excellent business habits: Being Market Smarter than Clients - 02/21/21 07:01 AM
Being Market Smarter than Clients
A new agent asks, "What does it take to be successful in real estate now that I have my license?" There are no sharply defined answers, short cuts or fast tracks to a long-lasting career. My honest advice to newbies is, they must do the work.
Be committed. Responsibilities to potential clients are numerous and may change often. Preparation is a must when answering a volley of questions upon first meeting, while relaying local market knowledge, conveying accurate information.
Be realistic. A straight forward approach is expected and welcomed. Everything in concise writing leaves no doubts on important details. It is ultimately a choice … (42 comments)

excellent business habits: Putting Clients Best Interests First! - 11/27/20 11:03 AM
Putting Clients Best Interests First!
After passing the real estate exam, the best place to begin, was reaching out to my sphere of influence, to start working on professional relationship building. After all, this is a people industry. 
Gaining success through hard work by achieving results, still remains at the forefront year after year. Past clients continue to send referrals of their family and friends in my direction.
Realizing client-desired real estate goals is paramount to repeat business. For that I am grateful, not only for that but also some friendships formed and forged that will last a lifetime.
"Putting clients best interests first has been a successful business model, far exceeding my … (6 comments)

excellent business habits: Giving A Too Weak Notice - 11/20/20 10:01 AM
Giving A Too Weak Notice
Some people just aren't meant to lead the lavish, glamorous, ultra-lucrative, real estate industry lifestyle. That much is clear with the high drop off rate each year.
A woman I know, worked a full-time job while taking real estate classes. She was very sweet, soft spoken but got her feelings hurt quite often by an overbearing boss.
Many times when we'd talk, she'd have a crying jag over things that took place in the office. 
Pushing through, she finished school, took the test, passed, becoming a real estate agent. Soon, she landed a buyer client and was elated about the potential for a first sales transaction!
Frustration took the place of excitement as her … (14 comments)

excellent business habits: Abundance Mindset. No Scarcity Here. - 11/06/20 12:25 PM
Abundance Mindset. No Scarcity Here.
Several years ago...
I had to change the business direction. A solid referral partnership with an out-of-area brokerage meant they sent all potential buyers and sellers in my direction.
After re-configuring their outside sales program, I was no longer on the list. Silly me, to depend on their business for many yearly transactions. Remember the saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket?" Yes, I really did that for quite a few years!
Digging in, I had find new ways of bringing in business to remain an industry professional. Going back to the valued Sphere of Influence, I began to nurture them one by one. In kind, they would refer … (39 comments)

excellent business habits: Elevated Real Estate Standards: It's A Climb! - 11/01/20 09:51 AM
Elevated Real Estate Standards: It's A Climb!  
Wishing to be at the top of the business world? Then meet it with diligence, tenacity and honest work, rather than chasing the money. Building solid relationships will gain favorable results, potentially setting the tone for a lifetime of valuable real estate referrals.
To me, the most important aspect in business are the clients, after all, this is a people industry. Spending time to discover wants and needs for buyers or sellers helps to create trust between parties. Rushing the process shows lack of care and insincerity.
Avoid being a 'one and done' type agent, and instead, put the clients goals up front. Here are some things to pursue:
Be self-motivated Improve people skills Good communication Realistic marketing plan Save money for leaner times  Create … (8 comments)

excellent business habits: Will closing the eyes limit hindsight? - 10/14/20 06:45 AM
Will closing the eyes limit hindsight?
Real estate sales in 2019 were steady. Business for me in 2020 also started out extremely strong with 6 ready, willing and able buyers, who were excited to make the southern Utah area their final destination. 
When the national shutdown was announced, it felt like being punished for someone else's transgressions. Most of my clients are from out-of-area and one by one they all canceled their appointments.
Instead of becoming paralyzed or denying reality, which benefits no one in business or personal circles, I settled in for several months, forgoing the norm to figure out a more productive way to fill time.
New routines meant:
Realizing that … (11 comments)

excellent business habits: Morning has Broken in Southern Utah! - 10/08/20 07:35 AM
Morning has Broken in Southern Utah!
Am present and available to those in need of my services, preferring to meet the day, rather than chasing down time. Business opportunities come to those who possess forward momentum.  
Planning and preparation plays a large part in the outcome of our today's as well as tomorrow's. Here, morning has broken, awarding a bright outlook, how do you intend to spend yours?
Happy Thursday from southern Utah all!
Questions about buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Please contact me at 435.632.9374 or wanda@buynsellutah.com. Glad to help with your residential real estate needs because Wanda Can!

