hawaii real estate: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Jan 10th to 16th - 01/17/10 08:01 AM
As we work our way through the first month of 2010, it seems that real estate activity in the way of showings has definitely increased. I've had several agents tell me that their "snowbirds" are here looking for a part time or permanent place to thaw out. Maybe all those cold temps elsewhere thoughout the mainland will work to our advantage. We'll just have to wait and see if units start going into escrow as a result. On to your update:
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NEW LISTINGS231100 T A 3 4-5-4-5-16-50 FS $499,900 Alii Kai At Hanalei #6102 … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Jan 3rd to 9th - 01/12/10 04:13 AM
It's been hard to concentrate on the computer since every time I look up there is yet another monster wave bigger than the one before. This weekend was the 4th or 5th time we've had a swell bringing these huge waves and I have to say, I'm getting pleasantly spoiled. Since I'm up here on the the bluff at the Cliffs condos, I'm accustomed to looking out on the ocean and even manage to occasionally look up just in time to see a whale spout, or a tail slap as I work. I'm still not used to seeing breaking waves … (2 comments)

hawaii real estate: December 2009 Kauai Market Statistics - 01/05/10 11:39 AM
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou as they say here in the Islands. 2009 never materialized as we real estate agents hoped or thought it would, but it certainly did provide many great buying opportunities, a trend I expect will extend well throughout 2010. If interest rates stay low, it will be another great year for buyers.
2009 ended with a total of 500 transactions, down 88 from the 588 transactions of 2008. For Dec 09, statistics were up, with 56 transactions vs. 40 for Dec 08. Of the 56 seen this past month, 36 were residential, 3 land, 2 commercial, and 9 … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Dec 27th to Jan 2nd - 01/04/10 11:34 AM
And Hau'oli Makahiki Hou to each and every one of you. May 2010 bring you much happiness, health, prosperity, fun and lots of love - and a little bit of real estate if that is on your "to do" list this year. 2009 provided plenty of opportunity for buyers looking for great investment opportunities and I don't think it's over yet. On an annual basis, 2009 only fell behind 2008 sales by 14% going from 588 total sales in 08 to 500 sales for 09. Looking ahead, in Jan 09 there were 20 sales, down considerably from 08 when there … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Dec 20th to 26th - 12/27/09 01:17 PM
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa brought you everything you wanted. There was only one condo that went into escrow last week which means Santa had a light load when it comes to delivering Princeville real estate, especially since no condos closed escrow this past week either. There's more and more short sales and Bank REO's coming onto the market. Take a look at the update and you'll see what I mean:
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NEW LISTINGS230507 T A 3 4-5-4-5-16-56 FS $438,800 Alii Kai At Hanalei #7201 886 #7201 2/2229552 T A … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Mele Kalikimaka from Kauai - 12/23/09 10:54 AM
Merry Christmas to each and every one of you - or as we say on Island: Mele Kalikimaka. Try saying that fast 5 or 6 times! Mel Lee Caw Lee Key Maw Caw. Good luck with repeating that for all your mainland friends. We can practice Happy New Years next week. (Hau'ole Makahiki Hou- more on that later...)
May this Christmas find you surrounded with friends and family, filled with peace, good health and much happiness and love.
With much Aloha, Elaine

Beautiful Bali Hai

hawaii real estate: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Dec 13th to 19th - 12/20/09 08:15 AM
Here we are beginning one of the most frantic weeks of the year as everyone scrambles to finish Christmas shopping, get their gifts wrapped and finalize all the holiday travel plans. For me, it's a magical time as I sit here looking out over the bluff to the ocean, with the albatross soaring high above both. The skies are blue with several large fluffy clouds, the sun is shining yet the winter brings a refreshing cooling breeze. I've yet to see any whale but several others have so I know they're here. I'm hoping there'll be time to sit out … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Dec 6th to 12th - 12/15/09 05:40 AM
Last week was great with wonderfully high waves at the beginning ending with what I refer to as the "bathtub" ocean which is how it has been the last few days. Always changing, I never know what to expect when I look out across the bluff to the water. Obviously I'm not a surfer as anyone who is can readily tell you if surf is expected, when and how big the waves will be.
Real Estate on the other hand, has remained relatively consistant, that is, an attractive buyer's market. While some buyers may be waiting to see if the … (2 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Nov 29th to Dec 5th - 12/06/09 03:30 PM
We had huge surf the other day which delighted the tow in surfers and those of us like myself who love to just watch the surf roll in. It's quieted down a bit now but more is said to be on the way. On the real estate front, the Treasury Department recently set new guidelines for short sales and other loan modifications. The major point of the guideline is that banks have 10 days to approve or disapprove a request for short sale, and when done the transaction must fully release the borrower from the debt. This is great news … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Nov 22nd to 28th - 11/30/09 11:33 AM
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a hike on the Powerline trail which runs from Princeville to the Kapaa Arboretum following the powerline towers. In hindsight, I would not recommend doing it when it is wet, rutted, overgrown and slippery all of which were conditions that existed this past week. It's bad enough that the trail is so overgrown in places that you can't even see the trail and / or that it has numerous wet areas where if you "fall" off the trail into a tire rut filled with water, you can and … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Nov 15th to 21st - 11/21/09 06:44 PM
It's been another quiet week with minimal activity which is normal for this time of the year as everyone gears up for Thanksgiving. Here is your update for this past week:
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NEW LISTINGS229452 T A 4 4-5-3-11-1-30 FS $599,000 Villas On The Prince #30 1,732 #30 3/3229521 T A 2 4-5-4-15-21-15 FS $249,900 Sandpiper Village I #115 1,042 #115 2/2229489 T A 4 4-5-4-5-16-45 FS $558,900 Alii Kai At Hanalei #5301 1,086 #5301 2/2229454 T A 4 4-5-4-5-24-76 FS $589,000 Nihilani At Princeville Resort #26A 1,874 #26A 3/2.5
CONTINGENT SALES226086 SH C 911 4-5-4-6-1-42 … (2 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Nov 8th to 14th - 11/15/09 05:54 PM
This past week brought with it our first major winter storm. When all was said and done, both the Hanalei Bridge and the road between Princeville and Kilauea by Kalihiwai were closed for a period of time on Saturday. If you live in Princeville, Hanalei or Kilauea, you quickly learn that it's best to stay close to home when these types of storms appear, for fear of being "on the wrong side of the fence" when a road or bridge is closed. I've heard of visitors and locals alike being stuck on the wrong side of the tracks, unable to … (2 comments)

