excellent business relationships: A Well Placed Referral is Akin to a Successful Epidural. - 03/30/18 08:32 AM
A Well Placed Referral is Akin to a Successful Epidural.
An epidural creates an optimum state in order to achieve the intended goal. A seasoned real estate professional leads the way, successfully guiding buyer clients toward home ownership.
Both should be painless.
Recently, out-of-area clients put an offer on a home here in southern Utah. After a conversation a few days later with my husband's cousin, I realized she was looking for a home just 5 minutes away from my clients home in Washington!
I quickly phoned their agent and began a discussion on the cousin's wants and needs. She immediately put me at ease. We talked about her … (18 comments)

excellent business relationships: Sold so fast she freaked! - 03/10/18 06:46 AM
Sold so fast she freaked!
In this market, when a home is priced well, located in a desirable area and in great condition, it sells fast. Some sellers think if several offers come in within the first few days of listing a property, it is priced too low. 
I completely disagree.
Real estate is local and market specific and when a property sells fast, it means people are looking for that type home to fill their wish list. I have those very clients and encourage them to respond quickly.
If their 'Dream Home' sells before they are willing to act, they will be very disappointed. When a home that fits their search criteria … (9 comments)

excellent business relationships: Who's gonna fill your shoes? - 02/26/18 06:39 AM
Who's gonna fill your shoes?
~ Little Kenslee Mae - our 7-month old Gbaby's feet ~
As time continues to march on despite any efforts to slow it down, this thought comes to mind. Will there be someone to take over business, to ensure that it runs smoothly in the future?
Could it be a son? Daughter? Nephew? Grandchild? Fellow agent?
Many agents come from a long line of industry professionals, where others, like me, are first generation real estater's. My oldest son has shown some interest in joining the ranks of sales people.
Will that person show a sincere commitment with a desire to serve clients to the fullest, through self-motivation? … (16 comments)

excellent business relationships: The Hound and his Bone - 02/06/18 01:41 PM
The Hound and his Bone
A hound dog found a juicy bone, holding it tightly in his mouth so it did not get lost. He intensely growled, snarling at anyone who came near enough to pose a threat. Soon he ran into thick forest to bury his prize. 
Carrying the bone over a small bridge, looking down into the water, seeing its own reflection, he discovered another dog with a bigger bone. Without any further thoughts, he knew he wanted that one too!
He growled and made a big fuss, so did the other dog. He continued this for some time, snapping and snipping aggressively. As he opened his mouth wide to bite, the bone fell into … (41 comments)

excellent business relationships: Three good reasons to Let it Go! - 01/21/18 05:46 PM
Three good reasons to Let it Go!
After receiving an offer on a listing, I realized the agent was not from my selling area. She explained her clients were family members and just couldn't refer them out, though she lives more than 4 hours away.
Why to Let it Go! local:
1. A agent who lives, works and plays in their selling area can offer specific insights and information to out of area buyers planning to purchase locally. It is impossible for an out-of-town agent to possess the same knowledge.
2. There are adverse consequences of offering too much on a property or by low-balling a well priced home in a brisk market. Local agents … (8 comments)

excellent business relationships: Hi-Home! Hi-Home! It's off to work I go! - 01/09/18 03:19 PM
Hi-Home! Hi-Home! It's off to work I go!
In today's fast paced real estate market, hiring an agent who puts your wants and needs first is pertinent to success. One who quickly follows up and follows through consistently without over-promising and under-delivering.
Seven good reasons to hire me as your real estate agent:
(1.) Not Bashful about effectively negotiating terms on your behalf.
(2.) A promise to submit Doc's in a timely manner, prior to deadlines. 
(3.) My professionalism and work ethics are nothing to Sneezy about.
(4.) Never a Grumpy pants, glad to relay local market knowledge.
(5.) Smart sales skills, yielding optimum results, no Dopey behavior.
(6.) Happy to help find that Home Sweet Home on your dream list.
(7.) So you can comfortably lay down your Sleepy head … (27 comments)

excellent business relationships: YOU talkin’ to ME?! - 11/10/17 07:32 AM
YOU talkin’ to ME?!
"I was unsure because you're glancing erratically at the screen of your phone, as if you’re expecting important information to come in."
When meeting with clients face-to-face, give them all of your attention.
Turn the phone off Put everything else aside Focus on being present  
We are connected to our phones, constantly monitoring for new business information, a text, an e-mail or voice message. It can wait. Give clients in the here and now your undivided attention without unnecessary distractions, it is the least you can do for their sake.
Did I get your attention?...And yes, I'm talkin' to you!
For more information on yearly activities and the sunny southern … (56 comments)

excellent business relationships: Overcoming Objections - Week 5: We need to think about it but if you have buyers, bring them by. - 10/31/17 07:21 AM
Overcoming Objections - Week 5: We need to think about it but if you have buyers, bring them by.
 In an effort to get good feedback from experienced agents in our office and to help educate newbies on the selling process, an active participation training program has been established.
An over-sized pad and marker is set up, where agents can write down a solution they have used when meeting with home owners/buyers. This has been a fantastic exercise so far!
While many things drive fear, handling objections should be the least worry. For every reason a home owner/buyer may be resistant to hiring your services, there are two good reasons to … (2 comments)

excellent business relationships: Two peanuts were walking down the street... - 10/20/17 09:14 AM
Two peanuts were walking down the street...
Communicating clearly and effectively with clients, avoids double meanings, leaving little room for misunderstandings. Anything less can mean the breakdown of trusted relationships or troubles ahead.
Focus on helping clients make informed decisions and realize their real estate goals through proven negotiation methods and verifiable information. Say what you mean and mean what you say. 
Happy sales all!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at wanda@buynsellutah.com to help because Wanda Can! 
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a local homeless shelter.

