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We've each been blessed with a brand, new day.   How are we going to spend it? This week has gone by so fast, it has been a blur.  I think it was Tuesday morning, when I went outside and saw this gorgeous sunrise.  The church in the picture, which is under construction, is the new Rock Prairie Ba...
This morning, I was reading a section in small business management textbook that was called - World Class Tips for Building Relationships.   There was a list titled "Fifteen Statements That Will Help Build Solid Relationships (Or at Lest Keep You Out of Deep Soup) - by Frank Acuff.  That sounded ...
So, who gets to claim the toys?     Answer:  It depends on QUEEN Scratch's mood.  Scratch is the cat.  Little Peppy is the poodle puppy.  He's got lots of hair to keep him safe if she has to "enforce her rules"   Alright, since this is a real estate site, I guess I should mention real estate.  No...
   Does this look like an escape artist to you?                                        Although Ellie had no prior record of escaping, she managed to get out of her stall in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning.  Fortunately for her owner, Ellie decided it was really cold and windy outside, so s...
What are my attitudes, words and actions saying?  Can people tell that I am a Christian or do I have to tell them?  If I am advertising that I attend a particular church, that I am a Christian, or that I'm just great in general, what am I "really" trying accomplish?  Do consumers care to read thi...
    Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I'm getting tired of turkey.  This calf is really thankful that he is NOT a turkey.  And, there are quite a few people that wish they had a pasture full of cows so that they could qualify for an Agriculture Exemption on their land.   Which brings me to m...
 It is not too often that you find an empty parking lot in the Bryan - College Station, Texas area on the day after Thanksgiving, especially when A&M is playing the Texas Longhorns at home.  But, I did.  Since the arena was too wet, I couldn't ride my horse.  So, I drove to my office at the Blinn...

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