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Something is definitely wrong with our society!   In the last two weeks, I had to dismiss three employees.   #1 employee of 5 years has had a "crack problem" which I thought had been solved.  His productivity dropped to trying only to get more hours rather than doing the work that was before him ...
Many marketers have tried to acquire phone numbers which they felt were easy for their customers to remember, such as 1-800-GRANNY8  (a mortgage company) Now with the cell phone I have and not a AT&T home phone with the letters showing below the number, I just forget them and look for a company w...
What in may areas is "not quality" but distressed homes that have been bought cheaply, update to some measure but real issues of neighborhood, flood plains, and schools haven't changed.   This wave (if it be) of government fostered buyers may  themselves abandon these homes in short time feeling ...
WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW HOW I GOT 223 VISITORS TO MY WEBSITE YESTERDAY?   EACH VISITOR WAS FROM MY LOCAL AREA EACH VISITOR WAS UNIQUE   I can't wait to see how my ALEXA rating goes up in a few days!   THIS WAS NOT "Black Magic" or anything that has been done before and Google and the others have n...
I don't think that we know the real truth!   I placed an ad for Office Help yesterday and I was unable to do anything but answer my phone!   Will this not effect as much as foreclosures and short sales the further decline of real estate prices?   Forget what the government thinks, give that stimu...
Unfortunately there are too many real estate agents who just don't understand.   They don't understand using the Internet; they don't understand that ActiveRain is not just for "getting points" BY RESPONDING TO YOUR BLOG, and saying things like "what a nice article, thanks for the information, I...
Google Official Webmaster Central Blog  3:19 AM Today.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!   Is your site hacked? New Message Center notifications for hacking and abuse Posted: 01 Mar 2010 03:06 PM PST Webmaster Level: All As we crawl the web, we see bad content inserted on to thousands of hacked sites each day...

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