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I always try to encourage my children and others to follow their hopes and dreams.  In doing so, my son, Sean, chose to attend Notre Dame, a school know for academic excellence AND sports.   I am just now recovering from my 7 day road trip to Notre Dame, Indiana.  While I was gone, Gary Woltal de...
How do you reward those who are most faithful to you?  Do you tell your clients thank you?  Are you willing to gently tell a co-worker that they missed a button or forgot to zip the zipper?  Will you take the time to call or email someone if you saw a comment on their post that would upset them? ...
What do Austin City Limits, Fiesta, the Houston Live Stock Show & Rodeo, Bryan's Texas Reds Festival, and Chili Fest in Snook have in common?  They are all super fun, annual events that people look forward to.  They also all have an economic impact on the cities they are located in.  It could be ...
Dear Real Estate Diary,   College Station and much of Texas has been in a moderate drought.  So, the rain that we are currently getting is a welcome sight.  The grass is turning green.  It is growing.  The Crepe Myrtles trees along the roads are finally blooming.   The temperatures outside are ac...
What goes through your mind when you pull into the parking lot of the restaurant that you picked out, only to see that the line of people waiting on tables has gone out  the door?    Are you willing to wait?  In College Station it is not uncommon to have long waits in the evenings and on weekends...
Last Day for exhibit:  Pressed Glass:  An American Art and Industry  Today, August 15th is the last day to visit the Pressed Glass exhibit at the MSC Forsyth Center Gallery which is located on the Texas A&M Campus.  Hours are from 10 am to 4:30 pm.  In addition to the special exhibit, the followi...
Dear Real Estate Diary,  It is hard to believe that it is already August 13, soon to be August 14.  My where did the time go?  Today, did a rewind in time.  I rewound back to: January.  Good bye to the old year. The New Years Resolutions.                                                           ...
When you live in a university town, such as Bryan and College Station (B-CS), everyone notices when school is about to start, even if you don't have kids.  U-Hauls, pick-up trucks with filled with household belongings, and increasing traffic are hard to miss signs that the students are coming bac...
Kay, it says it is for optional commentary on this post.   I wonder what optional commentary is?  SondraThis morning when I logged on, I noticed something new to me.  What is the 'Re Blog" image inside our blogs? It may have been there for a while, I don't know.  But I just now noticed it.  Why w...
Why do people purchase art?   As a residential Realtor ® in College Station, I have the opportunity to view artwork on a regular basis when showing different homes.  I've also come to love viewing the original artwork that can be different galleries and shops around the College Station and Bryan ...

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