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Song San has been in the Technology industry for 15 years dealing with many aspects of technology including desktops, servers, web design, web programming, database, and management. Song worked for and consulted for a long list of startups, multi-million, and multi-billion dollar companies including Pom Wonderful, Circor Aerospace, Suncal, and Fox Interactive. Song is also a real estate broker in the Los Angeles, California area. He does a lot of networking with buyers, sellers, investors, and agents for many hours on a daily basis. He also spends much time with his family and doing technology consulting work for his clients and on his on projects.



Just finished submitting the approval paperworks to a servicer for IndyMac so I can start the escrow process and close this short sale. Just started the short sale last month and hopefully close this by the end of September. Lots of sleepless nights and running around to get this short sale to w...
  Recently at a Craig Proctor seminar, one of Craig's coach, Jack, mentioned that Cold Call is a 1950s technique that still does work but is one of the lease effective way of getting leads and business. He mentioned a couple of ways that leads can be generated like through blogs, websites, etc.  ...
  Is the iPad a toy or a tool for our daily real estate tasks? I got an iPad for about two weeks and it has been great taking it around with me to Starbucks to do some reading and great for taking notes for meetings.   Try to do more and we all of a sudden find out that the sky is not the limit f...
  After every seminar that I come back from, I learned something new and feel refreshed and motivated to work harder. Only about 2 weeks later I found out that I am running low on gas and slowly revert back to my old ways with just some minor improvements.   A month ago, I came back from the Mike...
  There are a lot of talk about using the web to get lots of leads and making a ton of money. Post ads on Craigslist and wait for the flood of leads coming to you. Put an IDX on your website so potential buyers can search your website and buy from you when they are ready. Create an email drip cam...
   I remembered a few months ago reading some blog post about how getting into and being in real estate is expensive. When I first got into real estate I spend over $8000 in the first 8 weeks for marketing materials, association dues, training classes, traveling to seminars, meals, and a ton of S...
   When I was learning to get my real estate license many years ago, I was taught that the more we let the buyer or seller talk the better it is and to ask questions. Questions like "Are you interested in buying a home?" or "Are you planning to sell your home anytime soon?". Of course I learned t...
  When I started real estate I was constantly told that Real Estate is a numbers game. The more people we talk to, the more leads we get, the more contracts we sign, and the more money we make. Then I was taught that if you keep track and know your numbers say every 30 people you talk to turn int...
  For the last few months I got about 8 referrals. Most of them from my Center of Influences. So I been trying to figure out how to get more referrals.   I went to a Joe Stumpf's Real Estate seminar yesterday at Hawthorne and he hit the nail right on the spot. Clients give out referral if they re...
  A few days ago the owner of my real estate office asked me to spend about an hour a week to train new and "sleeping" agents. I asked her what do she suggest me to train the agents? The response was to give them a phone and have them spend hours making cold-calls or drop a bunch of them off and ...

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