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My cousin recently lost a nice sale of a condo because it no longer met Fannie Mae requirements as too many of the units are now rentals!   Just when we think it is tough; it can get more difficult.   Everyday we need to arise, pray, and face the opportunities (which might seem to be challenges)....
05/30/2010 Russell Simmons (hip hop mogul) has a great line of bracelets and necklaces of stainless steel exclusively  at Kay Jewelry. I bought a gorgeous bracelet for $350! The case in comes in is worthy of the jewelry. His designs in many cases incorporate a cross.   I saw ...
  Hit the mattressesEngage in an underworld feud. Key members of a family quickly move to inconspicuous safe houses. The phrase probably refers to sleeping on a mattress thrown on the floor."Favorite rejoinder of Senator Harry S. Truman, when a member of his war contracts investigating committee ...
If you are looking to assist one of your clients or your own home   We have just posted the most popular interior paint colors for 2010 on our website     Below is just one of the great colors for you to see!   Bookmark our website to stay in tune with new idea...
IF THE REBUILDING OF HWY 40 IN ST LOUIS AT THE INTERSECTION OF HANLEY HAS GET YOU AWAY YOU MUST REVISIT!   They have an experience GREAT MANAGER! (Dave has done a wonderful job in developing an outstanding staff in all areas of the store! They are there to provide quality assistance and help!   T...
XML Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to tell search engines about pages on their site that may be crawled by their robots. A typical XML Sitemap file lists each URL, together with information about when it was last updated, how often it normally changes, and how important it is, relative ...
We are excited! We are now installing fantastic murals for our customers for only $300!   Please see our website for details!  
The next day after posting my ad on it was a page 1 in google search   The following moved to page 2.......   Google treats activerain and backpage the needs to keep posting!   Sonny
In getting the most out of the web one must do research.   What is the order of highest to lowest page rank for the following sites? You are all probably wrong! has a PR 5 has a PR 6 has a PR 8!!!!   Take the challeng...
Yes today for three of my keywords I took the following places on page 1 of google!   #3 in all cases  -- my earned place on page 1 of google #5 in all cases  -- the ad I placed on   I hadn't used backpage in ages but when I saw yesterday that it was working for a realtor ...

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