kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for May 28 to Jun 3. - 06/03/17 08:57 PM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai!
May really kicked it into high gear, ending the month with a total of 122 transactions, which represents a 44% increase over the 85 sales from May 16. Great way to head into the active Summer market. For June, the number to beat is 99, and here we are on day 4 with 12 sales already! For this week, we’re off to a good start as far as new condos to choose from, with 7 new listings, but only one new escrow. Single family homes did nowhere near as well. Here is your update:
607060 CND A 3 … (1 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for May 14 to May 20. - 05/21/17 01:21 PM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai!
It was a beautiful week with near perfect weather just right for some beach time. Maybe that’s where the buyers went as there were no new escrows in condos and only one new listing, while homes showed no new listings and only one new escrow. Here is your update:
606970 CND A 2 $695,000 4-5-4-12-9-19 FS PALI KE KUA #141 1,148 sqft 2 2.00
293080 CND S 403 $555,000 4-5-4-5-15-5 FS Paliuli #5 1,337 sqft 2 2.00SOLD 5/15/2017 for $530,000 (CNV) DOM 403
296623 CND S 269 $599,000 4-5-4-5-23-60 FS Plantation #1522 1,318 sqft 3 3.00SOLD 5/18/2017 for $586,999 (CNV) … (0 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for May 7 to May 13. - 05/14/17 11:32 AM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. This is your special (and extremely well deserved) day so enjoy it to the max. Real Estate this week brought in several new condo escrows and sales, while houses lagged behind with a few new listings and one sale. Here is your Mother’s Day update:
606267 CND A 5 $1,375,000 4-5-3-6-22-42 FS Kaiulani of Princeville #42 2,443 sqft 3 3.01
Back on the Market
297340 CND A 232 $162,700 4-5-4-12-8-1 LH Pali Ke Kua #1 993 sqft 1 1.01
Contingent Sales
606396 CND C 17 $569,000 4-5-4-5-23-64 FS Plantation #1622 1,318 sqft 3 … (1 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Apr 30 to May 6. - 05/07/17 12:30 AM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai!
This is the first time in all the years I’ve been doing this blog that the condo activity for the week has been primarily new listings with only one withdrawn property! Not even any price changes! Take a look:
606530 CND A 4 $657,500 4-5-3-11-1-33 FS VILLAS ON THE PRINCE #33 1,732 sqft 3 3.00606309 CND A 3 $439,000 4-5-4-5-18-9 FS PUAMANA #3A 1,298 sqft 2 2.00606292 CND A 3 $499,000 4-5-4-5-4-20 FS Ka’eo Kai #10B 1,498 sqft 2 2.00606557 CND A 122 $799,000 4-5-4-6-1-22 FS VILLAS OF KAMALII #22 1,825 sqft 3 3.00
600742 CND W 180 $1,299,000 … (2 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Apr 22 to Apr 29. - 04/30/17 12:39 PM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai!
It was yet another busy week with activity in both condos and houses! However, it hasn’t been enough to surpass the 94 sales from April 2016. As of today, Sunday April 29th there have been a total of 80 sales which is a 15% decrease. Maybe there will still be a few “late” closings reported on Monday but I am not holding my breath. Here is your update for this past week:
606424 CND A 1 $389,000 4-5-4-5-27-11 FS HALE HONU #6A 1,085 sqft 3 1.02606370 CND A 1 $429,000 4-5-4-5-3-8 FS PANIOLO #108 1,058 sqft 1 2.00606396 … (0 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Mar 5 to Mar 11. - 03/12/17 03:44 PM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai!
It was a good week for real estate, with new escrows in both condos and homes. The last few days have been perfect beach weather and the kind of weather that makes any visitor want to stay permanently! We’ve been spotting whales off the bluff at the Cliffs and that, along with the albatross that soar overhead, makes this the best time of year (IMO) to be here. So beautiful. Here is your update:
604571 CND A 0 $625,000 4-5-4-5-12-13 FS SEALODGE #G4 567 sqft 1 1.00604366 CND A 4 $979,000 4-5-4-11-3-37 FS HANALEI BAY RESORT #L17 1,324 … (0 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Feb 12 to Feb 18. - 02/18/17 09:56 PM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai,
There were no new listings in homes or condos this week, but there were two new condo sales and two new home escrows. Here is your update:
Contingent Sales
297988 CND C 159 $497,000 4-5-4-5-39-59 FS Cliffs #2309 1,137 sqft 2 2.00
602104 CND S 10 $495,000 4-5-4-12-2-31 FS HALE MOI #211 1,033 sqft 1 2.00SOLD 2/13/2017 for $475,000 (CNV) DOM 10
299838 CND S 101 $599,000 4-5-4-12-9-18 FS PALI KE KUA #140 993 sqft 2 1.01SOLD 2/16/2017 for $522,000 (CASH) DOM 101
Under Contract
297340 CND U 203 $182,700 4-5-4-12-8-1 LH Pali Ke Kua Ii #1 993 sqft 1 1.01
Price Changes
291749 CND A … (0 comments)

