foreclosures: Foreclosure and Short Sale Update August 2012 Incline Village, NV - 08/17/12 03:06 AM
Recent activity in foreclosures and short sales calls for an updated report in early August 2012.  Check out which properties were sold as short sale, which properties went to auction and were foreclosed upon just recently... For a full report click on the link here
For additional distressed properties visit us at 

foreclosures: Incline Village and Crystal Bay Foreclosure Update July 2012 - 08/13/12 07:54 AM
More foreclosures are coming down the pipeline, but since the beginning of the year it has been S_L_O_W going for sure!  We are expecting Q1 2013 to begin the next real wave of distressed properties and for now, they are just trickling in and out of the market.
Here is the most recent update of distressed proeprties in our neck of the woods...

foreclosures: Incline Village Foreclosures Update July 2012 - 07/24/12 08:48 AM
For a complete list of foreclosures, short sales and other distressed properties in Incline Village and the surrounding areas please visit us

foreclosures: Foreclosure Update Incline Village May 2012 - 05/16/12 10:09 AM
Not much going on in the Foreclosure and Distressed Property world for Incline Village and Crystal Bay.  These distressed properties have been few and far between for the last several months.  Auction sales have come to a screaming halt and the short sales and foreclosures or REO's have done the same.  Still we keep our eye on the market for you as to what is new and potentially coming on the market...Here is the most recent update for May 2012 in the Distressed Properties for Incline Village and Crystal Bay.  Click here for the full story...

foreclosures: Incline Village Foreclosure Update for March 18, 2012 - 03/18/12 03:06 AM
Slowing WAY down, the foreclosure and short sale market is not very active.  Click here for the most recent update on what is happening with Incline Village and Crystal Bay Foreclosures.  Brought to you by Team Soli of Intero!

foreclosures: The Foreclosure Update Incline Village March 2012 - 03/01/12 11:52 PM
AB284 has put a halt to foreclosures in our area.  Not that our area was ever a foreclosure market, but things have really slowed down.  Short sales can still be found and combined these two segments of the market accounted for a 1/4 of our sales last year.  See the latest update on this market and what is happening in Incline Village and Crystal Bay, Nevada...
Click here for the full story...

foreclosures: Foreclosure Update Incline Village December 2011 - 12/26/11 11:19 AM
There does not seem to be much of an end in sight for distressed properties and Foreclosures in our market, although our Real Estate Market in Incline Village is not REO (Real Estate Owned or Bank Owned) driven.  We have our fair share of distressed properties and that does not seem to be declining, especially in light of the Real Estate Market today, but the number of REO properties on the market...Read more...

foreclosures: November 2011 Foreclosure & Distressed Property Update Incline Village, NV - 11/28/11 08:40 AM
The new list is in, ‘naughty or nice’, here is what Washoe County reports for notices of default, overall distressed properties, short sale and foreclosures in Incline Village, NV…
For a complete list of foreclosures and notices of default, trustees sales, etc.  visit us at

foreclosures: Foreclosure Market Update For Incline Village...Hot or Cold??? - 04/11/11 09:23 AM
IS the Incline Village Foreclosure Market for Real Estate HOT or COLD???  It's definitely nothing compared to neighboring Reno, NV or Southern NV's Las Vegas, but it appears to be heating up again!  Properties are just recently going to auction again, coming back in the form of REO-Real Estate Owned or Bank Owned and even being sold Short before formally going to auction.
This week, the list is heating are the details!

foreclosures: Real Estate Market Watch for Incline Village & Crystal Bay, NV - 03/16/11 06:36 AM
Rolling along and it looks as if condos are still the hotest segment of the market in Incline Village Real Estate.  This weeks Market Watch is here, reporting data from inside the Incline Village MLS direct.  For the week of March 7th-13th the following was going here to read the full story!

foreclosures: Foreclosure Update in Incline Village and Crystal Bay, NEVADA - 01/27/11 08:40 AM
The foreclosure slow down did not last long and as you can see it is not a HUGE part of the market, but it is here and until these distressed properties are sold in a Short Sale, REO/Bank Owned or at Auction it will continue to hold down prices and our market recovery.  If you are on this list or if you know someone on this list, please have them get in touch with a CDPE or true Real Estate Professional that can ssist them and keep them from losing their home to foreclosure.  Here is the most up to date … (1 comments)

foreclosures: Incline Village Foreclosures Update - 01/07/11 12:26 PM
It is going to be an interesting year with foreclosures, short sales and just distressed properties all around.  The slow down or 'FREEZE' of the foreclosure market by the banks was nothing but the usual 4th quarter stall tactic.  As 2011 heats up the writing is on the wall for more and more foreclosures and distressed properties to hit the market.  For a complete list of auction properties, potential short sales (homes that have hit the default list) and bank owned homes, visit us at .

