manifesting: How I Manifested My Dream House With Grabovoi Numbers & Cinnamon - 08/26/21 11:43 AM
From time to time, new manifestation rituals and exercises take hold, usually coming from social media platforms like TikTok.
Most recently, a few have caught my eye and I want to talk about two of them today and how they've worked.
The first is the idea of blowing cinnamon and coarse salt for money.
The second is Grabovoi numbers.
I believe they worked together because I used them both for financial gain, which helped me to manifest money, then a new home!
First, blowing cinnamon for money.
At the start of the month, the trend is to take cinnamon (yes, regular cinnamon) and coarse salt … (0 comments)

manifesting: How Do You Know Your Manifestation Is Coming? - 02/11/21 07:55 PM
How To Tell Your Manifestation Is On The Way
If you've been using the law of attraction to manifest your dreams, you may have one question. 
How do you know if your manifestation is coming? 
Today I want to share some of the signs that your manifestation is close.
1. Angel Numbers: Angel numbers are repeating sequences of numbers that serve as messages to let you know your manifestation is close. If you see 11:11 on the clock multiple times a week, for example, you can assume your manifestation is coming.
2. Feathers As Manifestation Signs: If you're walking down the street and a feather gently … (0 comments)

manifesting: Road Rage In Los Angeles - 01/07/21 03:57 PM
Los Angeles was great during the lockdowns (well, the actual lockdowns). Now that traffic is back to normal, I'm realizing just how awful road rage (both mine and others) is out here! 
One of our goals for the new year is to purchase our first home. So, we've been occasionally going to view new properties. 
The prices of single-family homes are still through the rough out here, but in my area, there are some really nice townhomes and condos being built, so we've been going to take a look.
On the road just on ONE trip a few weeks ago I'd been cut off, almost hit, … (0 comments)

manifesting: 55x5 Method FAQ - Law of Attraction For Beginners (Video) - 02/22/20 02:23 PM

I'm going to be honest - I find it fascinating how popular the 55x5 manifesting method has become lately. 
The truth is, it's only one of the many manifesting games, tricks and techniques you can use to play with the law of attraction and the Universe. 
Yet, it seems like it's all the rage these days. 
My 55x5 manifesting technique blog post is the single most popular post I've ever written, and tons of people join my mailing list each day with high hopes of using the free 55x5 manifesting tracker I've created to help them manifest their dreams. 
I'd say out of every 20 … (0 comments)

manifesting: How To Manifest Effortlessly While You Sleep - 02/13/20 12:52 PM

One of the things I always say about using the law of attraction is it's extremely important to put manifesting on autopilot! 
Yes, you and I and everybody else on the planet are always attracting things to us based on our thoughts, actions, and beliefs. BUT... there's something to be said for intentionally raising your vibration, managing your thoughts, and purposefully drawing your desires to you. 
So, what do you think works most effectively? 
Does the woman who does one or two manifesting exercises every blue moon have a better chance at successfully manifesting her desires than does the man who seamlessly integrates practicing … (0 comments)

manifesting: Get The Right Mindset For Manifesting With The Law Of Attraction - 02/08/20 07:41 PM
If you want to manifest money, you're going to have to work on your mindset -- bottom line. 
You see, many people think the law of attraction works by just thinking and then "boom" -- whatever you want falls into your lap. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. 
The way the law of attraction works for manifesting money is much more subtle. 
You have to change your mindset. 
Dr. Carol Z. Dweck wrote a book about the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. 
And while the law of attraction and manifesting works slightly differently, the concept of mindset is important just … (0 comments)

manifesting: Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work - 02/05/20 04:09 PM
Why Manifesting Isn't Working For You (And How To Fix It)
The law of attraction is incredible for manifesting your desires, but it doesn't always work 100% of the time for everybody, why?  Publish
Here are 4 reasons why the law of attraction isn't working for you, and what you can do about it! 
1- Your Intentions Aren't Clear
First, the Universe rewards clarity. If you don't know exactly what you want, how can the Universe deliver? Think of it as a restaurant. You don't go to McDonald's and say "I want a burger". What kind of burger? Be specific so the Universe can bring you … (0 comments)

manifesting: How To Use Law Of Attraction Scripting To Manifest Whatever You Want! - 01/30/20 07:24 PM

I just put together a few blog posts and also some videos on one of my favorite law of attraction exercises for manifesting money, love, a new job, a new home or anything you want. What is that? 
Law of attraction scripting! 
Scripting is this nifty law of attraction technique where you take out a pen and paper and literally write your dream life into existence. It sounds too good to be true, but it's really not. 
I've manifested a husband, a baby, a luxury townhome, business growth and more just by intentionally and consciously creating my dream life and writing it out on … (3 comments)

manifesting: How The Law of Attraction Can Help You Sell Real Estate - 01/22/20 06:25 PM
I've been both practicing and writing about the law of attraction and manifesting for a while now and you know what? Though I was skeptical a long time ago when The Secret came out, I now remain convinced that there's a little something to it! 
Among all the law of attraction manifesting tricks I've tried are this super-easy 3-ingredient money manifesting ritual where I manifested my entire student loan payment. And also this incredible self-love manifesting ritual that changed my whole life! 
But did you know that you can use the law of attraction to manifest anything under the sun? 
Well you can! 
You can even use it … (0 comments)

manifesting: The 55x5 Manifesting Method Really Works! - 01/18/20 08:08 PM
Have you ever heard of the 55x5 manifesting method? Even though I've been using the law of attraction and manifesting for a while now, I must admit I was skeptical about this one. But let me tell you, it really works!
I used this method to manifest a $20 bill. Just trying it out pretty easily for something small, you know?
How does the 55x5 method work?
The 55x5 manifesting method is so easy! You can do it in just a few steps:
Think about what you want ($20) Create a short affirmation (I'm happy I got $20) Write it 55 times in a row for 5 … (0 comments)

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