excellent business habits: Nerdin Gardens: Growing it like nobody's business! - 10/17/15 01:54 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Growing it like nobody's business!
As our home garden's seasonal production concludes for the year, there is much still to be learned on improving standards. Listed are 5 things that come to mind that will be implemented, once again come Spring.
1. Preparation before planting. Nature provides a vast means of utilizing best processes and procedures for becoming successful gardeners.
2. Nurturing daily. Tending dutifully will prevent death or an over abundant workload to eradicate weeds and pests that move in.
3. Using constant care. Knowing that consistent methods such as watering, fertilizing and pruning produce more desirable results. 
4. Following through on intentions. Nature will come through most spectacularly when basic needs are met. Getting up … (8 comments)

excellent business habits: Sitting pretty. Are you? - 10/17/15 01:05 AM
Sitting pretty. Are you?
Coming into the 4th quarter of 2015, are you in an advantageous position to finish out the year strong?
Spending work days wisely results in overall business success. Avoid getting stuck in undesirable habits that limit growth or create less-than-favorable conclusions. Determine the outcome and you too will be sitting pretty!
Happy sales all!

excellent business habits: Show up and be prepared to act! - 10/17/15 12:51 AM
Show up and be prepared to act!
Consumers depend on professionals every day to help guide them to solid decisions while achieving set goals. Why get up, dress up and show up if not willing to act? It takes more than being present, it takes proper planning.
Filling out paperwork, determining wants and needs, discussing every minute detail, including time-lines, terms and conditions. Excellent communication and follow through is crucial to set expectations.
Every professional that commits to do a job must show up with a plan of action. Can you imagine the results if everyone got up, dressed up and showed up but were not ready, willing or able to perform?
It could very well be disastrous, much like the photo below.
Permission granted for photo … (12 comments)

excellent business habits: You harvest what you sow. Turkish proverb - 10/09/15 12:31 AM
You harvest what you sow. Turkish proverb
A meager effort put forth with unrealistic expectations will produce little success with a small return. Or worse, a barren, weed infested garden that creates undesirable results. Planting seeds with care, nurturing the tender plants, weeding, watering and feeding them nutrients allows healthy growth.
Consistent methods create a thriving environment. While we cannot determine nor control the weather, we are able to get up, show up to work every day. Nature provides valuable lessons that can be used in daily business routines if implemented.
Happy Harvest from Nerdin Gardens!

excellent business habits: What a glorious time to bee buzzzy! - 09/21/15 11:07 PM
What a glorious time to bee buzzzy!
As summer gives way to fall, foraging becomes more difficult for honey bees. Thankfully, there are late bloomers that allow them to accomplish daily goals while adapting and adjusting to the changing seasons.
Are you moving ahead and meeting the goals set forth? If not, be like a bee and get buzzzzy!

excellent business habits: A tough pill to swallow. - 09/20/15 02:28 AM
A tough pill to swallow.
While sitting with fellow Realtors at a meeting, we began talking about first starting our real estate careers and how we worked almost every day with no immediate compensation for our efforts.
Many newbies getting their license dream of instant success with humongous financial payoffs but instead, they come to realize there is much hard work that goes into each day. Setting up systems, reaching out to the Sphere of Influence, making a consistent effort on-line, also to be seen and heard.
In order to have staying power in this industry, people need to be realistic, to reach out to veteran agents to gain invaluable knowledge, to educate … (19 comments)

excellent business habits: Do not include your real estate agent, it will cost more money. - 08/31/15 03:43 AM
Do not include your real estate agent, it will cost more money.
This is what the land seller said to a couple looking to purchase a build lot. Less truer words could be spoken, in my opinion.  The sellers provided very little information, zero inspections, no assurances on utilities stubbed in, no soils report or survey, nothing!
Who were the sellers representing? Themselves! Consumers may not have all the answers nor know the right questions to ask or acquire proper documentation to ensure they are making a solid investment. They depend on all parties to be upfront and honest.
The seller drove:
the price terms and conditions of … (7 comments)