kauai real estate: Kauai July 2014 Market Statistics - 08/06/14 05:52 PM
July 14 was one of the few months that did not meet or surpass stats from the prior year, coming in with only 82 sales compared to 93 last July, a 12% decrease. Residential sales were down from 40 to 35 and condos 38 to 30. Still, even with only 82 sales, it is higher than 09 with 49 sales, 10 with 58, 11 with 59 and 12 with 72 sales.
Year to date, we are ahead by 6% with 624 sales to date, compared to 586 this time last year. Over the last 6 years, the low year was … (0 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo + house update for the week of Jun 8th to 14th - 06/15/14 05:13 AM
Happy Father’s Day on this glorious Sunday to all the fathers out there. If you are here on Island celebrating your day, then you are enjoying a bright, sunny day with white puffy clouds with a good dose of the trades to keep you cool. It’s been good beach weather all week which may be why we didn’t see all that much traffic in condos and homes. A new listing, a couple of sales….take a look for yourself:
274227 CND A 5 4-5-4-5-39-82 FS $497,000 Cliffs #3306 1,137 #3306 2/2.00
270858 CND C 116 4-5-4-5-13-29 FS … (2 comments)

kauai real estate: Kauai May 2014 Market Statistics - 06/05/14 09:47 AM
Things really picked up this past May, posting 110 sales, which is the highest number for this month since May of 06 which had 165 transactions! Compared to last May, which only had 85 sales, May 14 showed a 29% increase. Good start for the hot summer selling season.
Year to date there have been 441 sales, which is only an 12% increase over this time last year with 395 sales. Vacant land had the biggest increase going from 12 sales last May to 28 this May, while homes and condos posted a 12% and 16% increase respectively.
Overall, it was … (3 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo/ house update for the week of May 25th to 31st - 06/01/14 05:10 AM
If you’re on Island and looking for something fun to do next Saturday, the 7th, the Hanalei Canoe Club is having it’s annual Haena to Hanalei Run/Walk and Pancake breakfast.
What’s so special about this event is the opportunity to traverse this spectacular 8 miles by foot so you can take in all the views. Plus, there are Pancakes waiting for you at the end.
If you’re interested, just Google “Haena to Hanelei Run” or find it on the Hanaeli Canoe Club website at Hanaleicanoeclub.org. You can still register online until Thursday and get a T-shirt or just show up … (0 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo/house update for the week of May 11th to 17th - 05/18/14 05:56 AM
It was a very busy week for condos, with no fewer than 7 closings and 2 new escrows. Those closings, along with the 1 residential closing this week, brings the monthly total to 62. As of today, Sunday, there are 69 condo listings ranging in price from $340K for a Sealodge up to $2.250M for a Ka’iulani townhouse. There are currently 21 condos in escrow, all of which but one are $699K or less. The one remaining condo is priced at $1.195M. So far for 2014 there have been 34 condo sales. Take a look for yourself at last week’s … (0 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo + house update for the week of Apr 27 to May 3 - 05/04/14 04:20 AM
The general feeling is there’s been a bit of a market slowdown, an opinion supported by April stats which ended up with 93 sales compared to 124 last April. For May, the goal is 85 and already there are 10 sales, which gets us off to a good start. Activity for condos was across the board with a little bit of everything. Take a look for yourself:
273117 CND A 3 4-5-4-12-3-4 FS $699,000 Hanalei Bay Villas #4 1,248 #4 2/2.01
273204 CND A 0 4-5-4-6-1-22 FS $899,000 Villas Of Kamalii #22 1,825 #22 3/3.00
268525 … (0 comments)

