bend real estate trends: Bend Premier Real Estate - December 2023 Newsletter - 12/13/23 12:10 PM
What's In The December, 2023 Bend Premier Newsletter? Bend Home Sales Slow 5-Ingredient Peppermint Bark 7 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home for Christmas Hike Paulina Falls at Newberry Crater Fall 2023 3 Reasons to Sell Your House Before the New Year
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bend real estate trends: Deschutes Riverwoods Bend Oregon Real Estate Trends - 10/20/23 02:31 PM
Deschutes Riverwoods Home Prices Trending Down Deschutes Riverwoods has long been a Bend subdivision desired by those enjoying its proximity to the city (it abuts Bend's southern boundary), but the freedom of large lots without Homeowner's Associations or CC&Rs. Homes here range from single wide manufactured to luxury homes overlooking the Deschutes River. It is also a neighborhood in transition with more and more of the older mobile homes being replaced over time with stick-built single family. 
Home prices have dropped in Deschutes Riverwoods over the past twelve months in comparison to the previous year. This could be due to the … (4 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend Oregon Luxury Home Sales Slowing Down - 10/18/23 11:32 AM
There Are More Bend High End Homes On The Market The Bend real estate market has been in transition since Covid ended, with the demand for homes remaining strong, but rising mortgage interest rates greatly impacting the buying power of would-be homebuyers.  It has been three months since we last looked at the Bend luxury homes. During this time, there have been changes with fewer new listings, more homes on the market, and fewer sales. All four categories we look at with high end home sales are up significantly with available inventory.

