excellent business habits: FYI: There are only 16 Fridays left 'till Christmas! - 08/29/14 08:09 AM
FYI: There are only 16 Fridays left 'till Christmas!

Have you made that list and checked it twice for holiday greeting cards or calendar's to send to clients? This is a great opportunity to stay Top of Mind with your Sphere of Influence through the rest of 2014. Perhaps it will make your phone ring and start to fill your pipeline for 2015.
It is never too soon to start thinking of the year ahead and how you plan to continue doing business in the New Year. Of course, continue to follow up and follow through and remember, there are only 17 Fridays left to … (35 comments)

excellent business habits: This is it! YOU make the choice of how it goes. - 08/26/14 11:19 AM
This is it! YOU make the choice of how it goes.
I love the real estate industry and appreciate the work that goes into helping clients achieve their dreams. During a conversation with an agent who has been in business for just over a year, he told me it has been a difficult series of ups and downs, that it was much harder than he thought prior to making the commitment.
Getting a real estate license is not necessarily the key to quick money, lavish vacations and endless business opportunities. Agents who have been in this industry for a while realize that it takes time, a good amount … (34 comments)

excellent business habits: H.O.P.E - Have Only Positive Expectations. - 08/24/14 03:16 AM
H.O.P.E - Have Only Positive Expectations.
I answer the phone when it rings and make myself available (unless another agent's client is on the other end, of course). Will I reap the rewards of a positive outcome every single time? No, that is certain, but can: 
Be accountable for my business results.
Turn problems into a possible approach.
Attain both short-term and long term goals. 
Surround myself with capable, positive people.
Stay tuned in to past and potential clients.  The last quarter of the year is quickly approaching. Avoid allowing anything to get in the way of achieving the set goals and that does include YOU and ME.

excellent business habits: FYI: There are only 19 Fridays left 'till Christmas! - 08/14/14 12:08 AM
FYI: There are only 19 Fridays left 'till Christmas!

Are you in line this 3rd quarter with projected goals for the year? As we head into mid August, it is time to reflect back and look forward to strong finishes for 2014. Before you know it, Christmas will be here and gone with the New Year making an appearance.
Keep the momentum by:
Maintaining positivity Keeping a sense of humor Handling problems as they arise Of course, continue to follow up and follow through, make yourself available and contact past clients to remind them why they chose you as their agent. And remember, there are only 20 Fridays left to accomplish … (29 comments)

excellent business habits: Icanfirmation: The repetitive and positive use of the phrase I CAN. - 07/24/14 11:40 PM
Icanfirmation: The repetitive and positive use of the phrase I CAN.
When challenges present themselves, using the word can't is very limiting in so many ways. We've all heard the saying...“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” ― Henry Ford
If someone says..."Can't get there in time"...or "Can't do anything right"...or Can't get motivated"...they're exactly right!
By using I CAN as part of an everyday vocabulary, fantastic opportunities are afforded because it begins a repetitive, positive cycle that encourages growth. It's amazing the power that one word yields!
An ICANfirmation...
...maintains positivity
...wakes up, dresses up and shows up 
...makes plans while meeting deadlines
...markets and advertises consistently
...learns from setbacks and moves forward
See? CAN is, does and will!
Life is too … (6 comments)

excellent business habits: Blatant self-promotion? You know it! - 07/10/14 05:01 AM
Blatant self-promotion? You know it!
To stay in business, owners must actively and consistently market themselves, to speak of their abilities and strong suits in order to direct traffic to their company. It is not enough to show up and just stand in the corner at local functions or be a weak online participant, just hoping that someone accidentally glances in that direction.
Call it blatant self-promotion if you wish but if I failed to advertise and market myself, I'd be out-of-business! When competing with over 800 other local agents in my selling area, it is essential to set myself apart from them.
Therefore I:
Get up, … (43 comments)

excellent business habits: On my planet, there would be no hearsay or scuttlebutt. - 04/16/14 01:31 AM
On my planet, there would be no hearsay or scuttlebut.
Just the facts, upfront. Hearsay is hereby banned on my planet due to the potential business risks involved. Of course, this would be quite an undertaking but nothing that is worthwhile comes with little effort. 
We all have responsibilities to buyers and sellers to be knowledgeable about our local markets, conveying accurate, up-to-date information so an informed decision can be made. We cannot prevent other entities that relay unreliable information to consumers, but we can control our industry, one successful transaction at a time.
Everything in real estate is written, hearsay has no legal bearing. Good, solid proof or signed documentation speaks volumes against rumors, gossip … (33 comments)

excellent business habits: Toodle-loo agent gatherer! - 04/14/14 04:51 AM
Toodle-loo agent gatherer!
The potential buyer told me he wanted to keep his options open, forgoing a signed agreement. That is his choice. Happily sending him on his way is mine, before a lot of time and effort is wasted.
It does not take an entire team of real estate agents to find a home, it takes only one professional. 
An agent who is:
Available Market savvy Extremely diligent   
Respecting yourself and valuing your business is paramount to weeding out people who will take advantage of your knowledge and experience. Cutting them loose early is key! There are plenty of people who will work solely with you and make … (11 comments)

excellent business habits: Do you have time outside of your business to make some extra money? - 04/11/14 11:37 PM
Do you have time outside of your business to make some extra money?
That was the question posed to me when answering the sales call. She was very polite and explained that she was an entrepreneur, just starting out. I told her that, "No, I do not have the time for that."
After putting in full days toward real estate, that leaves little time for other activities and I prefer to have a personal life. We are expecting our first grandchild and have plans to be there as much as possible!
I did give her some advice that may help her and that was:
To blog to … (24 comments)

