activerain: I am almost at my ActiveRain goal for this month! ***St Louis House Painting*** - 04/16/11 01:47 AM
St Louis House Painting is #1 in the local area for interior and exterior quality affordable pricing!  Since 1975!  314-520-4440
Do you have goals on ActiveRain?  I have a goal for this month to move from #3 position of local St Louis ActiveRain bloggers to #2 position.
No! There are no rewards which go with this position, but there is the knowledge that I am doing my best to use ActiveRain as a platform to insure my visibility with such search engines as Google, Yahoo, and Bing while providing quality information that has value to other members of this … (3 comments)

activerain: What are you waiting for to become AWESOME! ActiveRain is waiting to help you! - 02/21/11 11:09 PM
St Louis House Painting, doing quality work at affordable pricing, each and every time. *314-520-4440* We provide interior and exterior painting services.
I asked my son a branch manager of Bank of America for some marketing times as he is a wonderful manager of people and marketer.
His first suggestion:
Find some local realtors that have house that aren't selling; maybe a fresh paint job will make all the difference.  Co-host an open house with me providing the food.
To find the most successful realtors in my Area I used AcitveRain to see who the most active bloggers … (3 comments)

activerain: ((Don't read this blog!)) - 01/20/11 01:45 AM
((Don't read this blog!" Don't grow your market presense!
Don't make more money this year!
For heaven's sakes do not subscribe to my blog where you can learn!
I surely don't want you to go here and find the most valueable FREE GUIDE that I have found in years.  I still don't know what the catch is that a firm has given this much FREE information that is the equivalent of our a year's hard work that I have done on my own.  How else would I know that they have it right?
I have absolutely no connect to any … (2 comments)

activerain: What makes a featured post? - 01/12/11 01:38 AM
There was an article recently from a staff member regarding this selection.  I wasn't really much clearer
after reading the article.
But ActiveRain does on each of our accounts give us a tool as a good indicator of what would make a possible feature
for each of us.
The tool is on our individual home page on the left called "Statistics".
It shows the number of comments, views, and clicks.  A good idea as to what the other members of ActiveRain are interested in.
One of my blogs has 1134 views, and 895 clicks!  If was featured!

activerain: What must ActiveRain (staff) do to make the world realize that ActiveRain is an important social network? - 01/12/11 01:17 AM
It seems that none of the large players when you are editing or creating you own profile have
acknowledge the import social networking roll that ActiveRain has created.
Possibly they (the staff) can offer some suggestions to us so ActiveRain will be recognized.  Where we
can put a link on our site to our ActiveRain profile, postings, and blogs.
If I have missed something, please I'd like to know so I can create this important link.  The search
engines like to see us using Social Network particularly as Google owns one of its' own.
St Louis House … (3 comments)

activerain: Please spell check your blog and stop writing "great blog" or something close to that just for points! - 01/06/11 12:12 AM
Check you spelling!
If you aren't willing to do that then you don't really want the world to see you at your best.  I know, you are in a hurry, and
want to get your 200 points for the day for writing a blog.  But what are you showing the rest of us?  If you can't spell check
then the information you are offering really wasn't worth your writing.  "vanity is vanity" and so is "200 points is 200 points!"
I wish ActiveRain would not give any credit for comments that include the following:
Thanks for the blog
"I'll check … (0 comments)

activerain: ActiverRain rewarded me for writing a success blog about using ActiveRain with 500 POINTS! - 12/21/10 11:33 PM
If you don't check your points on the left hand column you might not be getting the surprise that I did just now!
I received 500 POINTS!  They also reward you for updating your profile!
Keep current and have a great holiday season  St Louis House Painting
ActiveRain Success Story

activerain: Advice for those whose business is not doing well! (PROVEN) - 11/08/10 11:58 PM
Diversify!  We in the trades (my business is painting) have expanded the services we offer.  We no longer
just paint interiors and exteriors of homes, we now offer minor electrical, plumbing, and carpentry services.  We take the
opportunity to do as many services for each individual customer as is possible to increase our amount of revenue from
each customer.
 We also have expanded our service area to almost an hour from our base.  Reach Out!
A few years back the number of realtors decreased dramatically due to the costs of being in the trade and the laci
of return from … (1 comments)

