...
  The housing market continues to expand, and surprise. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, November’s Pending Home Sales Index gained 3 percent from October. A “pending home sale” is a home under contract but not yet closed.  The index is now at its highest point since April 2010...

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