excellent business habits: ❤️❤️❤️ Writing Love Letters ❤️❤️❤️ - 09/23/20 06:59 AM
❤️❤️❤️ Writing Love Letters ❤️❤️❤️
Love letters are often written to express the love between two people in a relationship but have recently made a huge showing in the real estate industry to secure a property for home buyers.
My advice: Please don’t show them to sellers. The letters explain, at length, are often emotion packed, how much the potential buyers love the home and it will be so great for them, blah blah blah.
This is a potential lawsuit waiting to happen if the buyers do not secure the property.
Here’s why: They could say that “Sellers discriminated against my family because (multiple reasons) or we included very private details about … (24 comments)

excellent business habits: Definition of a Real Estate Tour Guide - 09/22/20 06:19 AM
Definition of a Real Estate Tour Guide
Once spent, precious time cannot ever be regained. Then why do so many people insist on wasting it, along with their resources and energy? During my career, I have met a few who fit this description.
For unknown reasons, they get in their own way, impede the process and barely hold on from year-to-year, occasionally closing a transaction. Some people say that being a natural salesperson is required to be successful in the real estate industry. I tend to agree with that assumption in some cases, not all.
Definition of a Real Estate Tour Guide:
Showing buyers houses above original stated … (43 comments)

excellent business habits: Nerdin Gardens: We Wet Our Plants - 08/09/20 03:15 PM
Nerdin Gardens: We Wet Our Plants
My husband and I pulled a record amount of produce from Nerdin Gardens in several hours one day. It is time consuming, especially when picking the Sweet Million cherry tomatoes. These bushes are heavily laden with these tiny clusters of flavorful orbs!
And then there are santaorange roma tomatoes, heirloom and early girl tomatoes, midnight snacks, citrusy lemon cucumbers, straight eight cucumbers, crook-neck squash, zucchini, green chilies, jalapenoes, dwarf green peppers, sweet red peppers and more...
We were so excited over this abundant harvest that we both wet our plants!
My thoughts: Successful gardening and running a thriving business means a grateful and thankful spirit … (14 comments)

excellent business habits: Nerdin Gardens: A Midnight Snack! - 07/23/20 07:42 AM
Nerdin Gardens: A Midnight Snack!
Once the the tomato vines begin sprouting vertical growth, branching out, producing blooms that will become pollinated by winged creatures, it's all up from there. We introduced a new variety into our raised garden beds.
Called the Midnight Snack variety, these delicious, indigo orbs start as black/deep purple, then turn black/green as the fruit begins to mature. When ripe, they become a brilliant red with splotches of black on their skins.
Word is that indigo tomatoes are healthier because they are packed with a much higher level of antioxidants, making them the absolute healthiest and most disease-fighting varieties to be grown. Talk about a win-win! 
When you … (12 comments)

excellent business habits: Be Reliable. Not Pliable. - 07/08/20 02:08 PM
Be Reliable. Not Pliable.
Seasoned Realtors understand the importance of consistently relaying pertinent information backed by solid, statistical facts in a drama-free work zone. Anything less is an injustice to consumers that trust professionals.
The main stream media continuously transmit erroneous newscasts with zero accountability. Their goals are simply higher ratings by pushing traffic to outlets without accuracy or proof, no matter who they hurt.
My advice: Trust but verify to avoid becoming pliable due to the trap of salacious, fantastical spin. Better yet, turn it off, walk away and remember to drink from the lake of wisdom rather than an unreliable waterhole.
Have questions about St. George or the southern Utah area? Please contact me … (16 comments)

excellent business habits: Prognostication abatement - 05/28/20 07:37 AM
Prognostication abatement. 
Many so-called experts claim gloom and doom and people glam onto every word when prophesying future events. Who knew the Z's iBuyer market would drop out? Not I. Then, a chief economist for Lending Tree boldly predicted a shut down of the housing market and Google foretold a market crash.
The MSM paints a tainted picture, prognosticating skewed numbers. and the best defense against the 'crystal ball approach' is to be informed. Go to reliable sources to garner the latest real news regarding the real estate industry. 
From the previous week, the National Association of Home Builders reports that mortgage applications rose 9%, the 6th consecutive week of gains and a 54% jump since early April. Refinance … (8 comments)