foreclosures: Update on Foreclosures in Incline/Crystal Bay Nevada - 12/03/10 08:32 AM
The slowdown appears to be over and the first quarter of 2011 should prove to be VERY busy for distressed properties, short sales and foreclosures. Sty tuned...Here are this week's changes, sales, cancelations, new distressed properties, etc.
SOLD (Removed from list)1066 Flume, APN 130-162-05, TS#07-FMB-83966, Rec. 11/22/10 - Sold for $388,100825 Southwood Blvd - Southwood Pines #5, APN 127-110-05, Rec. 11/16/10, Deutsche Bank, 1610 E. St. Andrews Pl., Santa Ana, CA 92705 - Sold for $140,000
CANCELLATION OF DEFAULT (Removed from list)120 Juanita - Northwood Estates #21, APN 127-310-21, TS#140877NV, NOD Rec. 5/26/10
NEW REOS:989 Tahoe Blvd. - Tahoe Racquet Club … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Foreclosures, Short Sales and Other Distressed Properies in Incline Village, NV - 10/19/10 04:57 AM
The news is filled with ‘robo stamping madness' and the fate of the upcoming foreclosure market is unknown as far as...will they stall on bringing new foreclosures onto the market or will our foreclosures continue to drip into the market. Incline Village and Crystal Bay markets are a bit different than other foreclosure markets and although we still see a steady trickle of distressed properties in our market we are nowhere near the numbers in Reno or Las Vegas. It may however delay the recovery of the market (even though markets are very local), if this nationwide epidemic gets out of … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Foreclosures in Incline Village and Crystal Bay Nevada - 10/13/10 06:21 AM
There is talk in the market that banks are now cracking down on the foreclosures and will most likely slow down the release of these properties nationwide.  Well, right now it's all talk and although our market has never been flooded by REO or Foreclosed homes there is a steady stream out there and they continue to hit the market.  A slow down now will only mean more in the future.  This problem is not going away.  The latest list for Incline/Crystal Bay is here.  These are the newest changes.  Please let us know if you have any questions about any of … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Good Deals in the Market...Often in the Form of Distress - 09/24/10 08:58 AM
They keep a coming and there are threats of more and more distressed properties, short sales and foreclosures hitting the market in the very near future.  Although these types of homes require some serious hand holding and patience, the upside on pricing is ahead of the market and most of the time worth the wait.
The following is the most recently published update on these properties in the market.  Click here for the juicy details...

foreclosures: Incline Village Home Sales Report - 09/20/10 06:54 AM
One more week until the official kick off of Fall, but the air is crisp, the housing prices are slipping down with one price reduction after another and home sales continue at a pretty good pace.  Incline Village Real Estate reports the following in the MLS for the week of September 13-19th, 2010.  Click here to read the whole story...

foreclosures: Foreclosure Update Incline Village - 08/30/10 10:14 AM
The latest list for Incline/Crystal Bay is attached.  These are the new changes:
 SOLD (Removed from list)
593 N. Dyer Circle, APN 124-082-21, TS#1262451-11, Rec. 8/16/10 - Sold for $539,476
801 Northwood - Incline Manor #21, APN 132-03-021, TS#15717NV, Rec. 8/25/10 - Sold for $160,000
449 Lakeshore (lot), APN 123-250-08, TS#09007287, NOD Rec. 8/4/10
866 Northwood - Northwood Estates #26, APN 124-340-26, TS#136442NV, Rec. 7/20/10 - Sold for $179,500
 CANCELLATION OF DEFAULT (Removed from list)
383 Willow Ct. -Tahoe Pines #3, APN 124-390-03, TS#10-31911-LL-NV, Rec. 8/20/10
1311 Moritz Ct. APN 126-460-14, TS#10-0062271, Rec. 7/1/10
929 Southwood, Tahoe Sierra Pines #22, APN … (1 comments)

foreclosures: Incline Village Real Estate Market Update - 06/28/10 06:27 AM
Sales are begining to pick up, just like the weather in Incline Village Real Estate.  For the week of June 21-27 we have seen an influx of new escrows and closed transactions.  A welcome sign that perhaps summer is here and we can kick off the biggest selling season with a bang.  Click here to read more about Incline Village Real Estate...
Also, read more about Incline Village Real Estate Foreclosures, Short Sales and Distressed Properties

foreclosures: Incline Village Foreclosure and Distressed Property Update - 06/27/10 11:48 PM
Incline Village was never immune to the foreclosure and distressed property issues faced nationwide.  In fact we are seeing more and more properties hit the Notice of Default list and ultimately the foreclosure list weekly.   See below for an update on the newest properties and deals that are in the Incline Village Real Estate Market... As of 6/22/2010 the following is the most recent update for distressed properties in our local market.

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