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I realize that most people would not be comfortable living on a farm or ranch.   In this photo-blog, I thought I'd share some spring pictures of life on a farm.  These pictures were taken at Carol Watt's house, where she lives off the grid at the Royal Gorge Canyon.  It is Colorado's version of t...
He likes flyers.  She likes flyers.  I like flyers.  We all like flyers.  It seems like most everyone likes fliers.  Well, except for some real estate agents.  Buyer Prospects Love Flyers: Here is a prospective buyer comment that I found on the internet when I Googled the term real estate flyers....
I've noticed that signs are all over the place:   business signs, school signs, government office signs, real estate for sale signs, rental signs, campaign signs, garage sale signs, missing dog signs, work wanted name it, there is a sign for it.  Some signs are very nice; others are ...
On Easter Sunday, a friend and I went to see the Royal Gorge for the first time.  The Royal Gorge is Colorado's version of the Grand Canyon. It is about an hour south of Colorado Springs.  Carole Watt and her husband, operate their business, Watt Mule Company, at the Royal Gorge, 7 days a week. ...
Today I found out that a business acquaintance that I highly respected died as result of injuries sustained in a car accident that occurred here in Colorado Springs.  It was an accident that was 100% avoidable.  Although no alcohol was involved, he made a serious, stupid decision that cost him hi...
It is amazing how Spring sneaks in.  One day everything is brown.  The trees are brown and leafless.  The grass is brown.  Just like the day before.  Just like the week before.  Just like the month before and the month before that.  It seems like winter is dragging on.  Then, one morning you real...
From time to time, the average residential real estate agent may find themselves working with a buyer that may be a "horse person."  This buyer may be a great friend or referral.    Just because a person is a horse person, that does not mean they plan to buy a horse property.   The horse person's...
Home.    Is a nest a home?  Do we really sell homes?  Where is your hometown?  Is home where the heart is?  What makes a home a home?  Can you have only one home?  Does your home make you happy?  What would your dream home be like?                Both my neighbor and I bought our houses last summ...
"My theory for this place is that it should be made the most attractive place in the West for homes--a place for schools, colleges, literature, science, first-class newspapers and everything the above imply." --William Jackson Palmer, 1871 William Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs,  had a v...
"Rearing Horse Fountain"  On a walk last weekend, I spotted this rearing stallion in the middle of a construction site.  In 1978, Don Green, a Colorado Springs artist, was commissioned to sculpt the rearing stallion that is currently found between Centennial Hall and the Pikes Peak Fine Arts Cen...

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