ethically driven business people: The Hound and his Bone - 02/06/18 01:41 PM
The Hound and his Bone
A hound dog found a juicy bone, holding it tightly in his mouth so it did not get lost. He intensely growled, snarling at anyone who came near enough to pose a threat. Soon he ran into thick forest to bury his prize. 
Carrying the bone over a small bridge, looking down into the water, seeing its own reflection, he discovered another dog with a bigger bone. Without any further thoughts, he knew he wanted that one too!
He growled and made a big fuss, so did the other dog. He continued this for some time, snapping and snipping aggressively. As he opened his mouth wide to bite, the bone fell into … (41 comments)

ethically driven business people: Show them honesty by example, integrity through actions. - 02/21/17 09:42 AM
 Show them honesty by example, integrity through actions.
It appears that an influx of new real estate agents have recently come on board because of the increase in local market activity. Most newbies are looking for inspiration, direction and perhaps a little mentoring.
Taking the time to help a fellow peer may ensure their success, which in turn lends to purposeful accomplishment for all. Learning from seasoned agents encourages an advantageous wealth of knowledge shared.
Adhering to the Code of Ethics that drives our industry means intentionally serving the consumer to the highest and fullest degree. Though mistakes may be made, most likely they will be honest.
This past decade … (3 comments)

ethically driven business people: You're bullsitting me, right?! - 08/09/16 07:03 AM
You're bullsitting me, right?!
A woman called, requesting to view a listing of mine. I asked if she had an agent. Her reply was, "Yes, but he is out of town." I suggested that when he returns, he could take her through the home.
She reluctantly admits he is her brother and lives outside the southern Utah area. He told her to call listing agents to view available homes and when she finds one to purchase, he'll write the contract.
She said, "He won't come all the way down from Salt Lake City just to show me any houses."
Buyer agents: Please service your clients! If you are unable to represent them to … (32 comments)

ethically driven business people: Tank you very much! - 02/16/16 10:16 AM
Tank you very much!
By now, many of you have read the article about a real estate agent in Australia that may be fined $22,000.00 if proven that he intentionally misled the public in his marketing efforts through the use of photography.
Showing a property in its true form is the only way to go to prevent creating an environment of mistrust. Let potential home buyers decide whether they can accept the surrounding area without being falsely enticed. 
In my opinion...
It is not okay for any photographer to grossly manipulate property photos toward misrepresentation, nor is it acceptable for an agent to advertise such photos online to … (18 comments)

ethically driven business people: Know any good agents? - 12/19/14 09:35 PM
Know any good agents?
While meeting a mortgage lender in the next office suite, he asked my name and told me he knew a mutual aquaintance. Being new to the area, he asked him if he knew any good, experienced agents in the southern Utah area. He happened to mention my name.
This is not a boastful post or to toot my own horn but one to further prove that you never know the true impression left on people until times such as this.
Be sure your business dealings are kept to the professional side while treating people honestly, fairly and … (22 comments)

ethically driven business people: Buyers and Sellers can't find YOU! - 11/19/14 12:46 AM
Buyers and Sellers can't find YOU!
I received this email today from a national real estate driven web site offering their services for *FREE! Can you believe that?
I didn't either, which is why I unsubscribed from their messages shortly after.
Not going to join that site by choice. It is everything that I am not:
innacurate misinformed inconsistent
If they'd be willing to change their ways to come around to the standards that us real estate agents are held to, I might change my mind becauseWanda Can! But until then, gotta RUN away from this scenario, fast!
*FREE for a limited time only, of course!

ethically driven business people: What keeps a real estate agent in business? - 11/17/14 07:49 AM
What keeps a real estate agent in business?

It is someone who: 
Follows up and follows through consistently Protects and promotes the interests of clients Treats all parties honestly and ethically at all times Is diligent when representing buyers or sellers Keeps information discussed with clients confidential  Avoids making reckless, false or misleading statements  
Yes to all of the above!
An upstanding salesperson keeps the clients best interests in mind at all times while helping them achieve their real estate goals. That also includes listening to their needs, being prepared and possessing good communication skills. The rest follows and keeps an agent … (5 comments)

ethically driven business people: Thank you for contacting me to list your property but you already have an agent...? - 10/18/12 11:53 PM
Thank you for contacting me to list your property but you already have an agent...?
I received an e-mail from a property owner who wishes me to take over the marketing and advertising of the listing due to not getting it sold. He goes on to say...
We've since listed our lot with three different Realtors, priced it competitively, had it on craigslist constantly, and there doesn't seem to be any interest at all.  
We currently have the lot listed with _________ __________, who I am not satisfied with.  So, we are looking for options.  Our lot is #____________ at ___________________ .Please let … (11 comments)

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