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Things in and around the Greater Madison area from an agent who resides in McFarland WI.
Zillow, here at Active Rain and other boards are discussing my alleged spamming. The point of my original post under Buyers on the Zillow board was meant for the Waunakee WI area hence is why I placed that in my sentence.  Because I misplaced the thread; someone could have showed me the door to ...
  So, as I stated I've requested to be removed from the Zillow site altogether; don't think they want me to leave...Emails: From: China Moon         12/12/2007 12:37:14 PM Central Standard Time (GMT - 6:00 )         Subject: Please remove my profile from your site         I joined Zillow and was ...
It's been quite awhile since I've been back here. I had some family things to attend to and what not.  good to be back!  I had a rude awakening on my way back; earlier this week I received an email pertaining to Zillow dot com. After registering and looking around I went in and posted an article ...
How to Prepare for an Open House You’ve vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed and straightened. However, there are some other easy-to-accomplish things you can do to make sure your home makes a good impression during your up-coming open house. 1. Study your home from the curb. This is the first glimpse pote...
"If your clothes, shoes and car look better and cost more than where you rest your head at night, please make a visit to China..."Just a note on what I'm seeing out here in the Dane County with the young folks, and yes I'm one of you to an extent...The process of getting the keys to your own pers...
The Current Issue of the Market Source Newsletter IS HERE! Topics include: ...Single family resales were down only 5.5% for the entire market, and 6.2% in Dane County......Only 152 of the condos on the market today are listed for more than $500,000.  Over half(1310, or 54%) are listed for under $...
This village is about 19 miles from Waunakee (my residence); it's close to Middleton, Cross Plains and a whisper away from Black Earth. It was named after the Minnesota Sioux Wah-pah-coota band Chief Mazomani ("Iron that Walks").  This small town currently houses about 1500 people along with vari...
Good Monday Morning People...  Here is a post of mine from back in October; many of you found it interesting AND helpful. I am reposting per your request and for the new people who're new to the site. Welcome, enjoy, learn and YES you can ask me questions! I am on m...
Those of you within the hustle and bustle of moving today (or the everyday folks), watch the puddles it’s going to be beautiful today, and don’t forget to get a hold of your alarm clocks at bed time and spring them forward. ~China Moon
I know, I know. Sometimes you think an agent is being to nosy or trying to pry. Mmmm, a shady one might. Me; I’m one of the great ones. I ask because there’s a reason. A few good reasons. When I know your motivation, what drives you I can better help you. Thus we can work together more efficientl...

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Things in and around the Greater Madison area from an agent who resides in McFarland WI.