blogs: What makes a featured post? - 01/12/11 01:38 AM
There was an article recently from a staff member regarding this selection.  I wasn't really much clearer
after reading the article.
But ActiveRain does on each of our accounts give us a tool as a good indicator of what would make a possible feature
for each of us.
The tool is on our individual home page on the left called "Statistics".
It shows the number of comments, views, and clicks.  A good idea as to what the other members of ActiveRain are interested in.
One of my blogs has 1134 views, and 895 clicks!  If was featured!

blogs: Please spell check your blog and stop writing "great blog" or something close to that just for points! - 01/06/11 12:12 AM
Check you spelling!
If you aren't willing to do that then you don't really want the world to see you at your best.  I know, you are in a hurry, and
want to get your 200 points for the day for writing a blog.  But what are you showing the rest of us?  If you can't spell check
then the information you are offering really wasn't worth your writing.  "vanity is vanity" and so is "200 points is 200 points!"
I wish ActiveRain would not give any credit for comments that include the following:
Thanks for the blog
"I'll check … (0 comments)

blogs: Please don't catch a headline from a paper or news source and write a blog based on the headline! - 01/06/11 12:02 AM
A headline writer's job is to catch people's attention.
Sometimes even making a misspelling so that people will comment...but secretly we don't want to show the person that they
made a mistake.
A case in point is a blog that gives the impression that a man's home was accidently destroyed.  Yes it was, but no it was
only a property he had made a good price purchase on (a foreclosure), but the man had not done anything with the property nor did
he have any possessions in the house.  It sometimes takes a bit for foreclosures to get processed and … (1 comments)

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