bend luxury homes: Bend Oregon Luxury Home Sales Update - 05/17/24 12:46 PM
Are Bend Luxury Home Prices Stabilizing?
It has been a while since we have done a careful analysis of the high end Bend home market. Overall, the Bend real estate market has seen growth in inventory levels along with high mortgage interest rates and a more normal increase in home prices. The same cannot be said for the luxury market. For Bend luxury single family homes on less than an acre, inventory levels and sales prices appear to have stabilized with only a slight increase in the number of homes priced between $1,000,000 and $1,600,000. For homes priced over $1,600,000, there has been … (3 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend Oregon Luxury Home Sales Slowing Down - 10/18/23 11:32 AM
There Are More Bend High End Homes On The Market The Bend real estate market has been in transition since Covid ended, with the demand for homes remaining strong, but rising mortgage interest rates greatly impacting the buying power of would-be homebuyers.  It has been three months since we last looked at the Bend luxury homes. During this time, there have been changes with fewer new listings, more homes on the market, and fewer sales. All four categories we look at with high end home sales are up significantly with available inventory.

We are pushing closer to a neutral market … (2 comments)

bend luxury homes: Broken Top Real Estate Market Trends - 10/04/23 01:27 PM
Broken Top Is A Recognized Bend Oregon Luxury Subdivision Started in 1993, the Broken Top community and golf club have been one of Bend's premier subdivisions for many decades. Situated in Bend's west side, the private Morrish-Weiskopf designed 18 hole golf course and club have hosted professional and local tournaments and have been member owned for the past few years. Residences in the gated community include custom designed luxury homes on large lots, luxury townhomes, and a handful of vacation rentals which can also be used as year-round dwellings. 
Market Trends For Broken Top Single Family Homes Broken Top real estate … (8 comments)

bend luxury homes: What's Up With Bend Oregon Luxury Home Sales? - 07/21/23 12:29 PM
Bend High End Home Sales Reflect A Changing Market It has been awhile since we last reported on Bend luxury home sales. We pulled a report showing year to date activity over the past three years. While Bend home prices in general are back to a small upward trajectory year over year, the numbers of sales are significantly down, as they are in all price points in most of the markets in Central Oregon and across the country.  Higher interest rates have changed the buying power of would-be home purchasers, even in the high end, and have also kept many would-be … (4 comments)

bend luxury homes: What's Up With Bend Oregon Luxury Homes? - 03/15/22 11:36 AM
Bend OR Luxury Real Estate Sales Breaking RecordsIt is hard to believe, but ten years ago million dollar sales in Bend were rare and uncommon. Out of 1679 sales during the preceding 12 months that included February, 2012, only 9 were for more than one million dollars for Bend single family homes on less than an acre. This figure was .5% of total sales
The Bend real estate market has really changed! Out of the 2490 homes that sold during the preceding 12 months that included February, 2022, 433 closed for over $1,000,000, roughly 17% of total sales.  And while many of these sales would … (14 comments)

bend luxury homes: What's Up With Bend Oregon Luxury Homes? - 07/28/21 03:59 PM
Bend OR Luxury Home Sales Have Spiked in 2020
When we think of luxury homes in Bend, we have a vision of a grand property with stunning mountain or river views, lots of elbow room, and fabulous amenities. Easy location to access the Bend lifestyle, which includes proximity to downtown, the mountains, the river, and the Old Mill also checks a lot of homebuyer's luxury wish lists. Having an up-to-date architectural design and interior features are also important to many who are making Bend their home. Yet with so many people moving to Bend over the past year and with inventory supply not … (9 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend Oregon Luxury Home Sales Have Taken Flight - 05/25/21 01:00 PM
Bend High End Home Sales on the RiseWe have reported how Bend Oregon home prices have risen over the past year, but we haven't looked exclusively at the trends for Bend Luxury homes. The demand for Bend's high end homes has escalated over the past year with the number of closed sales up over 100% in all the price categories we follow.* For homes over $2,000,000, the price per square foot is now over $600.  The months of supply for million dollar Bend homes is roughly four, a seller's market, and the median days on market is 11. Luxury homes listings are receiving … (3 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend OR Luxury Homes Sales - 2020 Trends - 01/28/21 03:26 PM
Lack of Inventory a Major Issue for High End Sales
2020 was a year that will be remembered in the history books. In January and February 2020, real estate sales were great across the country with low interest rates leading the way enabling buyers to afford more than they could in the past. Low inventory levels were making sellers realize that listing in the winter could be a good decision and Bend Oregon real estate sales were breaking records.  Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the subsequent recession and work-from-home orders made many believe Central Oregon real estate sales would drastically drop. However, … (4 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend OR Luxury Home Sales - Third Quarter Trends - 10/13/20 12:36 PM
Lack of Inventory Impacting High End Home Sales in Bend
As is the case in all of Bend real estate, Bend luxury homes are also suffering from a lack of inventory. Since our last post in July, 2020 exclusively looking at the high end market, Bend homes sales over $1,000,000 on less than an acre have continued to be strong with 106 closed third quarter 2020.  This compares with 40 in 2019 and 31 in 2018. For 2020, the price per square foot on closed sales averaged around $400 with the high just under $800. These prices should rise as more and more … (8 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend Luxury Home Sales - July 2020 Trends - 08/20/20 11:56 AM
Luxury Home Buyers Have Found Bend Oregon 
We have been tracking Bend real estate sales for decades, but the summer of 2020 has provided for high end home sales that have never been seen before in the Bend market. High end homes have been part of Bend real estate since the early part of last century when the Shevlin-Hixon and Brooks-Scanlon lumber mills opened and logging became the main industry within the town. The land near Mirror Pond and Drake Park became the location where some of Bend's earliest luxury homes were built. Over the years, as various sections of Bend were developed, the … (2 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend OR Luxury Real Estate - June 2020 Trends - 07/13/20 01:42 PM
Ever since coming out from the housing recession, the value of Bend single family homes on less than an acre has increased. From an average sales price of $230,000 in spring of 2011, Bend home values have gone up to exceed $547,000 June 2020.  During the same time, the months of inventory have dropped from 13.3 months to less than 2 and the price per square foot has risen from $113 to $268. From a low of two $1,000,000 plus Bend homes on less than an acre selling in all of 2010, June 2020 alone saw 23 sold.*
Bend Premier Real Estate brokers … (11 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend OR Luxury Home Market Growing - April 2019 Trends - 05/07/19 02:12 PM
What's Up with Bend Luxury Homes? Bend's high end home market is growing.  There is demand for homes in the million dollar plus category that was unheard of just a few years ago.  The number of Bend luxury home sales is up while inventory levels are down, and with prices continuing to increase, this trend does not appear to be stopping anytime soon.  The following information includes data from the last 3 years with each bar reflecting 12 months.