We are pushing closer to a neutral market … (2 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend Real Estate - July 2023 Trends - 08/08/23 04:03 PM
Bend Oregon Home Sales Price Over Million Dollars We never thought this would happen, but the average Bend single family home sold for over a million dollars in July, 2023. Despite mortgage interest rate hovering around 7%, high end Bend homes are selling. When demand exceeds supply, home prices rise. When mortgage rates jumped from 3.5% to 7% in the space of a few months, there was a drop in home sales. However, it appears that home buyers have become used to higher rates, and there are still a large number of Bend home buyers who are purchasing with cash. Lack … (2 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - April 2023 Trends - 05/04/23 01:33 PM
Bend Home Sales Take a Downward Turn
The Bend real estate market has been on a roller coaster over the past few years. The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a massive boom in Bend single family home sales, resulting in multiple offers, dramatic price increases, and limited inventory.  However, since the peak in home prices the summer of 2022, home prices and home sales have dropped, inventory levels, days on market and interest rates have risen while new homes hitting the market are significantly down.  Many Bend homebuyers cannot find property that meets their needs. While more homes are on the market, the numbers are still not … (6 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend Oregon Real Estate - August 2022 Trends - 09/09/22 01:14 PM
The Number of Bend Homes for Sale is Down
We have been tracking Bend single family home sales for many years, looking at the trends, how home prices rise or fall, what the changes are in price per square foot, median and average sales price, months of inventory and days on market.  We have consistently compared one month to the same month the year previously in order to follow  the long term changes instead of potential anomalies that can occur over a short time period. We have watched and recorded that happened to the Bend home market when the market crashed with … (5 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - April 2022 Trends - 05/04/22 04:32 PM
Are Bend Home Sales at a Crossroads?
We have been blogging monthly about Bend real estate trends for many years. Often the data repeats itself month after month and it can feel a bit repetitious. However, since the beginning of 2022, we have noted changes with Bend home sales trends. There may be many things that are contributing to these changes - i.e. inflation, rising mortgage interest rates, the end of the Covid pandemic mask mandates and stay at home orders, the war in Ukraine, and the start of the mid-year election season to name a few. It remains to be seen whether or not … (15 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - March 2022 Trends - 04/09/22 04:33 PM
Bend Real Estate Sales Up Despite Rising Interest Rates
Mortgage interest rates for a 30 year conventional loan with 20% down have exceeded 5% for the first time in over a decade.  Despite the decreased buying power this creates for many, especially first time homebuyers, the March 2022 pending sales of Bend single family homes on less than an acre are up an amazing 108% over the year before. Bend home prices are also up with the median sales price now at $775,000. Bend has become a town of the affluent and while affordability has been an issue for many years, it … (10 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - August 2021 Trends - 09/09/21 02:40 PM
Bend Oregon Real Estate Trends Mixed
As we move into Fall, Bend home sales typically slow as those who need to move prior to school starting have already purchased and the normal slight uptick we see in September and October with retirees and second home buyers has not yet begun. In 2021, August single family home sales on less than an acre for Bend reflected a mixed market with prices and new sales up, but closed sales and new homes for sale down. When August 2021 home sales are compared with August 2020, the following changes are seen:
Average sales price up … (6 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - July 2021 Trends - 08/11/21 10:41 AM
Bend OR Real Estate Trends Starting to Shift
Ask most Central Oregon Brokers what happened with July 2021 real estate sales, and they will tell you that they saw a change to the market during the month. Although prices were up considerably over those from a year ago, compared with June, 2021, prices actually were down on average.  A good number of price reductions were seen on a daily basis and the pace and number of multiple offers on listings were dramatically down. Compared with a year ago, the trends we have seen over the past year remained consistent, but not at the extreme levels … (2 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend Oregon Real Estate - June 2021 Trends - 07/08/21 03:09 PM
How High Can Bend Oregon Home Prices Go?
The sales figures for June, 2021 have been published and Bend home prices continue to rise as demand is still outpacing supply. However, there appears to be a slight softening of the market as we enter July with extreme heat and the normal real estate trends connected with graduation and vacations coming back as the state moves out of Covid restrictions. Whether or not these trends continue have yet to be determined.
Bend OR Real Estate Costs a Lot More Than It Used ToWhen comparing June 2020 Bend single family home sales on less than … (3 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend Real Estate - May 2021 Trends - 06/15/21 10:06 AM
Bend Oregon Home Prices Continue to Rise The May 2021 Bend real estate single family home sales reflect a continued strong seller's market with home prices significantly up over the year before and lack of inventory impacting buyers' opportunities. Homes are often selling over asking price and bidding wars remain a challenging part of the home buying process. In some cases, buyers are losing out on multiple offers many times before finally obtaining an acceptance on an offer. However, if buyers can be flexible on location and condition, persistence is paying off for Bend home buyers.
The following list reflects the changes from … (1 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend Oregon Real Estate - April 2021 Trends - 05/10/21 12:53 PM
Bend Or Home Prices Historically HighIn some way, it feels like we are like a broken record that keeps repeating the same line. Bend home prices are way up and inventory levels are way down. Each month we wonder if we have reached the top (or bottom), but each month we are setting another record - and we don't see the trends changing anytime soon. This is by far the strongest seller's market we have ever seen in Bend with desperate buyers bidding home prices up to levels we have never seen.
When April 2021 is compared with April 2020, Bend single … (3 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend Oregon Real Estate | March 2021 Trends - 04/08/21 10:37 AM
Lack of Inventory Triggering Escalating Sales Prices for Bend Oregon HomesThe figures are in for Bend single family home sales in March 2021. It has been a full year since Covid-19's impact on Bend home sales initially was felt and the resulting demand for Central Oregon homes began impacting our local housing market. We have had a year of tremendous buyer demand and Bend real estate sales which have broken records. Multiple offers and bidding wars have pushed Bend home prices to never before seen levels with cash offers typically beating out any offer involving financing. Entry level buyers have found Bend unaffordable … (4 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Luxury Homes Sales - 2020 Trends - 01/28/21 03:26 PM
Lack of Inventory a Major Issue for High End Sales
2020 was a year that will be remembered in the history books. In January and February 2020, real estate sales were great across the country with low interest rates leading the way enabling buyers to afford more than they could in the past. Low inventory levels were making sellers realize that listing in the winter could be a good decision and Bend Oregon real estate sales were breaking records.  Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the subsequent recession and work-from-home orders made many believe Central Oregon real estate sales would drastically drop. However, … (4 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - October 2020 Trends - 11/10/20 12:55 PM
Inventory Levels Less Than a Month for Bend Oregon Real Estate
The October 2020 figures have been published for Bend single family home sales on less than an acre. The results continue the trends we have been experiencing this year - recording breaking low inventory, record breaking demand and record breaking home prices. The inventory of available Bend single family homes for sale has now reached a desperate level of less than half a month of supply.  This has created a situation where multiple offers are the norm, days on market historically low and prices escalating at a rate that we believe … (2 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - September 2020 Trends - 10/07/20 03:53 PM
Bend Continues to Lack Homes to Sell
This summer has seen some of the biggest increases in Bend home values coupled with the greatest demand. Multiple offers driving home prices up, far more buyers than available properties, and low interest rates have all contributed to our current Bend real estate market in which listings are key to sales.
When September 2020 Bend single family home sales on less than an acre are compared with sales from September 2019, the following changes can be noted:
Average sales price up 26.6% to $671,559* Median Sales price up 25% to $549,950 New listings up 25.2% to … (5 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - August 2020 Trends - 09/09/20 01:01 PM
Bend Home Sales Are Breaking Records
The Bend single family residential sales trends that we saw in July continued into August with record breaking prices, low inventory levels, and a large uptick in pending sales contracts greatly impacting the Bend real estate market.  Lack of inventory remains a major issue with levels now below one month supply.  This has driven home prices up and led to multiple offers on many properties.
When August 2020 is compared with August 2019, the following data can be noted for Bend single family homes on less than an acre:
Average sales price is up 17% to $656,022* … (2 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - January 2020 Trends - 02/07/20 12:02 PM
Bend Oregon Home Sales Surging The Bend real estate market has been strong since coming out of the recession.  However, the figures from January 2019 were beyond expectations with the number of new ratified sales contracts hitting new highs.
When January 2019 is compared with January 2018, the following trends can be noted for Bend single family residences on less than an acre of land:
Homes for sale were down 29.6% to 269* Homes sold up 3.1% to 131 Homes pended up 24.6% to 177 The average price per square foot on sold home was up 6.1% to $259 The days on … (5 comments)

bend real estate trends: Bend OR Real Estate - November 2019 Trends - 12/10/19 02:10 PM
A Surprising Number of New Bend Oregon Home Sales in November Traditionally as the weather cools and we move toward the end of the year, Bend home sales decrease. There are fewer buyers actively looking for homes in the winter and the holiday celebrations of most families impact real estate sales.
This year, however, there has been a large uptick in the number of Bend homes which went into contract during November.  When Bend single family home sales in November 2019 are compared with those from November 2018, the following changes can be noted:
The number of homes for sale are … (4 comments)

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