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My grandfather, "Big Dad" yelled at me over the phone long distance when he asked me years ago "How you doing, Son!"   and I replied "Working hard, Dad."..  He screamed 'DITCH DIGGERS WORK HARD, WORK SMART!" to this day I still remember this event.   Hiring SEO is the same as taking water pills t...
Link: Engelbert Humperdinck ... 1977!   You should feel the same and continue in contact with those whose business you romanced! Too many people are of the thinking "what have you done for me lately?" This is the lead single from Janet Jackso...
My wife came home last night to check on the cat grass that she started from seed.   It had gone sour!   What was wrong:  1) the soil she chose was a peat moss mix rather than a top soil mix and 2) she overwatered.   So what is the comparison?  You efforts are like planting seeds 1.  It takes a c...
110,000 references on Google to the company!   What are you doing to get seen?   I'd love to hear your success story!   Sonny Landau
Coupons have become a large business and why should you not use this information to keep your name in the air.   If you were to send your customer's (past, present, and prospects) timely information would they pass the word?   ConAgra has a coupon book work $17 which is free!  ConAgra's products ...
Don't wait and hope to get your piece of the pie... it doesn't happen that way.   Now with the government program still in need now more than ever to be TALKING to everyone you know about this being the best time to take ownership.   If you're shy put a Santa Cap on your head.  At l...
Maybe your past customers have had a reverse of fortune and need to down size.   Unfortunate as it is, that is what is happening to just so many today.  They really don't know where to turn.   They trusted you in the past.  Write a note such as a "story" about how you helped a family and need. Do...
Yes, job training!   You ask what was the job?  No it wasn't for being a husband or a nothing can prepare you for that! I say that from experience as Mickey Rooney and I have gone down the same paths and we never and I mean never got it right.  I even married a Chinese woman whose Engli...
Maintenance free living. Lawn care and all yark work included in rent. Spend your weekends with your family, not working in the yard! Large two-story duplex in cul-de-sac, 1671 sqft. Like new. 3bed/2.5bath. third bedroom is a den which is used as an office. Living room has two story-tall ceiling ...
It really wasn't that hard to set up AdSense on my website.   I thought I would do it, because it would lend creditability to my site.   Google is advertising on my site!   But getting a check is even better!   Sonny Landau

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