be the best agent you can be: The Hungry Fisherman & the Little Fish - 04/28/18 08:39 AM
The Hungry Fisherman & the Little Fish 
A hungry Fisherman, who lived on the fish he caught, had bad luck one day and netted nothing but a very small fry. He was about to put it in his basket when the little Fish said:
"Please spare me, Mr. Fisherman! I am so small it is not worth while to carry me home. When I am bigger, I shall make you a much better meal."
But the Fisherman quickly put the fish into his basket.
"How foolish I should be," he said, "to throw you back. However small you may be, you are better than nothing at all."
A small … (18 comments)

be the best agent you can be: A most luminous halo refracting misty morning rays. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - 04/27/18 07:04 AM
A most luminous halo refracting misty morning rays. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin
Early to rise ensures the majority of detail work is completed so the rest of the day can be used for prospecting new clients and following up as necessary. My dad used to say that the day is wasted if you rise after 10:00am.
Of course, he was a dedicated military man who had a stringent schedule that was followed day in, day out. The disciplined work ethic he carried of getting up, dressing up and showing up was also passed down to me.
So, here I go to make the most of this beautiful … (14 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Don't be chicken to Cock-a-doodle! - 03/13/18 06:52 PM
Don't be chicken to Cock-a-doodle!
Unless you are an HGTV celebrity, it is pertinent to consistently tout services online and in person to direct business to your selling area. Some may call it blatant self-promotion.
I call it effective marketing and advertising. Cock-a-doodle-DO!
Testimonials are little gems to utilize because those words are coming from consumers who have worked alongside you to realize their goals. It also takes more than just showing up to fill a chair or being a weak online participant.
Get attention and make people glance in your direction. Cock-a-doodle-DO!
If I failed to advertise or market myself, I'd be out-of-business! When competing with over 1,000 other local agents in southern Utah, … (14 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Little Things Often Mean The Most! - 07/11/17 05:38 PM
Little Things Often Mean The Most!
A very important, upcoming family event took me away from work for 3 weeks, sending me to Washington State. Before leaving, I consulted with a few trusted Realtor's in my brokerage, PK Real Estate Utah South.
My business was in great hands as 3 transactions closed and even got a listing up and running and under contract in just a few hours of listing it on the MLS. No professional photos needed on this one!
Prior to the 'reveal', time was spent exploring the beaches, eating local cuisine, sharing every day with my son and his wife. Recounting and making new memories, laughing, with … (8 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Don't get upset with the results... - 07/06/17 08:07 PM
Don't get upset with the results...
Hard work still pays off. Some advertisers will tell you otherwise. Enticing vendors often promote instant results or financial freedom with just a click of the mouse. Refuse to buy into the fast track of success. 
Beware of ads that make false promises, ensuring superior outcomes without knowing if the clicker:
is self-motivated has good work ethics possesses industry passion  
These ads lend a premise to lead you on the path to riches, adoration and fame. They may offer a one-time only business opportunity or guaranteed client closing base with a lead generation company. 
In my experience, the Sphere of Influence is still the best database for business now and in the future. If … (6 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Home office to Downtown office in a day's work. - 11/06/16 07:01 AM
Home office to Downtown office in a day's work.
The following is a typical day spent in this southern Utah REALTOR'S life: 
Awake at 6:30 am. Grab a cup of coffee and head to my home office where Tux, My home office assistant eagerly awaits. Open the blinds to catch yet another gorgeous sunrise from the garden side of the yard.
Check emails. Respond to any business of the day. It may include looking at a final HUD to ensure amounts are correct or answering a question about transactions in progress.
Check my Facebook status. Scroll through and see if I want to respond to any … (6 comments)

be the best agent you can be: The best advice for all homeowners. - 07/25/16 03:13 AM

The best advice for all homeowners.
As a dedicated southern Utah real estate agent, many sources of information have come in handy to pass along to potential buyers as they become home owners.
There is one thing that rings true for everyone, especially in today's world and that is...
Close the blinds when getting dressed so no one can Pikachu.
Happy day all!
Thinking about moving to St. George, Utah? If you have questions about the southern Utah area or any Washington County, Utah homes for sale, please contact me at 435.632.9374 or I am glad to help with your real estate needs because Wanda Can!