excellent business habits: Upside down, you're turning me... - 08/25/15 06:03 AM
Upside down, you're turning me...
Praying Mantis' are not only stealthy hunters who remain motionless for extended periods of time but they are also skilled acrobats! They hang precariously from the back legs, effortlessly walk the underside of stems, swing and sway in time with the wind, becoming one with the plant.
Whether at rest or while preying, they exude restrained patience and stillness, confidently knowing when to exact the next move, while upside down, right side up or turned around. Timing plus opportunity equals success and is good for business sake too. Happy Saturday all!

excellent business habits: WOW 'Em! - 07/30/15 07:10 AM
WOW 'Em!
While eating alphabet soup as a child, I often created words and phrases with the tiny pasta letters, showing off keen spelling abilities to everyone at the dinner table. Despite my mother telling me more than once to stop playing with my food, it was FUN and grabbed attention! 
Apparently, I have not outgrown those impulses as words continue to form while picking fresh fruits and vegetables from the home garden. Some of you may even think it's COOL, while others may side with my mother. No matter, it is important to WOW! your audience or someone else will.
Hope you all have a productive end of week! … (13 comments)

excellent business habits: Thanks, I will get back to you soon... - 07/22/15 12:39 PM
Thanks, I will get back to you soon...
Professionals use auto respond messages to give the apppearance of immediate attention when emails and instant messages are delivered. It works when monitored. If ignored, it can negatively impact business.
Check systems regularly to avoid missed opportunities. Tools are convenient when used accordingly, especially when someone is requesting information on a listed property or when receiving an offer or an addendum to a REPC in progress.
If you have an auto respond message attached to an email, message service or smart phone, understand how it works and check it regularly to verify functionality. Otherwise, current and future business may be at risk.
Happy sales all!

excellent business habits: This ladybug likes my post. - 06/14/15 11:19 AM
This ladybug likes my post.
Though cute with their bright red and polka dot capes, Ladybugs are extremely aggressive, possessing a voracious appetite for aphids. They are a welcome sight, landing among the greenery before setting off to work.
Did you know that the Praying Mantis was the very first Yoga Master, able to strike a pose at any angle, even upside down for infinite amounts of time? So stealthy, they often go unnoticed by the human eye and unsuspecting prey.
Honey Bees not only ensure pollination takes place, they also carry pollen back to the hive for food reserves as a future means of survival. … (27 comments)

excellent business habits: Do you know what burn out looks like? - 06/13/15 12:02 PM
Do you know what burn out looks like?
Well, now you do.
Burnout may be more than just emotional, it can also lead to physical exhaustion due to long hours, demanding environments and failed business transactions. Lack of control or recognition along with restless nights can also contribute to the loss of motivation, ideals, and hope.
To avoid burn out:
Eat healthy Set boundaries Stop work overload Take an exercise class Learn to manage work stress  
Look to loved ones and good friends for help and take a complete break from work. Go on vacation and use that time to recharge the batteries and take perspective on how to … (36 comments)

excellent business habits: Hang in there! - 02/09/15 12:15 AM
Hang in there!

For this banana, it's future may be determined by banana bread, banana shake, chocolate-covered bananas, banana pudding, banana cheesecake, pecan-banana pancakes, banana's flambe, banana split, toffee banana brownies, dried-sliced bananas, banana pound cake, banana-walnut muffins banana soup or a banana martini, the end result will be d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!
Your future however, is up to you, hang in there. Never let outside forces determine your success, even when a situation may seem dire. Put your whole self into play and think of ways to overcome and achieve the goals set forth. That way, if all fails, you gave … (21 comments)

