kauai: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Apr 16 to Apr 22. - 04/22/17 09:03 PM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai,
We’ve had quite a bit of rain the latter part of the week, but that didn’t stop buyers from getting out there and putting some property into escrow, especially condos! Here is your update:
606232 CND A 2 $799,000 4-5-3-6-22-67 FS Kaiulani #67 1,738 sqft 2 2.01606131 CND A 1 $430,000 4-5-4-5-3-5 FS PANIOLO #105 1,058 sqft 1 2.00606173 CND A 1 $1,349,000 4-5-4-12-11-29 FS PUU POA #301 1,734 sqft 2 2.00
Back on the Market
297340 CND A 225 $162,700 4-5-4-12-8-1 LH Pali Ke Kua#1 993 sqft 1 1.01
Contingent Sales
605904 CND C 13 $499,000 4-5-4-12-5-28 LH PALI KE KUA … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Mar 5 to Mar 11. - 03/12/17 03:44 PM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai!
It was a good week for real estate, with new escrows in both condos and homes. The last few days have been perfect beach weather and the kind of weather that makes any visitor want to stay permanently! We’ve been spotting whales off the bluff at the Cliffs and that, along with the albatross that soar overhead, makes this the best time of year (IMO) to be here. So beautiful. Here is your update:
604571 CND A 0 $625,000 4-5-4-5-12-13 FS SEALODGE #G4 567 sqft 1 1.00604366 CND A 4 $979,000 4-5-4-11-3-37 FS HANALEI BAY RESORT #L17 1,324 … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Nov 15th to Nov 21st - 11/21/15 01:58 PM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai!
It’s was a busy week for new listings with eight new condos and three new home listings. As far as sales go, one condo and two homes found buyers. Take a look for yourself:
288476 CND A 1 $375,000 4-5-4-5-18-79 FS Puamana #22A 1,298 #22A 2/2.00289717 CND A 4 $375,000 4-5-4-12-9-23 LH Pali Ke Kua #233 993 #233 2/2.00290142 CND A 2 $495,000 4-5-4-11-3-84 FS Hanalei Bay Resort #N22 867 #1513/​14 1/2.00288913 CND A 2 $620,000 4-5-4-12-3-5 FS Hanalei Bay Villas #5 1,244 #5 2/2.01290004 CND A 4 $635,000 4-5-4-5-24-65 FS Nihilani #22B 1,567 #22B 2/2.01289140 CND A … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) + short sale update for the week of Aug 4th to Aug 10th - 08/11/13 08:43 AM
This was a much more active week than last, with 3 condos and 3 houses going into escrow + 2 sales in each! Great start for August. Here is your update for the week just past:
265716 CND A 5 4-5-3-6-22-70 FS $795,000 Kaiulani #70 1,738 #70 2/2.01
265860 CND A 2 4-5-4-5-23-32 FS $619,000 Plantation #822 1,318 #822 3/3.00
262210 CND C 142 4-5-3-6-22-49 FS $1,195,000 Kaiulani #49 2,479 #49 3/3.00
262765 CND C 95 4-5-3-6-22-31 FS $1,599,000 Kaiulani #31 2,864 #31 3/3.01
253709 CND C 297 4-5-4-12-11-9 FS $1,200,000 Puu Poa #109 1,646 #109 … (4 comments)

kauai: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) + short sale update for the week of Jul 21st to Jul 27th - 07/27/13 09:49 PM
Even though it seems as if things have slowed a bit, as of today, Sunday, there are 77 sales which easily surpasses the 72 sales from last July. Interestingly, of the 72 sales last year only 17 were condos while this July there was a 76% increase to 30 sales – and the month isn’t done yet. Take a look at last week’s activity:
265313 CND C 4 4-5-4-5-24-37 FS $549,000 Nihilani #13A 1,874 #13A 3/2.01
262011 CND A 135 4-5-4-5-24-102 FS $575,000 Nihilani #34C 1,972 #34C 3/3.00
265313 CND C 4 … (0 comments)