hawaii real estate: October 2009 Kauai Market Statistics - 11/10/09 03:56 PM
For a change, this past month there was an increase in the number of sales Islandwide, from 46 last October to 50 this October which is a 8.7% increase. Year to date is still down with 519 units sold this time last year compared to 396 sold as of Oct 2009 for a 24% decrease. Of the 50 Oct sales, 32 were residential, 2 were land sales and 16 condos were sold. Of the homes that sold, 2 were in the Waimea Zone, 10 in Koloa, 3 in Lihue, 11 were in the Kawaihau zone and 6 were sold in … (2 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Nov 1st to 7th - 11/08/09 11:28 AM
It was a relatively quiet week with periods of pouring rain. Activity remains relatively slow as you'll see from this weeks update. The renovation of the timeshare units at the Cliffs is almost complete which means we'll have guests returning to buildings 7, 8 and 9 which will eliminate the favorable parking spots I've become accustomed to during the renovation. For those of you unfamiliar with the Cliffs, in addition to whole ownership, there are two timeshare associations that are also here. I have a second floor unit and am happy to have timeshare above and below me. The reasons … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Oct 25th to 31st - 10/31/09 02:58 PM
It seems like a long, long time since we were on Bora Bora but in truth, it's only been one very busy week. Tuesday found me driving over to PMRF in Kekaha to the "DV" (distinguished visitors) tent to watch the launch of a medium range ballistic missile target from the base and subsequent intercept by the Japanese ship JS MYOKO, which was located Northwest of Kauai.
It was great fun to see the lift off and watch the missile as it headed skyward, leaving behind a contrail which created a strange grey shadow across the sky as the missile … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Oct 11th to 15th - 10/15/09 05:18 PM
Yes, this update is a day or two short and I'll be a few dollars shorter when I get back from Bora Bora, but I am leaving tomorrow - Friday the 16th and decided I'd rather publish a couple of days shy of week's end than not at all. On to your update.
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NEW LISTINGS227553 T A 2 4-5-3-6-22-59 FS $995,000 Kaiulani Of Princeville #59 1,892 #59 2/2.5227552 T A 2 4-5-3-6-22-70 FS $995,000 Kaiulani Of Princeville #70 1,781 #70 2/2.5227917 SH A 0 4-5-4-5-39-80 FS $79,000 Cliffs At Princeville #3304 1,137 #3304 2/2228387 … (3 comments)

hawaii real estate: Kauai: New St. Regis Princeville Resort Hotel - 10/14/09 06:58 PM
Yes, I finally made it to the "new" St. Regis to check it out, and yes, I parked my own car. Thanks to those of you who told me you'd been there and that self park was still alive and well. I can only guess that the day I went the greeter at the entry gazebo had delusions of grandeur when he told me that it was only valet parking because it was "a St. Regis now."
I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The hotel has an air of subtle elegance and warmth that I found very peaceful … (4 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for Oct 4th to Oct 10th - 10/11/09 09:13 AM
I mentioned going by the new Princeville Hotel this week to take some pictures of the renovations but got no further than the entry gazebo. Seems all "self parking" has been eliminated due to the "St. Regis" status. You used to be able to self park as long as you didn't take any of the valet spots which were the first few rows. Now, there is "complimentary" valet parking ONLY. I have to say I don't believe any valet parking is complimentary and the day I planned to drive in, I had nothing smaller than a $20. Plus, it probably … (5 comments)

hawaii real estate: September 2009 Kauai Market Statistics - 10/09/09 02:48 PM
September 2009 followed in line with the rest of the year with declining numbers and pricing. This past month there were a total of 40 sales down from 42 in Sep 08, 65 sales in Sep 07, 97 in 06, an unbelievable 201 for Sep 05 ( I can't even fathom that right now - in this market) and 117 sales transactions in Sep 04. Year to date there have been 346 sales compared to 473 this time last year, 745 year to date 07, 1257 in 06, a high of 1381 in 05 and 1285 for 04 year to … (1 comments)

hawaii real estate: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Sep 27th to Oct 3rd - 10/04/09 09:47 AM
I've been enjoying Puhi this past week as we're housesitting / cat sitting for friends that own in Villas of Puali. Our friends are fortune to have a unit down at the end of the road, which makes for a good deal of privacy. What's so great about this complex, and others in the area, is the proximity to Costco, Kukui Grove, WalMart, KMart, the movies and Duke's restaurant and their hula pie. If you've never tried hula pie, bring a friend, sit downstairs outside of the bar and have at it. Hula Pie is to die for if you … (0 comments)

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