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Rule #4  "Time is limited"    It is important that you make the most of your working time so you can have spiritual and family time (after all that is what the purpose of working is about!)     Don't expect the government to continue it's program for buyers!  There is just too much discontent wit...
Please explain   Why would a realtor put a data sheet in front of a home without a price!   The one that troubled me yesterday said it was "a starter home".  A "starter home" should by the term indicate that the pricing was one that a young couple could afford.   If the listing price is out of li...
Why do agents not include the price on the data sheet they put in front of a home?   My only thought is that the listing price is out of line and that the listing agent is "hoping" to get someone to call for more information and hopefully they will pitch the house as "you have to see this home......
Wikipedia's definition of addiction isn't very good.  "benefits outweigh"   Does the high one gets from going to the Casino outweigh the reality of going home with nothing in one's pocket and even worse losing more than one could afford to?  Casinos are known for making profit for their owners an...
We are being crippled as the GREAT COUNTRY we became!   New regulations trying to control every aspect of our lives in being enforced without legislation!   Have you heard about the new EPA regulations that require that only trained painters who have at their expense gone to either an one day (8 ...
Because of the problem associated with so many foreclosures, appraisers don't have any what one would consider "fair" comparison sales to give a true home value.   In the 1990's if an investor made a "good" purchase he could walk away from closing with cash in his pocket to help him/her move to a...
NAR with his huge membership of PROFESSIONALS needs to be heard in Washington NOW!   THE AMERICAN DREAM OF HOME OWNERSHIP IS DYING!   It kills us to see our friends, associates, and customers being destoyed!   LETS SUPPORT NAR in an effort to get Washington to listen!   In one small section of Un...
I hate to try to return business calls when someone is a home in the evening.  I have thought that this was a matter of respect.   My recent experiences have been different!  They were happy I returned their call and in one case I lost the opportunity because  I didn't respond quick enough.   Fro...
Sure sounds like I want to sell a training program of a web meeting or a new 3 little title that you can add to your business card or website....but I'm not!     The SECRETS to becoming anything you want are readily available to you with a few minutes of your time!   What you ne...
THIS TITLE ON CRAIGSLIST HELP US TO GET 157 VISITORS TO OUR SITE YESTERDAY! Great headings are important when advertising.  We have used recently 8 Deadly Sins..., Learn How to Start... How to Make Your..., Are You at Risk Of?..., 3 Direct Reasons Why You'll Be Kicking Yourself if You Don't..., ...

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