kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of December 21st to 27th - 12/28/08 03:33 PM
The end of the year draws near as we count down the days until 2009. 2008 was certainly interesting and brought many great opportunities for real estate ownership. Thank you to all of those who allowed me to assist them in buying their dream home or in selling their property so they could move on to the next phase of their life. It was a year that demanded creativity both in pricing and in contract negotiations. 2009 will usher in some of the best real estate pricing and selection we've seen in a long time. All I can say, as … (2 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of December 14th to 20th - 12/21/08 07:38 AM
Finally, we have a bright sunny day today. This past week is one where I've felt sorry for the visitors. After all, they come for the balmy trades, warm sun and bright blue skies but by and large, that was not the case last week. Although there were periods of sunshine, the days basically started and ended overcast and rainy. Today is what I consider a typical "winter" day in Hawaii - about 74 degrees, nice breezes, brilliant sunshine and just a few white fluffy clouds out over the ocean. Real Estate wise, it's understandably been a quiet week as … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of December 7th to 13th - 12/15/08 10:15 AM
This week ended as a wet one, with our first big winter storm slamming into the Island, causing flooding, road closures and flash flood warnings. The storm was Island wide with an average of 4 to 6 inches per hour of rain falling over most of the Island, with as much as 8 to 10 inches in some areas. (This per the Garden Island newspaper.) When it rains this hard, it's a great time to stay home and catch up with all the things you always meant to do ‘on a rainy day.' Naturally, there weren't too many people out … (1 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of November 23rd to 29th - 11/30/08 08:48 AM
Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all. I hope that all of you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving day filled with great food, good fun but most importantly - friends and family. It was fairly quiet on the real estate scene as you'll see from the update which follows:
Copyright 11/30/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS217907 T A 6 4-5-3-6-22-27 FS $1,850,000 Kaiulani Of Princeville #27 2,864 #27 3/3.5217211 T A 4 4-5-4-5-39-39 FS $375,000 Cliffs At Princeville #2109 917 #2109 1/2
EXPIRED209209 T X 242 4-5-4-15-21-32 FS $329,000 Sandpiper Village I #132 1,042 #132 2/2211887 T X 178 4-5-4-15-21-28 FS $459,000 … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Kilohana Clydesdales leaving Kauai - 11/11/08 02:50 PM
If you have ever enjoyed or wish you had enjoyed a carriage ride at Kilohana Plantation, your opportunity to have this experience ends on December 1st. Per the November 9th Garden Island Newspaper, "On December 1st, the horse-drawn livery service will give rides to its last few customers and then closeup shop for good. On December 27th the horses will be shipped on a Young Bros. barge to Honolulu, and from there fly nine hours on a Fed Ex plane to their new home with Doug Albrecht (the owner of Plantation Carriages at Kilohana Plantation Estate) at their side. The … (0 comments)

kauai condos: October 2008 Market Statistics - 11/08/08 09:54 AM
October statistics show an overall 19.30% decrease in the number of sales comparing Oct 07 to Oct 08. This Oct there were 46 sales Island wide compared to 57 in Oct 07. As a point of comparison, in Oct 03 there were 142 sales with 137 in Oct 04. Oct 05 had 162 and in 06 there were 92 sales Island wide.
Year to date shows a similar decline, going from 802 sales up to this point in time last year to only 518 sales this year. In 03 the numbers were at 1429, 04- 1421, 05-1543 and 06-1349.
Of … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Oct 26th to Nov 1st - 11/03/08 08:13 AM
Hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Halloween and that you and your kids are not bouncing off the walls from a sugar overload. As for the market, it is STILL a good time to buy. Why do I say this now? Because buyers seem to be circling the wagons around potential purchases without ever really doing anything and I am wondering why. Everyone seems concerned about interest rates when in fact they are at historic lows. What are we waiting for? Does anyone remember when rates were at 16% to 18%? Now that was a time to wait and see if … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of October 12th to 18th - 10/21/08 06:02 PM
Welcome to another fact filled weekly update. I'm a little late getting this one out but all the info is here for you. Let's get started:
Copyright 10/19/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS216836 T A 7 4-5-3-11-1-30 FS $770,000 Villas On The Prince #30 1,767 #30 3/3216775 T A 1 4-5-4-15-21-54 FS $499,000 Sandpiper Village I #217 1,173 #217 2/2.5216880 T A 6 4-5-4-12-10-24 FS $560,000 Emmalani Court #412 1,192 #412 2/2216544 T A 5 4-5-4-5-30-20 FS $599,000 Princeville Mauna Kai #D302 1,488 ##25 3/2216921 T A 5 4-5-4-5-23-3 FS $725,000 Plantation At Princeville #121 1,318 #121 3/3
CONTINGENT … (0 comments)

