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Purpose of this blog is to: 1) Share the Colorado Experience 2) Educate
When you have chickens, horses, cows, pigs, goats or other outdoor animals, it is important to prepare for the winter months.  At the same time,  it is also important to have a plan to take care of the animals in the event of an emergency.  I realized that many of the things that I need to addres...
It is hard to believe that tomorrow is October 1st and we are in the midst of fall.   Colorado is beautiful in the fall.  I don't watch television but I love spending time outdoors.  The following is a list of five of my favorite suggestions of things to do outside in the fall.   1.  Enjoy the fa...
Where did today go?  Where did this week go?  Where did the summer go?   Yesterday, I took a picture with my IPhone of  Petunia, the pig, enjoying the water sprinkler.   When I looked at the picture, the water droplets reflecting in the sunlight looked more like snow.  I found myself thinking tha...
When is the last time that you looked at your surroundings like a child might?   This week has been a bit challenging on my ranch and I really needed to unwind.  So, I decided to visit the Ramah State Wildlife Area.  It is north of Colorado Springs on Highway 24.  It is located between the small ...
This week, I have been learning about pigs.   These three little piggies are from Kansas.  They now live at my ranch.   This was Day #1 one at home.   They were shy at first.    These little piggies are Colorado show pigs.   They are not little.  They are buff and muscular.   This snapshot taken ...
This time last year, the wind farm in Calhan, Colorado was under construction.   The wind farm began commercial operation last October.   This wind farm is somewhat unique in that the wind turbines are located in a rural area with lots of homes in the same general vicinity.   A common concern has...
The horses are fed, the barn is closed up tight and I'm wondering how much snow are we going to get this weekend in the Palmer Divide area which is to the North of Colorado Springs and south of Denver.     The weather report said there is a hundred percent chance of snow.   The estimated snowfall...
It is very important to read and follow the showing instructions.  Especially when it pertains to animal.  Do you know what  happens when you forget to close a door, gate or barn door gate?    Things escape....  Once they get out, they can be hard to get back in.  I'm sure many of you Realtors ha...
There are a lot of properties posted on the MLS that do not have pictures of the barns and outbuildings.  I wonder if it is because the owner, the Realtor, or the photographer was unsure of  how to take an interesting picture of an older barn or less "glamorous building"   such as a loafing shed ...
Simple Tips for Staging a Horse Property Home staging is the buzz word for making homes as appealing to buyers as possible to ensure a timely sale at the best price.   In recent years, the benefits of having a professional, experienced and objective person to stage a home have received more atten...

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