achieving and exceeding goals: The Past Impassed. - 09/18/19 06:47 AM
The Past Impassed.
As seasoned professionals, we know that past performance clearly has no bearing on today's success and the future depends on consistently implementing tried and true methods. People put their trust in those who earnestly provide exceptional service while helping to achieve their real estate goals.
There will always be those who fly by the seat of their pants, show up late, cancel at a moment's notice, are unresponsive, often ruining that one chance with clients. At one point, reflection upon the past is immanent because a presence in the industry has ran its course, putting them at an impasse.
A stormy past arrived on impasse, begging to engage an impervious heart. ~Wanda Kubat-Nerdin
Ready … (7 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: Do what you L🍅VE. L🍅VE what you do! ~ Nerdin Gardens - 08/19/19 05:36 AM
Do what you L🍅VE. L🍅VE what you do! ~ Nerdin Gardens
Whether it's gardening, running a business or vounteering time, you must enjoy the work. Otherwise, forget about meeting the day, it's more like chasing down timelines, deadlines and appointments. It can be exhausting! 
You can find me with my family, in the garden or the downtown office making the most of what presents. One day at a time, so no wasted energy here, only the heart-set, goals-set forth. Happy Monday all, it's heeeeeeeere!
Do you have a referral for St. George or the southern Utah area? Please contact me at 435.632.9374 or Glad to help with your residential real … (6 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: Bulldog On A Pant Leg Real Estate - 08/10/19 06:46 PM
Bulldog On A Pant Leg Real Estate
Many professional's believe that a referral is the greatest gift that a client can give. For me, it is also being called a Bulldog On A Pant Leg! Several repairs on a recent transaction were agreed upon. After my clients contacted other window companies who were two weeks out, I called my go-to crew, Sun City Glass. The sliding screen door was quickly assembled and installed in less than 2 days.
When getting a listing, a buyer client or referral, I get down to business immediately, rather than putting time between the call and the work ahead. There's no time … (6 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: Catch you on the flip side! - 07/12/19 12:01 PM
Catch you on the flip side!
That snappy phrase takes on a totally different meaning with nature. Rather than hiding in plain sight on the flower's face, the Praying Mantis implements an advantageous back door approach, taking advantage of unsuspecting fly-byers. 
These marvelous creatures gain optimum results, thriving and surviving in a successful environment. Their results are most beneficial to Nerdin Gardens as well. The more they achieve, the less we worry about pests.
Some characteristics of the Praying Mantis:
possess a 180 degree head rotation can snatch food right out of mid air ability to remain motionless for extended periods  
By instinct, they are stealth masters, adapting to surroundings, often camouflaging themselves among the flowers and greenery. These … (16 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: Best time to list your home with a Realtor in St. George Utah? - 07/03/19 09:19 AM
Best time to list your home with a Realtor in St. George Utah?
Agents, proper planning is necessary before the appointment:
Take an exterior photo of the home the day before Phone the title company for a copy of the Property Profile Got on-line to the Multiple Listing Service to view like properties Prepare a Comparable Market Analysis relaying current market value Be ready to answer every question with confidence, leaving no doubts  
Knowing there may be other real estate agents to be interviewed, create the best first impression so homeowners will hire you to sell their home. Tomorrow will bring the answer, so today it's time to … (7 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: Don't July...You want to buy!! - 07/02/19 07:56 AM
Don't July...You want to buy!
It's true that some potential first-time buyers may overthink or worry about all that entails purchasing a home, especially if they have always rented. Hiring an experienced Realtor at the start will help alleviate some concerns through the process.
Avoid playing the doubting game when ready to purchase by:
Creating a budget and stick to it. Refusing to let emotions overide all else. Maintaining full communication with your lender. Being inquisitive to ensure an informed buying decision. Performing thorough due diligence on the property and the neighborhood.  
Work with a trusted Realtor and mortgage officer who are available and can answer any questions along the way. Always use … (10 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: Busily beeing... - 06/21/19 05:34 AM
Busily beeing...
Busily bustling or busy body? Bees have no choice except to achieve the goals set forth to survive and thrive. We do, however. 
Every new day provides an opportunity to create more business, setting the tone for success. No reason to wait for good things to come, when you can pursue. Be busily being like the bee. No busy bodies here!
Have questions about St. George or the southern Utah area? Please contact me at 435.632.9374 or Glad to help with all residential real estate needs because Wanda Can!