be the best agent you can be: Casting negative light on the industry. - 07/09/16 01:15 AM
Casting negative light on the industry.
Several days ago, someone posted a scathing article on Facebook from a make believe news source depicting a house on fire that was started by a disgruntled real estate agent because the owners would not sell.
It cast our industry in a most negative light. There is already enough of that nonsense! So, please before posting something like that, verify the origination, the author and the news source.
Some people cannot diffentiate the truth from fiction and some prefer to believe in the worst of behaviors. Human nature I suppose! Thanks to the Lighter Side of Real Estate for setting the record … (29 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Angry spittle-flinging conversators. - 05/21/16 05:26 AM
Angry spittle-flinging conversators.
Have you noticed that no matter the subject, target audience, tone or point of view of a written post on social media, someone will take a different line and want to argue the point?
During my 7+ years on ActiveRain, I have written over 3,000 posts on everything from gardening, family life, to hiring an experienced REALTOR to help consumers realize real estate goals.
It has brought business from other real estate agents across the country due to subject matter, consistent methods, transparency and is actively read daily by potential buyers and sellers alike.
Social media can be a powerful force in pushing a business forward by generating … (7 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Taking that leap of faith... - 05/10/16 01:46 AM
Taking that leap of faith...
It's challenging to stretch yourself beyond boundaries and if, at first, you don't succeed, try, try again. That is a well known quote that was repeated time and again to my children as they grew. I also knew the phrase well while growing up and admit it is much more appreciated than hearing, "I'll learn ya, durn ya!" 
Here's to those of you who continue to get up, dress up and do the work, despite what the day brings. Happy sales all!
Questions about the St. George, Utah area or any Washington County, Utah homes to buy or sell? Please contact me at 435.632.9374 or … (8 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Wanda Kubat-Nerdin named Top Produce-r in Southern Utah! - 04/08/16 06:56 AM
Wanda Kubat-Nerdin named Top Produce-r in Southern Utah!
Local real estate agent and gardener was recently given the prestigious title of Top Produce-r in the St. George, Utah area. Further proof that consistent hard work, tenacity and diligence is rewarded!
Wondering what it takes to be a Top Produce-r? It takes time and:
Showing up Self-motivation Being attentive Taking a proactive stance Jumping in with enthusiasm Seeking solutions to problems  
There is much involved in order to be successful at anything worth taking on. Prepare the soil, plant the seeds, get involved and become the Top Produce-r in your selling area!
Are you ready to take on the title of Top Produce-r? 

be the best agent you can be: Start from a helpful standpoint and move forward. - 03/09/16 12:40 AM