kauai: Kilohana Clydesdales leaving Kauai - 11/11/08 02:50 PM
If you have ever enjoyed or wish you had enjoyed a carriage ride at Kilohana Plantation, your opportunity to have this experience ends on December 1st. Per the November 9th Garden Island Newspaper, "On December 1st, the horse-drawn livery service will give rides to its last few customers and then closeup shop for good. On December 27th the horses will be shipped on a Young Bros. barge to Honolulu, and from there fly nine hours on a Fed Ex plane to their new home with Doug Albrecht (the owner of Plantation Carriages at Kilohana Plantation Estate) at their side. The … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville condo (and house) update for Nov 2nd to Nov 8th - 11/10/08 04:18 AM
Welcome to this week's update. Once again I must say that there are MANY good buys available now and I just received news from one of my lenders that conforming loan limits will go up in 2009 from $625,500 to $713,000. Now that's something to be excited and happy about. Here is your update for this week:
Copyright 11/8/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS217582 T A 1 4-5-3-6-22-18 FS $2,349,000 Kaiulani Of Princeville #18 2,864 #18 3/3.5217510 T A 5 4-5-4-11-3-95 FS $569,000 Hanalei Bay Resort #P13 867 #1105/6 1/2217448 T A 6 4-5-4-12-11-15 FS $1,300,000 Puu Poa #201 … (0 comments)

kauai: October 2008 Market Statistics - 11/08/08 09:54 AM
October statistics show an overall 19.30% decrease in the number of sales comparing Oct 07 to Oct 08. This Oct there were 46 sales Island wide compared to 57 in Oct 07. As a point of comparison, in Oct 03 there were 142 sales with 137 in Oct 04. Oct 05 had 162 and in 06 there were 92 sales Island wide.
Year to date shows a similar decline, going from 802 sales up to this point in time last year to only 518 sales this year. In 03 the numbers were at 1429, 04- 1421, 05-1543 and 06-1349.
Of … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Aug 31st to Sep 6th - 09/07/08 11:22 AM
It was another slow week with a minimum of condo activity as you'll see from the following update. Just out of curiosity, I checked the week's activity Island wide and found there were 19 new listings, 18 that came back on the market, 13 contingent sales (went into escrow) 9 sales, 3 that went under contract, 29 that expired, 13 that were withdrawn, 4 were temporarily withdrawn and there were 54 price changes. All but 6 of the price changes were reductions. Of the 6 that were increases, all but 1 were on the North Shore, and 3 of those … (0 comments)

kauai: Bank Robbery Kauai Style - 06/04/08 06:49 PM
I was working on my monthly newsletter and came upon the article I saved about our bank robbery. That's right, there was a bank robbery right here in Paradise. The Kukui Grove Shopping Center branch of First Hawaiian bank was robbed in broad daylight on Friday May 23rd. According to the May 24th Garden Island newspaper, "the man - approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall and in his 40s - approached a teller and demanded money, according to officials. He left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash. Mall security and police arrived within 15 minutes of the incident."

kauai: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of May 25th to 31st - 06/02/08 11:56 AM
Aloha and welcome to June, (already!)
Where has the year gone? They say time flies when you're having fun so maybe that's why it has gone by so very fast here in Kauai where even work is fun in this gorgeous weather! Real Estate has kept a steady pace and most agents are reporting more showings and more buyers on Island, although overall our visitor stats are down. At least this week we have three new escrows to report and four closings so let's get on to the update:
Copyright 6/1/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS211203 T A 5 4-5-4-5-13-9 … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of May 18th to May 24th - 05/25/08 07:19 PM
I'm finally back on Kauai after a short trip to the mainland. On my Friday return I was greeted with hazy views of the mountains caused by the "vog" from the Big Island. Apparently, our trades had died leaving Kauai shrouded by this unfamiliar vog which is a by-product of the volcanic eruption on the Big Island. Thankfully, the trades are back and the vog is gone. If you're not familiar with vog, think if LA smog and just put a "v' in place of the "sm" and you'll get the idea. That's one of the concerns I hear from … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of May 10th to May 17th - 05/20/08 07:57 AM
I'm on the mainland enjoying the peace and tranquility of Chincoteague Island in VA, and was previously in VT and NH visiting relatives which is why my update is a day late. One thing I love about Real Estate, (aside from the fact that I just love it-) is that I can travel and take my work with me. Some people seem to think this is a bad thing. They apologize when they call and find out I am away from home or are reluctant to send an email because they don't "like to bother" me while I am on … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of May 4th to May 10th - 05/11/08 01:30 PM
Aloha and Happy Mother's Day!
If you're here on Kauai then you're enjoying exceptional weather this special day, and if you're not, well - I do hope your weather is as flawless as ours is here. The mere fact that you're reading this blog inidcates you have some interest in being here, so let's get on with this week's update:
Copyright 5/11/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS209505 T A 5 4-5-3-11-1-32 FS $980,000 Villas On The Prince #32 1,737 #32 3/3210969 T A 6 4-5-3-6-22-2 FS $1,850,000 Kaiulani Of Princeville #2 2,843 #2 3/3.5210902 T A 6 4-5-4-5-39-4 FS $489,000 … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of April 27th to May 3rd - 05/05/08 06:06 AM

