central oregon hikes: Hike to Chush Falls Near Sisters Oregon for a Great Spring Experience - 05/30/24 01:33 PM
Chush Falls Is Snow FreeOne of the earliest spring snow free hikes in Central Oregon's forests is the hike to Chush Falls. The trailhead is located off the road to Three Creeks Lake outside of Sisters several miles down a gravel road and then a short trek up a narrow dirt and rock road. The parking area is small so people wanting to hike the relatively short 2.2 miles to lower Chush Falls should plan on arriving early to get a parking space. 
The trail starts in burned forest - the result of the 2017 Milli Fire. However, unlike the experience with … (5 comments)

central oregon hikes: Bend Premier Real Estate - April 2024 Newsletter - 04/09/24 11:52 AM
What's In The April 2024 Bend Premier Real Estate Newsletter? Bend Home Prices Up and Inventory Levels Down Minty Salsa Verde 7 Paint Colors to Decorate With This April Alder Springs is a Little Known Central Oregon Hike Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Agent
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central oregon hikes: Bend Premier Real Estate - November 2023 Newsletter - 11/15/23 11:25 AM
What's In The November, 2023 Bend Premier Newsletter? Bend Real Estate Sales Lacking Listings Brussel Sprout Slaw with Apples and Pecans 10 Tips to Help You Prepare for Thanksgiving Hike to Broken Top From Todd Lake The Benefits of Buying a Multi-Generational Home
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central oregon hikes: Hike to No Name Lake Via Todd Lake - 10/25/23 01:21 PM
The Hike To Broken Top Is Among Central Oregon's Favorites People exploring the Three Sisters Wilderness can hike to Broken Top from multiple trailheads. Three Creeks to Tam McArthur Rim provides for a social trail past Broken Hand to Broken Top and No Name Lake. Hikers looking for more distance can start at the Green Lakes Trailhead and hike Soda Creek to join with the Broken Top trail. Most people will drive past Todd Lake on the poorly maintained road to the Broken Top trailhead (high clearance vehicles are recommended) and cut the distance to 5.5 miles and under 1500 feet of elevation gain. … (7 comments)

central oregon hikes: Hike Central Oregon's Clear Lake for Beautiful Fall Colors - 10/11/23 12:57 PM
In all the years we have lived in Central Oregon, we have never been to Clear Lake, much less hiked around it. Located off Hwy 126 just south of the junction with Hwy 20 in the Willamette National Forest, the Clear Lake trailhead is next to the parking lot of the Clear Lake Resort where cabins, fishing supplies, boats and kayaks are available for rent. We arrived early before the parking lot filled and started our hike along Clear Lake's western shore.  When we reached the southern edge of the lake, we took the cutoff trail to the Sahalie and Koosah … (5 comments)

central oregon hikes: Hike to Pamelia Lake and Grizzly Mountain - 2023 - 10/03/23 11:19 AM
Pamelia Lake Is A Very Popular Trek In The Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Prior to the recent adoption of hiking passes in the last 3 years, Pamelia Lake was one of a handful of Central Oregon hikes requiring a pass to access. This special lake is an easy 2.5 mile hike which gains 550 feet of elevation as it passes through beautiful old growth forest, complete with many rhododendrons which bloom in late spring. Our hike in late September, 2023, included some views of fall color in sunny spaces where vine maple grew. We could also see areas where the 2006 flood from … (6 comments)

central oregon hikes: Saturday Hikes Number 2 - Hike No Name Lake Through Tam McArthur Rim - 09/22/23 05:35 PM
Hike Tam McArthur Rim To Broken Top For A Different Approach To No Name LakeEach year we hike to Broken Top from different trailheads, often arriving at our final destination at No Name Lake, the beautiful glacial aqua blue lake located on the eastern edge of the mountain. One of our favorite hikes includes first a trek to Tam McArthur Rim overlooking Three Creeks Lake outside of Sisters which in itself can be the destination for many. For us, this extended hike passes Tam McArthur Rim on the well marked but "not maintained" trail to Broken Hand and then to the … (6 comments)