achieving and exceeding goals: Will you MARCH this month? - 03/05/19 06:01 AM
Will you MARCH this month?
Left, left, left, right, left. Here we go into the last month in the first quarter of 2019. Did you know that March was named after Mars? I didn’t either until I looked it up. Mars is the icon for fiercely proud, patriotic and heroic qualities - that suits me.
Avoid skipping solid planning with a ‘come what may’ attitude, instead, keep in time and step up with intended marketing and advertising goals. My first quarterly mailing was a created the opportunity to be face-to-face with valued clients and will be meeting with a couple to look at houses next week. 
Two POH tickets per … (13 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: 5 Ways to Have a FUNtastic FAB-YOU-ary! - 02/01/19 01:00 PM
5 Ways to Have a FUNtastic FAB-YOU-ary!
1. Get adequate rest and upon waking every morning, smile and stretch, it helps to set the tone for the day, adding health perks as well. Stretching naturally puts the body back in alignment and smiling is uplifting. Sufficient sleep improves concentration, productivity and performance. It also encourages problem-solving skills and enhances memory recall.
2. Be purposeful when planning the day by listing the most important tasks first. Take one line item at a time, finish and go on to the next one. It creates structure and proficiency so you are able to maneuver your way through the daily routine. Though you may not complete the list, you … (14 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: 10 Ways to Ensure a Successful 2019! - 01/01/19 05:35 PM
10 Ways to Ensure a Successful 2019!
Once the glitter, confetti have settled and the novelty of 2019 resolutions wear off after New Year’s Day, it will be back to business with a renewed sense of promise through positive means.
What will you do to continue business success?
For me, it is continuing to honor all commitments, personally and professionally. Though the year may be young, it is never too soon to:
Set new goalsImprove methodsAdopt reliable systems 
Back in 2010, I originally wrote this motivational post based on past experience and now realize the list continues to stand on its own merit! … (15 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: No Dim Bulbs Allowed: Future's Looking Bright in 2019! - 12/26/18 09:45 AM
No Dim Bulbs Allowed: Future's Looking Bright in 2019!
With 2018 almost behind us, it is time to start looking ahead to what the New Year will bring. I have been filling the pipeline with future business with buyers and potential sellers in the southern Utah area.
As professionals, we are in charge of business standards and the direction of our own success. It is all up from here as we head to the end of an amazing year and toward one that holds bright promise.
No dim bulbs here!
The St. George, Utahhh area has much to offer year 'round for everyone of all ages and life-styles. Come … (12 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: If there's a problem Yo, just solve it. - 12/21/18 01:14 PM
If there's a problem Yo, just solve it.
Clients need to know there is a capable agent they can depend on to help guide success. Every transaction involves cooperation from the start, whether it be the pre-approval from the lender, opening up escrow with a title company, hiring a home inspector, getting photos ordered advertising and marketing to the fullest.
When things go wrong, sellers get frustrated, buyers become agitated and agents may carry the brunt of the situation. That is why good communication and listening skills rate high in working relationships.
People can get emotional and tend to get that way when encountering delays. Do not add to the drama, avoid an energy sucking, negative … (8 comments)

achieving and exceeding goals: Upping the Standard From Ordinary to Exemplary! - 10/22/18 08:06 AM
Upping the Standard From Ordinary to Exemplary!
In any profession, there are those who put in 110% and then some who get by with minimal effort. Our daughter-in-law is proof that when you consistently embrace the challenge and move forward with confidence, the rewards are endless.
We are so very proud of our daughter Devyn and all that has been accomplished during her tour in the United States Navy. Not only has she received a Navy Achievement Medal but also made Junior Sailor of the Year for the Pacific Northwest.
She has exceeded her obligation and duties to the Navy and we are excited to see what … (7 comments)

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