activerain: It has been a journey but this blog should bring me to 100,000 Active Rain Points! - 10/23/10 01:56 PM
ActiveRain has been of help to me and my business in gaining
recognition with Search Engines!
I hope that you  too will gain recognition by your use of this site as well
as continual new information shared by professionals.
ActiveRain has the respect of the community and of the Search Engines.
Please share with the rest of us your experiences with ActiveRain.
St Louis Painter

activerain: Take a few minutes and please GOOGLE! St Louis House Painting *314-420-4440* - 08/29/10 10:31 AM
What do I mean please Google!
Hopefully you know that Google likes:
1.  Your website is changed on a regular basis.
2.  You website has original content.
3.  Your domain name is not about to expire which gives the impression that you might be leaving the net!
4.  Your domain has been established more than 2 years.  Web sites which have been in existence get a higher Page Ranking (per my experience)
There seems to be no way for me to get my nearest competitor's place for certain keywords.
5.  Google likes you to use adwords
6.  Google likes you … (0 comments)

activerain: I was surprised this morning! My blogger blog is starting to show! - 08/19/10 12:06 AM
I have been using for a few weeks and never saw a listing on page 1 of Google.
This morning I found one of my recent blogs on page 2 for some search terms.  My thinking now is
that is worth my time and I hope that it gets more results in the future.
You should also consider using as it's ads do show up by search engines.
Keywords search was a long tail "Kirkwood House Painter"
Great Added Service: ((House Painter)) Affton, Brentwood ... Aug 16, 2010 ... ((House Painter)) Affton, Brentwood, Chesterfield, Des Peres, Florissant,Kirkwood, Ladue, … (4 comments)

activerain: What's your morning routine? - 07/19/10 12:46 AM
My morning routine consists of course first!
Turn on my computer>
Check my 3 email reason at this time for 3, butr I maintain them
Bring up my spreadsheet showing historic statistics of my main website which keeps records from
Altavista (use the www. in front of your website name
My own website has a counter ... this catches bots aqs well as other visitors
I used to use Google Analytics but I stopped as I know the sources of the hits to my site after using Google Analytics for months
I use PRMANIA to see when … (6 comments)

activerain: Starting your day with ACTIVERAIN? - 07/12/10 11:46 PM
It is the same as getting my first cup of coffee.
I log into ActiveRain for new industry information, inspiration, and to contribute my knowledge to the community.
What are your reasons for logging in?
St. Louis Painter

activerain: Unbelievable! Absolute Unbelievable! - 06/25/10 12:10 AM
NO, it wasn't Peter Simon who met a pie man
IT was me and I met a "realtor" who didn't know about ActiveRain!
Immediately I questioned his real estate achievements and they were non-existent!  I tried to tell him
"the good news" but he didn't hear.
I am still shaking my head and wondering what he is doing to promote his business.  I asked him about his
marketing plan and he confessed that he really didn't have one.
Naturally, I am going to invite him.
I can only see him as a bird with his head … (2 comments)

activerain: Do more than earn ActiveRain Points! - 06/10/10 03:55 PM
Some find the points awarded by ActiveRain as being a means of gaining more presence
on the internet.  This is true at this time!  Google may stop eating all that it is being fed by ActiveRain.
When this happens it will collapse the efforts made by many where they neglected their own website..nternet networking and position is a major effort and the more effort you put into marketing the more you will see results until the next major SEO change.
I have been objected to when I caution that one's eggs should not be all in one bag.  Please consider … (7 comments)

activerain: Backpage .... results of posting ... for Google - 05/15/10 05:21 AM
The next day after posting my ad on it was a page 1 in google search
The following moved to page 2.......
Google treats activerain and backpage the needs to keep posting!

activerain: Put 50% of your energy into another blog site and see the results! - 05/15/10 01:18 AM
In getting the most out of the web one must do research.
What is the order of highest to lowest page rank for the following sites?
You are all probably wrong! has a PR 5 has a PR 6 has a PR 8!!!!
Take the challenge with me an make a blog on all 3 today and  then check tomorrow.
I expect to get a lot of thank yous!


activerain: Am I ADDICTED to ..... - 02/24/10 11:38 PM
Wikipedia's definition of addiction isn't very good.  "benefits outweigh"
Does the high one gets from going to the Casino outweigh the reality of going home with
nothing in one's pocket and even worse losing more than one could afford to?  Casinos are
known for making profit for their owners and the States they reside in; what makes me think
that "I am the One!"?
There are positive and negative addictions.  In my life a positive would be "ActiveRain" and a negative
would be the amount of time I spend "searching on the Internet."  Some of us are addicted to … (4 comments)

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