kauai real estate: Kauai 2014 April Market Statistics - 05/02/14 11:53 AM
April is the first month that did not surpass sales for last year at this time. In Apr 13 there were 124 sales while Apr 14 posted only 92 for a 26% decrease. The biggest decline was in residential which went from 55 to 38. Land went from 27 sales in Apr 13 to 21 this Apr and condos went from 43 to 32. Even though we did not surpass last April’s numbers, it is still the second highest number of sales since 2009. The low month was 45 in Apr 09.
Year to date we are slightly ahead of … (2 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo/house update for the week Mar 30th to Apr 5th - 04/06/14 06:13 AM
The saying for March of “In like a lion out like a lamb” dates back to the 17th century and is meant to convey that March signifies the end of the harsh Winter weather and the beginning of calmer Summer weather. That may be the saying but it is anything but springlike today with strong gusty winds and temperature of only 68 degrees (it’s almost 9AM!) with showers threatening.
If you are on Island you are probably asking, “What happened?” as yesterday was one of the most picture perfect days I’ve seen in a long while. Cooling (not cold) breezes … (3 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo/house update for the week of Mar 16th to 22nd - 03/23/14 10:47 AM
We spent a few days over on Maui in Lahaina this past week. Each Island is so unique and different from the other. If you are thinking of moving to “Hawaii” make sure to visit all the Islands as I’m sure you’ll find an area just perfect for your lifestyle. Some areas are more laid back and remote, while others bustle with all the energy of a big city – whatever your way of being or your interest, you truly can find “your own piece of paradise” on one of the Islands.
We stayed right on the water within walking … (2 comments)

kauai real estate: Kauai 2014 February Market Statistics - 03/13/14 10:18 AM
February 14 managed to outpace Feb 13 by 6.45% with 66 sales compared to 62 last Feb. That brings our 2014 totals to 147 compared to 111 sales at the end of last Feb. Sales were pretty consistent with the biggest increase in single family residential. There were 24 sales last Feb and 31 this Feb for a 29% increase. Land stayed fairly even with 14 parcels changing hands in Feb 13 which dropped to 13 for Feb 14. Twenty one condos sold both in Feb 13 and 14. There were 3 commercial sales in Feb 13 and only 1 … (4 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo and house update for Feb 23rd to Mar 1st. - 03/02/14 03:34 AM
The rain is back on this Sunday although not as heavy as it’s been recently. Along with it, we have high surf which is always a beautiful sight to see. You know the surf is high when I can see whitewater from my lanai.
No matter how good or bad the weather is here, Paradise still shines through. The green of the bluff flows into the valley where there is an even greater choice of the color green. Flanked by the grey clouds and ocean, the colors of the landscaping and grass just seems to pop.

Island … (3 comments)

kauai real estate: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Feb 2nd to Feb 8th - 02/09/14 04:07 AM
Kauai is normally a warm and sunny place to live but lately, it seems someone forgot to tell the person who controls the weather. This is the third or fourth day of grey skies, misty rain and general blah overcast. Actually, it was a downpour Wednesday as all the agents ran from car to house and back for the Kalihiwai broker’s caravan. Not the best weather for viewing beautiful homes on acreage.
It’s been pretty cold (60′s) and rainy a good part of the week – even the horses who live in pasture have been shivering. I pulled out my … (0 comments)

kauai real estate: Kauai 2014 January Market Statistics - 02/06/14 09:42 AM
Jan 2014 was a good month indeed, posting a 65% increase in sales over Jan 13 with a total of 81 completed transactions, compared to 49 last Jan. Hurrah! Hopefully, with such a good start the rest of the year will follow suit. This is the high number for the last 6 years, with the low being a mere 20 sales in Jan 09. Oh My – how did we ever get through that year!
The big seller this past Jan was land, which jumped from 5 lots in Jan 13 to 27 in Jan 14. Single family homes dropped … (0 comments)

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