For the week of June 23 through June 27, there were 52 Single Family Homes came on the market, while 50 went into contract, 18 went pending, and 35 were sold.  As for the sold homes: The average days on market: 97 Days The average listing price: $1,134,483.00 The average sales price: $1,067,499...
Here in the subdivision of Glenwood, San Rafael (Marin County), we are hearing and seeing rents increase as the housing market continues to be slow. If your interested in living out here with us, and renting is the only way, there are not alot of choices... unless you network. In about 45 days, t...
Assuming that you can find a mortgage broker that can do a FHA loan, today's news should bring some relief. With Marin county getting its conforming loan amount raised from the old $417,000 to $729,500. In the morning meeting I attended, I heard that the rate was 4.75% for full doc loans. I they ...
Does anyone have an idea as to when this will take effect? How far is along is this in the works? To my knowledge both the house and the senate are in agreement that this needs to occur. Will the typical bureaucratic red-tap hold this up or will we some of these loans in areas that desperately ne...
Your tenant moves out after 2 days...commission returned?Lets say that you are referred a renter who is in need of a short-term rental. They sign the lease and move in. Two days later they move out for no given reason. Should the commission be returned? At what point is a commisson earned? Is it ...
 Lease Needs: 1) Mill Valley: Two adults and two large dogs in need of a 4 - 6 month rental. Their home was severely damaged in the last storm. They are most interested in Mill Valley, and may consider Tiburon or Corte Madera. Up to $5,000 @ month.2) Novato:  4 bed / 2 bath up to $2,600 @ month. ...
It appears that the "mortgage crisis" has hit home here in Glenwood, San Rafael. Here are some examples: 71 Knight Drive. - These owners first attempted using an auction company to sell their home. Rumor is that the best offer was $840k. Rumor again, is that they declined due owing more. They hou...
Now that the holidays are thankfully behind us and the days are starting to get longer (YES!), inventory is beginning to pick up. With this, I wanted to give the A|R community the opportunity to hear about two pocket listings that I have.1) A wonderful two master-suite townhome, with a "bonus" ro...
I'm wondering from other agents, how much success they have been getting as a result of having a blog on this site? Agents, please let me know what your experience has been like. I appreciate your help. Do you use other sites as well? If so, what are they and what success have you had with them?
Apparently the FED wasn't listening to our prayers. They only reduced the rate by a quarter-percent. These are more symbolic than anything else. From all the mortgage brokers that I have spoken with, rates have remained unchanged as a result of this cut. Had the FED reduced it rate a full half-pe...

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