central oregon hikes: Saturday Hikes Number 1 - Climb The Wife for a Different Experience in the 3 Sisters Wilderness - 09/05/23 04:57 PM
We have hiked Wickiup Plains in the past, reaching it after first traveling to Sisters Mirror Lake. Another time we hiked through it on our way to Moraine Lake, a wonderful destination or pass through for those hiking to the top of South Sister.  Last Saturday we had a break from the smokey air resulting from several forest fires and we capitalized on hiking to Wickiup Plains once again, this time with new plans. These included climbing two hills overlooking Wickiup Plains - Le Conte Crater and The Wife. 
When we climbed down from the top of The Wife, we checked out what we think … (8 comments)

central oregon hikes: Hike Three Fingered Jack Via Jack Lake for a Great Summer Trek - 08/16/23 05:18 PM
We hike Three Fingered Jack yearly and always enjoy our experience. Our 2023 hike was no exception and the air was clear, a challenge this summer with the smoke from the Bedrock fire near Eugene coming and going for weeks. 
The Canyon Meadow/Three Fingered Jack hike is one of our less strenuous summer hikes, the entire route taking less than 8 miles with roughly 1700 feet of elevation gain. Traveling through the forest recovering from the 2003 B&B fire, it is nice to see the growth of new vegetation and young trees, and it was easy to sample huckleberries growing along the path. … (4 comments)

central oregon hikes: Little Known Secret in the Three Sisters Wilderness - 08/11/23 10:21 AM
Tarn Lakes At The Base Of Broken Top Are Hidden TreasuresWe have hiked to Golden Lake several times in the last few years, and have always enjoyed the experience despite the length of the trek. We have accessed Golden Lake via the Green Lakes trail, hiking past the last lake deeper into the Three Sisters Wilderness before turning off the main trail into the little used Golden Lake Trail and enjoying the gem of this beautiful, isolated mountain lake. However, we noticed several years earlier that the lovely series of waterfalls which feed the lake have a faint path next to the creek traveling higher … (5 comments)

central oregon hikes: Hike to Camp Lake in the Three Sisters Wilderness - July 2023 - 07/25/23 10:51 AM
We have hiked to Camp Lake annually over the past few years. We have always appreciated the beauty of the area with North, Middle, and South Sister as well as Broken Top dominating the skyline. However, the hike to the beauty was especially hard this year due to the heat of the July weather and the large number of fallen trees which needed to be maneuvered around. 
We arrived at the Pole Creek Trailhead, off forest service road 15, early in the day and started the hike in the relatively cool temperature of early morning. The first 4 miles of the hike are … (9 comments)

central oregon hikes: Collier Glacier in Central Oregon is a Fabulous Destination - 07/18/23 02:52 PM
We have hiked in the Three Sisters Wilderness many times and have always enjoyed our experience.  However, accessing views of Collier Glacier can be a bit of a challenge. Located in the saddle between North and Middle Sister, Collier Glacier views, on the north edge of Collier Cone, are obtained after a seven and a half mile hike from Lava Camp Lake Trailhead through Matthieu Lakes or the Obsidian Trailhead. While only 1/2 mile off the Pacific Crest Trail, to reach the edge of Collier Cone involves a scramble up a steep pumice hill, but once you arrive, the setting is … (8 comments)

central oregon hikes: The Obsidian Trail is Ready for Hikers - 07/12/23 04:12 PM
The Obsidian Trail In The Three Sisters Wilderness Is Available By Permit Only We have hiked the Obsidian Trail several time over the past few years, but the hike done July 2, 2023 was extra special. Late snow has delayed access to the high Cascades and we found patches of snow on our hike. However, these were easily traversed with trekking poles. The 11.5 mile loop connects with the Pacific Crest Trail for several miles and at the peak of the elevation, hikers walk by and on glaciated obsidian which sparkles in the sunlight. Photos do not properly reflect the actual … (5 comments)

central oregon hikes: Iron Mountain Hike 2023 - Wildflowers and People! - 07/03/23 11:28 AM
  Iron Mountain is Known for its Wildflowers We have hiked Iron Mountain yearly since 2020, with each experience a little different. For those not familiar with Iron Mountain, it is a unique "Special Interest Area" in that it provides for over 300 species of wildflowers in various meadow, forested, and rocky environments. Each year the experience has been different, although our hike is typically done during the same few weeks in late June or early July. This year, our hike on July 1, 2023, was warm and we met many other very friendly people and families enjoying the same experience. The hike … (7 comments)