It looks like we've got many new listings but when you get into it, you'll see they are all "repeats." Here is your condo listing update for this past week:
Copyright 5/3/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS210770 T A 1 4-5-3-11-1-30 FS $815,000 Villas On The Prince #30 1,732 #30 3/3210605 T A 5 4-5-3-6-22-22 FS $2,395,000 Kaiulani Of Princeville #22 2,864 #22 3/3.5210590 T A 5 4-5-4-5-7-9 FS $499,000 Princeville Sealodge #B1 566 #B1 1/1208790 T A 4 4-5-4-5-7-11 FS $499,999 Princeville Sealodge #B3 570 #B3 1/1210822 T A 1 4-5-4-5-13-28 FS $570,000 Kamahana #28 1,145 #28 2/2210596 T A 5 … (0 comments)

kauai: April 08 Princeville Condo Overview - 05/03/08 10:36 AM
Everyone always wants to know "How's the market? Is it doing better than the mainland? Are properties selling? Do you think that it is starting to pick up?" and on and on. While I enjoy giving my professional opinion (bear in mind, we all have opinions) and / or speculating about what I think will happen next, I think a great visual explanation of the market is to pull up and print out what we in the business call a "listing update" which spans the last month, and look at it as a whole.
A listing update is nothing more than what … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of April 20th to 26th - 04/29/08 11:20 AM
Let's get right to it. Here is your update for last week:
Copyright 4/27/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS210071 T A 4 4-5-4-12-2-34 FS $490,000 Hale Moi #214 1,033 #214 1/2210522 T A 2 4-5-4-12-2-16 FS $499,500 Hale Moi #116 1,033 #116 1/2210504 T A 2 4-5-4-15-21-59 FS $529,900 Sandpiper Village I #222 1,173 #222 3/2.5
BACK ON THE MARKET176670 T A 733 4-5-4-5-16-57 FS $799,000 Alii Kai At Hanalei #7202 886 #7202 2/2
CONTINGENT SALES200357 T C 243 4-5-4-5-23-42 FS $525,000 Plantation At Princeville #1112 1,153 #1112 2/2206801 T C 78 4-5-4-5-7-48 FS $759,000 Princeville Sealodge #E10 633 #E-10 1/1
SALES152081 … (0 comments)

kauai: I really do hate cockroaches..... - 04/23/08 06:18 PM
I really do hate cockroaches, centipedes too! If you saw my reaction to finding one of these critters in my condo, you'd of thought the world was coming to an end. My boyfriend watched with amusement the other day as I confronted a cockroach in the hallway, armed with a can of Raid designed to prevent this creature from taking even one more living step. He was eventually called to duty to dispose of the dead cockroach body because I don't even like getting close to them. There's just something about them, and centipedes too, that I truly don't like. For … (0 comments)

kauai: March 08 Market Statistics - 04/22/08 07:30 AM
I wanted to get caught up with market statistics before May gets here. It's always interesting to see how we're doing this year as it compares to last year. Since I did not post the February Statistics, and the March Statistics are the most current, I'm posting the Febuary Statistics here 2008-february.pdf for those of you who like to review the numbers month by month.
As for the March numbers: Islandwide home sales are off by 18% compared to March 07 and are off by 37% year to date. The biggest decline for the month of March is in the Waimea … (0 comments)

kauai: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of April 13th to 19th - 04/22/08 06:37 AM
I think I've finally caught up! Last week was exceptionally busy after coming back from being on Oahu from Wed, the 9th to Sunday the 13th. This week I'm back on track, even if the weather is so beautiful that it just begs for one to go to the beach - to swim, body surf, lay in the sun - for anything. Oh well. Even if I can't partake in all that Kauai has to offer it's still great just being in Paradise. On to your weekly condo update:
Copyright 4/20/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS207502 T A 3 4-5-4-5-3-17 FS $399,000 … (0 comments)

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