As you can see, the number of homes sold over a million dollars has trended upwards over the past 3 years. Even … (1 comments)

bend luxury homes: How Were Bend Oregon Luxury Home Sales in 2018? - 01/07/19 03:33 PM
Bend OR Luxury Homes Sales Rise in 2018 The Bend high end real estate market grew considerably in 2018.  Million dollar homes, including those built for speculation, have sold at larger numbers than those in 2017 with the greatest percentage increase in the $1,300,000 to $1,699,999 range (up 42.9%). **
For available inventory, the numbers of homes in the $2,300,000 and up range grew by the largest percentage with 50% more properties available in 2018 than in 2017. The months of supply fell in all categories except the highest where the inventory levels are now at 17.2 months (up from 10.9 months … (3 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend Luxury Home Sales Growing - 08/16/18 09:28 AM
Bend OR's Luxury Home Sales Trending UpAs the American economy continues to improve and citizens have more confidence and money to spend on housing, the value of real estate has grown across the country.  Bend is no exception. Bend's average home price has grown by roughly 10% per year since coming out of the great recession, greatly due to the demand on housing coming from new residents moving to Central Oregon in large numbers. For many of these new transplants, the real estate market in their original city is greatly inflated and home values way beyond those of Bend. When they sell, they … (6 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend OR Luxury Homes - April 2018 Trends - 05/21/18 02:47 PM
Bend Oregon Luxury Home Sales GrowingThe trends are showing that the number of luxury homes in Bend are growing with strong figures in almost all categories. Since coming out of the recession, home prices in Bend have gained each year, but now more of the Bend real estate market is reflected in the million dollar or more price point than ever before.
The last 12 months reflect 35.8% more million dollar single family homes were sold in Bend than the year before, which was up 41.8% over sales in 2016. At the same time, new listings were up 25.7% in 2017 (171) and … (9 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend OR Luxury Home Sales - 2015 to 2017 Trends - 02/03/18 06:53 PM
Bend Oregon Luxury Home Sales On Upswing Bend home buyers and sellers know that real estate prices have been on the upswing for several years. Bend homes have gained value consistently since 2011, with the average sales price up 95% in the last 7 years.*  However, what about the luxury, over $1,000,000 market? What have the last 2 years shown for high end home demand in Bend?
As expected, home prices are up in the luxury market as well. When the trends from 2016 through 2017 are compared with Bend single family homes over $1,000,000 on less than 2.5 acres are compared, the following … (8 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend OR Luxury Homes | Trends September 2017 - 10/13/17 01:54 PM
Bend OR Luxury Home Sales Continue Trending Up The high end market in Bend appears to be showing continued strength. Despite a smoke filled summer with many forest fires, the concerns which dampened tourism during the eclipse, and an unprecedented winter with more snow than ever recorded before, there is great enthusiasm for Bend million dollar homes.
The following statistics compare September 2017 Bend single family home sales over  $1,000,000 on less than an acre with sales from September 2016:
Homes for sale up 27.9% Homes sold up 75% Homes pended up 66.7% Average active price up 12.1% Average sold price down … (8 comments)

bend luxury homes: Bend Real Estate | Luxury Home Trends - 03/31/17 12:21 PM
Bend Oregon Luxury Homes Sales Show GrowthDuring the recession of 2008-2012, Bend home sales trended toward the low end. Many Bend home buyers in this period were first time home buyers purchasing foreclosed or short sale homes, investors picking up rental properties at value prices, and people moving to the area purchasing Bend homes with cash. The high end luxury market was close to non existent with only one Bend home over $1,000,000 selling in February, 2011.*
Five years later, Bend luxury homes sales have recovered. In the last 3 years, pending sales for homes in Bend listed over $1,000,000 on less than one … (10 comments)

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