central oregon hikes: Paulina Peak in Newberry Crater Ready for Hikers! - 06/19/23 03:19 PM
Paulina Peak In Newberry Crater Provides Great Views
We have hiked Paulina Peak a number of times over several years, but haven't had the opportunity to do so this year until last Saturday, June 10, 2023. After a long winter with a lot of snowfall later in the season, access to higher elevations has been limited. However, the road to Paulina Peak provided us who hiked or mountain biked a chance to climb to almost 8000 feet and experience the beautiful views available from the top. 
The road to Paulina Peak climbs 1600 feet over 3.75 miles, slightly longer than the trail, … (9 comments)

central oregon hikes: Upper Chush Falls is Such a Surprise - 05/29/23 04:00 PM
Chush Falls is Snow Free and Ready for Hikers
We have hiked Chush Falls several times, usually during the fall or winter with snow and ice. However, this Memorial Day weekend we elected to take the hike in the Three Sisters National Wilderness snow free. Unlike earlier hikes, many of the recently downed trees from the 2017 Milli Fire had been cut which enabled us to more easily hike the first two miles. However, the last quarter to half mile to the viewpoint had yet to receive this attention and scrambling over and under downed trees can always create challenges. The viewpoint overlooking Chush Falls … (19 comments)

central oregon hikes: Chasing Frozen Waterfalls in Central Oregon - 12/02/22 12:38 PM
Peter Skene Ogden Trail is a Great Fall Hike
We have hiked the Peter Skene Ogden trail many times, but we never tire of doing this when the weather turns cold.  Paulina Creek freezes and the multiple waterfalls along the trail turn into beautiful works of art with ice sculpted into interesting shapes. The sounds of the running water are also muffled when the ice gets deeper and the quiet and isolation of the hike will amaze. On November 26, 2022 we hiked Peter Skene Ogden trail from McKay Crossing campground up Paulina Creek planning on going as far as the early snow permitted.  … (12 comments)

central oregon hikes: Belknap Crater Hike in the Mt Washington Wilderness - 10/19/22 02:26 PM
Wear a hat and have good shoes if you decide to hike to Little Belknap Crater. With little shade, summertime temperatures can be high, so a fall hike is recommended. This was the second time we hiked to Little Belknap, so we knew what to expect.  We took this hike on October 15, 2022, the last day for the required 2022 Central Cascades Wilderness Permits and we saw a total of 10 other people the entire time. It was a beautiful fall day with temperatures reaching the 60's, and despite some haze from the Cedar Creek fire which has been burning in … (7 comments)

central oregon hikes: Three Fingered Jack via Canyon Meadows Hike - 08/16/22 08:51 AM
Great Central Oregon Hike in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness
Hiking to Three Fingered Jack via Jack Lake and Canyon Meadow Loop is an annual event for us. Located in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, access to the trailhead is outside of Camp Sherman off Hwy 20 via several paved and dirt roads. But once hikers arrive at the trailhead, the path is obvious. 
For hikers who make it up to the saddle above the lake, the views of the Three Sisters and Mount Jefferson are amazing as are the close up views of the jagged rocks of Three Fingered Jack (the eroded core of an … (12 comments)

central oregon hikes: Green Lakes Hike is the Toughest Ticket in Bend Oregon - 08/09/22 04:25 PM
The hardest tickets to get in Bend are not to the great acts at the Hayden Homes Amphitheater,  but rather the trail pass required to hike the Green Lakes trail. These tickets literally sell out in 60 seconds once posted on the Forest Service website.
This trail is considered moderate due to it’s length of 9.1 miles round trip and 1200 feet elevation gain, but it is pretty gradual almost the entire way and a very enjoyable adventure.  For the adventurous, taking the path past the last lake deeper into the Three Sisters Wilderness will result in views few experience, including the Northeastern flank of … (5 comments)

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