excellent business habits: Keep Your Coo-Coo in the Clock! - 03/29/20 05:37 PM
Keep Your Coo-Coo in the Clock!
Right now, there is a disjointed, disordered craziness going on in the world. Avoid participating in the highly charged, emotional traps set by opportunists. Instead, remain level-headed for your own mental health.
The following are some things to do daily:
Phone family, friends & clients Put thoughts to words in a journal Paint a picture or illustrate or just doodle Crank up your favorite music and dance Focus on the positive aspects of life Go for a brisk nature walk in the fresh air Mail some Thinking of You or Thank You notes  
Do what feels meaningful. Stay positive and spend virtual time with healthy, positive people. Turn off the computer or the television to … (38 comments)

excellent business habits: Positioning Oneself for Success. - 08/27/19 02:36 PM
Positioning Oneself for Success.
There are many species of Praying Mantis, who possess the ability to remain elusive to the naked eye of all passerby, deeming closer consideration. As a means of survival, they achieve daily goals, without fail.
Self-motivation plays a large part to attaining prosperity. Unlike the praying Mantis, we must be seen and heard in order to be effective for clients who depend on us to guide them toward their own successes.
These 3 things may help:
1. Consistent methods - Create trust relationships with clients through dependability. 
2. Follow through - Value other people's time, committing sincerely to time-frames.
3. Effective preparation - Be on the ready to be the source for all local information.
It takes more than just hanging … (6 comments)

excellent business habits: Sneaking a peek... - 08/10/19 09:10 AM
Sneaking a peek...
Nature instinctively knows when to perform on time, every time. Now is the time to take a look to ensure that business goals are met day-to-day and that customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. Follow up, follow through and be available so past and present clients will be looking at you, rather than another attention getter!
Nature's sunshine sneaking a peek at it's peak to pique a picker. ~Wanda Kubat-Nerdin in Nerdin Gardens
Questions about land or homes in the southern Utah area or any Washington County, Utah homes for sale? Please contact me at 435.632.9374 or email to: wanda@buynsellutah.com. Glad to help … (8 comments)

excellent business habits: Don't get caught "Riding Dirty!" Redux - 06/10/19 06:34 AM
A question was recently asked in the Q & A section about whether it is important for real estate professionals to have a nice car?  Based on experience, my answer was...If it is kept clean - inside and out - it should not matter. 
When clients are coming to town, I will still wash my car whether they ride with me or not. Every single time it is pertinent to make a great first impression, we all know that we very rarely get a second chance to prove ourselves.
And your thoughts?
Don't get caught "Riding Dirty!" Redux
Soda cans, fast food bags, old newspapers, candy wrappers … (12 comments)

excellent business habits: They have to learn it and earn it. Durn it! - 04/24/19 08:45 AM
They have to learn it and earn it. Durn it!
Whose responsibility is it to ensure favorable outcomes for newbie agents, when 75% fail prior to their 2nd year? Success takes determination, self-motivation, self-sufficiency and self-reliance.
Parents who coddled their kids, enabling dependence on everyone else for everything, did them no favors. I refuse to take on a parenting role for adults who decline to help themselves in the workplace.
Besides, some have unrealistic expectations. They try to outsmart the industry by taking shortcuts and forgoing the work, lacking the necessary drive to consistently pursue opportunities as they present.
They are responsible for successes and failures. Not me. Not you!
Here are some reasons failure is imminent:
Just lazy No people skills Text … (8 comments)

excellent business habits: Love Letters, To Be or Not to Be? - 03/31/19 05:56 PM
Love Letters, To Be or Not to Be?
A short while ago, I asked a question in the Q & A section of ActiveRain: An agent wants to include a home buyer family bio, including photos, when submitting an offer to purchase to garner an emotional response. Do you include it, yes or no?
The following is what I discovered after calling the Utah Legal Hotline. Love letters are to be presented with the REPC by buyers looking to capture an emotional response putting their offer in a more favorable light.
Despite how you may feel personally, it is the seller's decision whether to accept the letter as … (5 comments)

excellent business habits: A leader knows the way, the boss steers the trip. - 03/04/19 06:53 AM
A leader knows the way, the boss steers the trip.
Our granddaughter's Kenslee Mae and Peanut are best friends who love and respect each other. Peanut unexpectedly picked up the pace, stretching the lease taut. The result; Kenslee fell, scratching the palm of her hands.
Which reminds me: Effective teamwork means all are on board, working for the same goals. Changes in direction are communicated when a transaction takes an unexpected turn so all may react, moving forward together.
Happy Monday all, it's looking good from here!
Questions about land or homes in the southern Utah area or any Washington County, Utah homes for sale, please contact me at 435.632.9374 or email to: wanda@buynsellutah.com. Glad to … (10 comments)

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