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CUSTOMER SERVICE IS CHANGING FROM MAKING THE CUSTOMER HAPPY TO GETTING MORE SERVICES FROM ONE'S CUSTOMERS WHILE TELLING THE REST OF THE WORLD TO GO AWAY!   You would not believe that I used the ATM at a Republic Bank in St. Louis to get some funds.  The ATM provided $20 bills and I needed two ten...
How have you managed to get a good position using Google Maps? Please share your information with me.   Thanks for your ideas!   Saint Louis Painting Town and Country Painting and More! Much More!
The origin of the iPhone 4's signal problems? Fans of government intervention and regulation believe that it is possible to create complex guidelines for businesses which give us only benefits and no detriments. But the reality is that every government regulation has an unintended consequence an...
There was a blog about how foolish the real estate license is posted today.   The license is not to really test one's knowledge .... it is to make an individual invest time and money which limits the playing field.  The law bar doesn't pass every test taker each year.  They control the number who...
NO, it wasn't Peter Simon who met a pie man   IT was me and I met a "realtor" who didn't know about ActiveRain!   Immediately I questioned his real estate achievements and they were non-existent!  I tried to tell him "the good news" but he didn't hear.   I am still shaking my head and wondering w...
Sherwin-Williams has a great app for iPhone ColorSnap (r) for iPhone from Sherwin-WilliamsWith ColorSnap, you can discover how coordinating colors and bringing ideas to life is easier than you ever imagined. Find a color you love, snap the phone and receive the matching Sherwin-Williams paint co...
Duvall's screen debut was as Boo Radley in the critically acclaimed To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) where he did not have a single speaking word!     It is not our words that get customers to tell others about us it is our actions. (what we did for them).   Big corporations are realizing that custom...
There are times best not to work!  Can you believe that ?   It seems strange to say that there are times when one can't work; but working on a project in the wrong weather can lead to having to doing the project over and possibly a lot of work to undo the work which had been done.   It is almost ...
This morning I checked my website information using Google Analytics, which provides me with a list of terms used by individuals who got to my website.   I found an interesting search term  "Sonny Landau complaints".   I think it would be smart for all of us to check our individual names and comp...
there are more than one version of this song from romantic to religious! Yesterday was for me "Oh! WHAT A DAY!" We really cannot be prepared for what HE throws at us; only know that he doesn't send anything our way that we somehow cannot handle. Our father in heaven loves us I pray that those who...

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