kauai condos: The mistake that causes some sellers to sell for less, instead of more. - 10/13/08 01:51 PM
What seller would deliberately sell for less when they could sell for more? Sounds like a silly question, right? Well, I believe in today's market it happens more often than we know.
I recently took note of a closing on the MLS. What caught my attention about this closing is that the seller sold for much less than what they could have 13 months earlier. Read that again - the seller sold for less; in fact they sold for $45K less than they could have 13 months ago.
Back in September 07 I wrote an offer for a property that was … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Oct 5th to 11th - 10/13/08 08:05 AM
It's that time of the week AGAIN. Time for your weekly update. Maybe this week seems shorter because I was on Oahu Tues through Thursday afternoon. As expected, there were no crowds at the restaurants, the movie theatre or at Ala Moana Shopping Center. Hopefully, as we get closer in to the holidays (which will undoubtedly get here before you know it) all that will change. I always enjoy a run over to Oahu - for me it's actually very relaxing. I never rent a car, choosing instead to either take the City Bus or a limo (depending on how … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Sep 21st to Sep 27th - 09/29/08 10:12 AM
We are having our version of Indian summer - or maybe I should call it Polynesian summer because it has been another exquisite week. As I sit typing looking out onto the ocean, it is as smooth as glass and ever so inviting. I have work to do though (darn) - plus I had a great weekend playing tourist and did the "Kayak the Wailua River to Secret Falls tour" which I will tell you about in an email later this week. Great fun and highly recommended. On to your update:
Copyright 9/29/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS216338 T … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Sep 14th to 20th - 09/22/08 06:26 PM
Here's to another beautiful week. I probably sound like a broken record but you really should be here to experience this stunning weather. It's been a rather dry summer which seems to be continuing as we had into Fall. All too soon the winter swells will be here along with the Humpback whales. Both are a sight to behold.
Real estate wise, it's still pretty quiet with the only real activity being new listings and reductions. Here is your update for this week:
Copyright 9/21/2008 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS215664 T A 3 4-5-4-12-3-9 FS $899,000 Hanalei Bay Villas … (1 comments)

kauai condos: When it come to buying in Hawaii - go local for lending...... - 09/17/08 08:07 PM
One of the most important elements in any transaction is the lender. A good lender can save a transaction while one that is unfamiliar with the terrain can just as easily cost you the whole enchilada. My advice is simple: Use a local lender. I cannot stress this enough. I, and many others I'm sure, can tell you horror tale after horror tale of unsuspecting buyers who used their (seemingly) faithful mainland lender only to find out at the 11th hour that they "no can do." Sometime the agent is able to switch to a local lender and save the deal … (1 comments)

kauai condos: August 2008 Market Statistics - 09/11/08 10:16 AM
The month of August continued to see declines, with the exception of some up-ticks in residential sales. Island wide, comparing last August to this August, there was a 23% increase in residential sales, from 21 to 26 with an overall decline comparing last year to date and this year to date, with 95 fewer homes sold for a 31% decrease. Vacant land was also down, both in August and year to date. 18 lots sold in August 2007 compared to 8 sold last month, and year to date showed a decrease from 148 sold in 07 compared to 81 sold … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Aug 31st to Sep 6th - 09/07/08 11:22 AM
It was another slow week with a minimum of condo activity as you'll see from the following update. Just out of curiosity, I checked the week's activity Island wide and found there were 19 new listings, 18 that came back on the market, 13 contingent sales (went into escrow) 9 sales, 3 that went under contract, 29 that expired, 13 that were withdrawn, 4 were temporarily withdrawn and there were 54 price changes. All but 6 of the price changes were reductions. Of the 6 that were increases, all but 1 were on the North Shore, and 3 of those … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Hawaii Closing Costs - 08/15/08 05:40 AM
Everyone always asks about closings costs- who pays what and how much. In Hawaii, the escrow fee is split 50 / 50 between seller and buyer with the title insurance cost shared on a 60 / 40 basis between the same. If you want to get a rough idea of closing costs for any given purchase or sale, go to www.tghawaii.com and move your cursor over Real Estate Tools. From that point you can choose either Closing Cost Estimator or Fee Schedule. If you select Closing Cost Estimator, you must first choose which type of property, then select fee simple, next … (0 comments)

kauai condos: This week - good pricing! - 08/14/08 07:42 PM
We've been talking for a long time about sellers that don't quite seem to get that it's totally a buyer's market... not a little bit of a buyer's market or a wanna be buyer's market but a full on full tilt buyer's market. Yep, that's what we're in and guess what? Some sellers are finally pricing like - we're in a buyer's market!
Case in point: this week there are two interesting listings. First up is Pu'u Po'a 103 priced at $1,399,999. Now, to the average person this may seem exorbitantly priced but when you consider that the last two … (0 comments)

kauai condos: July 2008 Market Statistics - 08/08/08 12:50 PM
It's time again for the ups and downs of last month's market. Starting with the number of sales, Island wide residential sales are down 12% comparing July 07 to 08 going from 33 to 29 sales and 36% year to date compared to last year at this time. 278 homes had sold this time last year while only 177 sold this year to date. Vacant land declined 50% in July from 22 to 11 sales and 44% year to date with only 72 sales compared to 130 this time last year. Condos saw a 48% decline from July to July, … (0 comments)

kauai condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of July 13th to 19th - 07/19/08 02:40 PM
It's been another great week here in Paradise with beautiful blue skies and nice strong trade winds. You probably get tired of hearing that but I must admit, I don't get tired of saying it. Some people think that because we are in Hawaii in the tropics, that our temperatures are in the 90's but that is not the case. We really do have close to perfect weather here with our summer temperatures staying comfortably in the 80's. And if you do get a muggy day or two when the trades die, just head for one of our many uncrowded … (0 comments)

kauai condos: June 2008 Market Statistics - 07/16/08 10:02 AM
Here we are in July already, in fact, it feels like July is almost over and we're heading into August! Before we get too far into July, I wanted to get your market statistics for June out to you. Starting with the Number of Sales: For June, Island wide residential saw a 39% decrease with a drop from 46 to 28 sales for June 07 compared to 08, and the same percentage decline year to date, going from 245 to 148 this time this year. Condos, Island wide were down 12% comparing June 07 to 08, with 24 sold in … (0 comments)

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