excellent business habits: That some sit up! - 04/07/14 08:07 AM
That some sit up!
Haha! Gotta love auto correct! Just another reason to check the message twice before sending it out. Some forums are unforgiving and will not allow corrections to be made. And there it sits for all to see...forever misspelled, perhaps taken out of context or worse, making you look inept.
Though the words were spelled correctly, the title should have read...That sums it up! but was hastily written and quickly sent off! Just a reminder to check all correspondence, whether it is an email, a text or a comment on a public forum. We are all professionals and should … (13 comments)

excellent business habits: Encourage the spirit of cooperation for client's sake! - 02/27/14 11:17 PM
Encourage the spirit of cooperation for client's sake!
When things go wrong in a transaction, sellers get frustrated, buyers become agitated and as agents, we carry the brunt of the situation. That is why the spirit of cooperation between agents, while maintaining good communication, is oh-so important.
Finger pointing and placing blame is a waste of time and only creates an energy sucking, negative environment that is impossible to escape. Instead, be the one that seeks solutions to continue moving the transaction forward. 
It's most important to:
Stay focused Be flexible & positive Avoid unnecessary stress Like-minded people who have their clients best interests at heart tend to work well together … (11 comments)

excellent business habits: And drop it like it's HOT! - 02/17/14 12:26 AM

And drop it like it's HOT!
Agents: When calling on expired or canceled listings, be aware that when a home owner says they are already working with an agent, they usually mean it.
Make a note to avoid calling on that same person again or you could find yourself in a disciplinary hearing, taking state law classes or facing a hefty fine.
And drop it like it's HOT...drop it like it's HOT...
It is not worth ruining your reputation or losing your license over!
Drop it like it's HOT!

excellent business habits: 'Getting a leg up' in business! - 02/12/14 10:14 PM

'Getting a leg up' in business!
Diving in and doing the work in order to succeed without question gives you an advantage over the competition every single day. You must get through it in order to gain positive results. I am a firm believer in the old adage of:
Getting up Dressing up & Showing up It has been my mantra since beginning a career in real estate and know that it has definitely helped me to 'get a leg up' when utilized!
What is your mantra / motivation?

excellent business habits: Putting smiles on faces and welcoming new visitors daily. - 02/10/14 12:51 AM

Putting smiles on faces and welcoming new visitors daily.
When I became a REALTOR, helping people realize their real estate goals was at the top of the list, where it still remains. A journey that starts with much anticipation and expectation, that ends up with smiles-all-around! Here are some things that I have learned and can help along the path to success: 
Develop a Business Plan. Include short-term as well as long-term goals.  Can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. Keep it Simple:  If you take on too many things, it may be self-defeating and disappointing. Be realistic and … (13 comments)

excellent business habits: WARNING: Do Not Feed the Trolls! - 02/06/14 12:41 AM

WARNING: Do Not Feed the Trolls!
At the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon yesterday, the keynote speaker mentioned some guaranteed tips to greater success. The biggest thing I came a way with was to maintain a professional, positive presence on the internet.
You will be tested however. The best advice that I can give to anyone who uses social media as part of their business plan is, Do Not Feed the Trolls!
People post controversial subjects designed to incite and then lurk behind the internet with their vitriolic responses. I had to pass on a few articles designed to stir up such a reaction today. There … (13 comments)

excellent business habits: Meeting the day to make a difference! - 01/23/14 11:13 PM
Meeting the day to make a difference!

This morning I will meet and write an offer with 1st time homebuyers at the office. Then show a young couple who have 2 children available rentals in the area and finish the day going over details with a couple who are building their dream home.
It is looking promising from here. How is your day planned out?

excellent business habits: Is it okay to send clients out alone? - 01/07/14 08:12 AM

Is it okay to send clients out alone?
is the correct answer. Under no circumstances should a real estate agent send their clients out by themselves to view properties. 
While you may not know about open houses they attend, any scheduled showings for homes that are owner-occupied will be shown with buyer agent present. How else will they gain entry, other than ringing the doorbell themselves and asking the sellers to see the interior of their home? Vacant homes are accessed with an electronic key exclusive to agents and cannot be given to anyone to use. That includes clients and other … (20 comments)

excellent business habits: Coming and Going? - 01/04/14 02:41 AM
Coming and Going?
Now that the holidays are a recent past and resolutions are in place for the New Year, the time is now to find a clear direction. Focusing on moving ahead is pertinent even if you still feel like you are coming and going at the same time. Will you sail into the first quarter with a pipeline full of transactions or will you begin to grow your business slowly by converting leads?

Here are some tips that may help:
Meet with broker to get direction Write goals down, however simple Find an accountability partner to help Find a book … (7 comments)

excellent business habits: 10 Ways to Ensure a Successful 2014! - 01/02/14 03:31 AM

10 Ways to Ensure a Successful 2014!
Now that 2014 has arrived, it is time to set short-term and long-term goals for your business that will successfully guide you through the year when implemented. Capitalize on strengths and improve in all areas to ensure overall success. 
Successful real estate transactions are an exciting and viable part of business. A homeowner sells their property and a homebuyer purchases the home they want at a good price and we, as residential real estate professionals, are rewarded for our efforts.
The following are some guidelines for goal-setting that have helped me in … (13 comments)

excellent business habits: Will you lead or follow in 2014? - 12/31/13 11:45 PM
Will you lead or follow in 2014?

Now that the New Year has arrived, are you prepared for what it may offer your business? Proper planning with clear processes in place sets a strong foundation for anyone's future. Sure, there will be twists and turns and a fair share of disappointments but a strategy, at least, offers a perceived guideline for success.
In 2014, I plan to grow my business and know that leading the way offers a better view and less obstacles. Why follow when you are in charge?
Happy 1st day of 2014!

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