excellent business habits: Sometimes you WIN, sometimes you LEARN. - 02/02/15 03:06 AM
Sometimes you WIN, sometimes you LEARN.
You spent a lot of time on the marketing presentation, even drove to the home prior to the appointment to get an updated photo, the Comparable Market Analysis was expertly done. Does that guarantee that you will get the listing?
It means that you have an opportunity to WIN the sellers over with your sales ability and real estate experience and if not, you may LEARN the reasons why. Be sure ask for feedback from the sellers. 
End the appointment on a positive note because if they fail to sell, they … (7 comments)

excellent business habits: Goals: GET SOME! - 01/01/15 09:50 PM
Goals: GET SOME!
First, Get 'em! Realize what you wish to accomplish whether it is in sales volume, area of professional growth or gaining information through education.
Second, Set 'em! Write it out. Be very specific and create daily, weekly or monthly expectations and be accountable. Gauge your success.
Third, Let 'em! By following the first two steps, you have now put into motion the guidelines that will rule the year ahead. Be consistent, show up.
I am a strong believer in goals and the importance they play in business. That is why I encourage everyone to GET SOME!

excellent business habits: A Home Warranty - A matter of WHEN rather than IF. - 12/16/14 12:01 AM
A Home Warranty - A matter of WHEN rather than IF.
When clients are interested in purchasing a home, I always suggest a Home Warranty for several reasons:
Many times the appliances are older than a year and their industry warranty has expired There is no guarantee the furnace/air conditioner filters were changed on a regular basis Records are usually not kept regarding maintenance and repairs on big money items A repair call through the warranty company is usually $60 and if it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced The peace of mind that comes from knowing that a homeowner … (12 comments)

excellent business habits: "What do you mean they don't like REALTORS?!" - 11/05/14 01:55 AM
"What do you mean they don't like REALTORS?!"
After accepting a referral from a fellow agent in another state, the last thing she said was, "They don't like REALTORS!"
Well, that is something to keep in mind. I simply intend to give the sellers everything they need to make an informed decision. Years ago, I'd pass on this amazing opportunity due to a non-confrontational attitude and timid nature. 
No longer!
I am up for the challenge because life has taught me to:
work through adversity to gain an advantage pick up the phone, make that important call quash those fears while moving straight ahead avoid making assumptions, get the facts first overcome negativity that may … (53 comments)

excellent business habits: FYI: There are only 9 Fridays left 'till Christmas! - 10/17/14 02:01 AM
FYI: There are only 9 Fridays left 'till Christmas!

Looking for an entertaining venue to attend during the Christmas season? Come ye one and all and bring your family and friends to the Dicken's Festival in St. George, Utah. There is olde-fashioned FUN to be had by all! From the home-style candies, to breads to cakes, the gag gifts and the musical merriment that emanates throughout the narrow, vendor-filled streets, there is always something to enjoy!
Father Christmas and Queen Victoria are present for keepsake photo opportunites and the entertainment is top notch with mini productions such as:"Oliver Twist" and … (10 comments)

excellent business habits: Be careful of the toes you step on today... - 09/30/14 01:25 AM
Be careful of the toes you step on today, they may be attached to the person you work with tomorrow...
While we are unable to dictate other people's actions, we, at least can get a handle on our own behavior. Lessons come hard at times and often, until the ability to learn from them becomes obvious. In a world where many people are now leading with less than professional standards, we can at least control:
What we say. Is it really important to have the last say in a heated conversation or more important to salvage the relationship? Tabling the emotions, taking a break until a constructive conversation … (12 comments)

excellent business habits: Success is a moving target. Ready to change directions? - 09/06/14 12:36 AM
Success is a moving target. Ready to change directions?
A strong work ethic, sincere determination and tenacity helps pave the road to success but being alert to what comes your way gives true direction for future happiness and prosperity. 
The last economic downturn taught us a direct lesson in adaptability through sustainability. Many felt the harsh financial impact of loss while others motivated forward by staying the course, no matter how difficult the path.

Sharp left turns, yields and detours are part of this industry and anyone who has survived adversity and severe challenges can attest to that! Taking control and leading the way puts you in charge of your … (8 comments)

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