Start from a helpful standpoint and move forward.
First, show up. Make an effort to be on time and maintain momentum through the day. Find what drives you to work, to contacting past and present clients on a regular basis. 
Second, remain present. It takes more than being in the moment, it takes proper planning. Determining wants and needs, discussing every minute detail, including time-lines, terms and conditions. 
Third, be sincere. A genuine smile shows an earnest impression when first meeting. Eye contact, excellent communication with follow through is crucial to setting expectations.
Every professional that commits to do a job must show up with a plan of action and go attitude. We can all agree that success in anything pursued … (8 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Call a trusted agent to verify. - 02/25/16 12:40 AM
Call a trusted agent to verify.
A past client called a couple of days ago needing information on what their home was worth because they were thinking of selling and building a new home. Someone told them they could get a certain amount of money and they wanted to verify before making such a decision.
I am glad they contacted me for several reasons:
They trust me I only use reliable sources  Their wants and needs are put first  
After running some numbers in their neighborhood and surrounding communities, the results were not in their favor to make the move right now as we discussed the information … (8 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Kick it up a notch or fall flat! - 02/16/16 09:43 AM
Kick it up a notch or fall flat!
Recently, an agent representing a buyer couple submitted an offer that was substantially low for a new home, asking for closing costs to be paid by the seller as well. The builder chose another offer closer to asking price, no closing costs paid. The agent asked for advice on how to proceed forward. 
The couple came from another market where they were successful when offering a similar proposal and purchased a home. My advice to the agent was to explain that not all markets are the same and to back up sales and stats with solid facts gained from the local Multiple Listing Service. … (8 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Straight Shootin' Listing appointment! - 01/25/16 11:49 PM
Straight Shootin' Listing appointment!
Knowing the personality type of those who attend the scheduled listing appointment can determine the style of presentation that wins the sellers over.
Will it be your best Katherine Hepburn impression?..."You will list with me today, ra-a-a-a-a-lly you wi-i-i-i-ll!" Or more like straight shootin' John Wayne..."Talk low, talk slow, and don't talk too much." or more like Clint Eastwood..."Go ahead, make my day."
One of the most important questions to ask - before - arriving at the owner's front door is...Will the person(s) signing the Listing Agreement and supporting documents be there? 
Otherwise it may end up a crapshoot in a carnival-like atmosphere and no one takes home the … (18 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Move forward with a 'Business as Usual' attitude in 2016. - 01/12/16 11:07 PM
Move forward with a 'Business as Usual' attitude in 2016.
The excitement and fanfare of ringing in The New Year has receded, making way to move forward with a 'Business as Usual' attitude. Every year brings a fresh outlook and planning ahead allows accomplishment.
Visualize set goals.  They can be sales volume, area of professional growth or gaining information through education. 
Write them out. Be very specific and create daily, weekly or monthly expectations and be accountable.  
Gauge successful outcomes. By following the first two steps, you have now set in motion the guidelines that will determine attainment.  
Stay motivated! Being prepared, practicing consistency, showing up, following up and through is the … (5 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Getting the Buyer Broker Agreement signed up front. - 12/22/15 08:42 AM

Getting the Buyer Broker Agreement signed up front.
When meeting to discuss the Buyer Broker Agreement and Buyer Due Diligence paperwork in detail, it is pertinent to qualify potential home buyers.
One important question to first ask is...Are you working with a lender?
If the answer is no...You can then recommend local, trusted mortgage professionals that you have done business with in the past who will follow-up and follow through, maintain good communication and get a pre-qualification done quickly.
When the answer is yes...Be aware that the lender may have a short list of real estate agents that will be mentioned to the potential buyers. Another reason to … (5 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Note to Elf: Christmas is Just 12 Days Away! - 12/12/15 11:37 PM
Note to Elf: Christmas is Just 12 Days Away!
Dashing here and there to finish up business transactions in progress while attending Christmas events can make the holiday pass by quickly. Write a To-Do-List, check it twice, take time to enjoy family and friends and have FUN yourself!
It is never too soon to start thinking ahead and to create a business plan for the New Year of 2016. Of course, continue to follow up and follow through and remember, there are only 2 Friday's left to accomplish the year's goals!
Are you READY? Here WE GO! 

be the best agent you can be: The subject title stated: Work with the BEST! - 09/18/15 06:12 AM
The subject title stated: Work with the BEST!
Each morning starts with sorting through email advertisings that often include messages from other brokerages asking me to become a part of their superstar success. I am happy at PK!
PK Real Estate Utah puts customer service and client commitment at a higher level! With over 50+ years of high-level group sales experience, closing transactions and meeting exceeding the client's goals is tops.
PK Real Estate Utah co-owner and agent, Ryan Kramer claimed #1 status for 2015, beating out all 800+ agents in Washington County, Utah in sales volume $41,381,574.00. Hard-work, focus and self motivation gets you that!
Ryan was … (6 comments)

be the best agent you can be: Do it, Just Because! - 08/21/15 12:35 AM
Do it, Just Because!
Everyone has an opinion on what makes a top agent and when looking for an honest opinion on whether you fit the title, ask past clients. They will gladly let you have it!  Success in our industry takes good communication, quick follow through and a sincere effort to achieve the set goals.
Say you're going to do something? Do it! And if an event keeps you from the task, inform them know as soon as possible to avoid client/agent troubles ahead. Getting to tasks quickly is appreciated, especially when deadlines are quickly approaching.
Focus to help guide clients to their goals through proven negotiation methods and industry knowledge. Do the work and make those necessary … (12 comments)

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