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It is a nice reward to be recognized for one's quality affordable painting.  **314-520-4440**   I received a letter last evening from Angie's List! Congratulations SAINT LOUIS PAINTING   We've heard you're doing great work for our members. Last month, you received at least 1 positive (a) reports....
I've not known my Asian wife to ever get so excited! I rush home from my painting project   sure enough I had received "Money" in the mail! "Money Magazine" that is! Never in our 5 years of marriage had I know my Asian wife to have a sense of humor.   Every year when my sister gets approached for...
Every year my sister when the children come selling magazines seems to purchase me a subscription.  Last year it was Golf; I don't golf. Today I got Money Magazine. My wife who is from China and is still learning English... said jokingly 'YOUR SISTER SENT YOU MONEY!"   WHO ARE YOU NOW GOING TO SE...
“Never Again”* THE LAST ROOF COATING YOU’LL EVER NEED   Never Again* adheres to almost any roof surface (flat roofs, metal roofs) It is ideals for metal, tar & gravel, cap sheet, torchdown, composite, aged asphalt, modified bitumen, barrel tile, sprayed polyurethane form, low...
How to Renew Aluminum Siding   Renew and restore the original fresh condition of your weather aluminum siding! Beginning in the early 1960/s and continuing to this present day, manufacturers of pre-finished siding of all sorts have sold these products as maintenance free inst...
On 4/3i0 I blogged about Bill Clinton can no longer be considered the biggest liar in history! (edit/delete) Yes, Bill Clinton, has held the world's record as the biggest liar until this past week.   Local St Louis Realtors assured my sister that there was an excellent market for her high end con...
  If your looking for lots of space across from University City's public golf course... Short level walk to synagogues!   If you want more home than  you would ever believe you would have.... If you are ready to start packing....   I have the home.....not listed ...large dining room, large living...
St Louis House Painting does it again!  Sherwin-Williams purchased Brod-Dugan Paint Company in the St Louis Area a few years ago.  We have their best trim paint ACRYLASTIC; while the Sherwin-Williams company has discontinued this product in favor of others of their own product line.   We have all...
St Louis House Painting serving the Greater St Louis Area since 1975 with quality affordable professional interior and exterior painting services! **314-520-4440** FREE QUOTES!   Google has announced that the "tag program"  that they have offered will end the end of this month while they are keep...
St Louis House Painting is #1 in the local area for interior and exterior quality affordable pricing!  Since 1975!  314-520-4440     Do you have goals on ActiveRain?  I have a goal for this month to move from #3 position of local St Louis ActiveRain bloggers to #2 position. No! There are no rewar...

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