excellent business relationships: Family First. It's all related! - 09/19/17 08:00 AM
Family First. It's all related!
From a young age, I learned of loyalty in relationships, which is why family always come first in life, whether challenging through adversity, a testing of faith or celebrating happy occasions.
Though miles may separate some of us, they always and will remain close to my heart. Social media has become an important part of keeping in touch and sharing special moments with them.
Some people say there is no loyalty in business relationships any more. I adamantly disagree. If that was true, I'd be out of business. Just recently, another referral came in from our long-time mechanic.
So, in honor of family, sincere business … (3 comments)

excellent business relationships: Home Sweet SOLD Southern Utah! - 08/24/17 07:19 AM
Home Sweet SOLD Southern Utah!
Home and land prices prices are going up, while available inventory is on the decline. Many people are seeing the value of purchasing while interest rates are still low. For those who may not find what they are searching for, new construction is the way to go!
This time last year, there were 1482 homes for sale in Washington County, Utah, there are 1231 as of July 2017. Single Family Home Building Permits went from 854 year-to-date from Jan 16-Jul 16 to 1,057 from Jan 16-to July 17, increasing by 204 permits. 
Being a long-time resident of the St. George, Utah area allows personal … (2 comments)

excellent business relationships: Ask-hole free zone. - 08/05/17 06:21 PM
Ask-hole free zone.
By definition, ask-holes are adults who constantly ask for advice and then always do the opposite. They are time-suckers and toxic. Their lives are poorly managed and rather than rightfully earning business, they play out pity stories to friends, family members and potential clients.
My advice: Avoid ask-holes at all costs and if you see them coming, cross the street! You can also:
Take a bus Gus Hop a plane Lane Board a ship Chip Skip along John Run away May Plan a trip Skip Point and go Joe Drive a car Lamar Get to packing Macken  
Humans are a curious bunch who quest for answers to situations … (117 comments)

excellent business relationships: Another New Home SOLD in Tonaquint Terrace St. George, Utah 84790! - 07/18/17 05:50 AM
Another New Home SOLD in Tonaquint Terrace St. George, Utah 84790!
2316 S 1300 W St. George, Utah 84790 - SOLD for $417,523 - Not on MLS
Buyer was looking for an opportunity to purchase a home using a 1031 Exchange. Builder and buyer signed the New Construction Real Estate Purchase Contract after negotiations, to get this modern-style single family home under construction. 
This residence has white quartz counter-tops throughout, upgrades galore including; custom cabinetry, a chef's kitchen with 2-tier island, RV parking, no HOA's in the Tonaquint Terrace area of St. George. Talk about location, location, location! 
Open floor plan, boasting over 3,000 total square feet of living space with full casita with own bath, 3 bedrooms, office, 2.5 baths, 3-car garage in main living … (12 comments)

excellent business relationships: Little Things Often Mean The Most! - 07/11/17 05:38 PM
Little Things Often Mean The Most!
A very important, upcoming family event took me away from work for 3 weeks, sending me to Washington State. Before leaving, I consulted with a few trusted Realtor's in my brokerage, PK Real Estate Utah South.
My business was in great hands as 3 transactions closed and even got a listing up and running and under contract in just a few hours of listing it on the MLS. No professional photos needed on this one!
Prior to the 'reveal', time was spent exploring the beaches, eating local cuisine, sharing every day with my son and his wife. Recounting and making new memories, laughing, with … (8 comments)

excellent business relationships: There is here with a T. - 02/21/17 09:43 AM
There is here with a T.
And a sunset is a sunrise with different hours, seperate goals. While it is virtually impossible to be here, there and everywhere, having a diverse business plan can expand online and local market presence.
Some tips to get there from here:
Blog consistently Use sphere of influence Target intended market Increase web site existence Maintain a focused mindset Enhance existing relationships  
Focusing more on your goals and less on what others are doing works to your advantage to achieve successful results. Be sure to write your goals down, include short term and long term goals and set them in motion.
Happy sales all!
Questions about the southern Utah area or any Washington County, Utah homes for sale? … (10 comments)

excellent business relationships: Show them honesty by example, integrity through actions. - 02/21/17 09:42 AM
 Show them honesty by example, integrity through actions.
It appears that an influx of new real estate agents have recently come on board because of the increase in local market activity. Most newbies are looking for inspiration, direction and perhaps a little mentoring.
Taking the time to help a fellow peer may ensure their success, which in turn lends to purposeful accomplishment for all. Learning from seasoned agents encourages an advantageous wealth of knowledge shared.
Adhering to the Code of Ethics that drives our industry means intentionally serving the consumer to the highest and fullest degree. Though mistakes may be made, most likely they will be honest.
This past decade … (3 comments)

excellent business relationships: Only dirt, you say?! - 01/26/17 06:42 PM
Only dirt, you say?!
Not quite. To a gardener, there's nothing quite like the smell of freshly turned soil first thing in the morning. To a home buyer, it means a new lot in life with a place to call home in a mere few months time. To a builder, the opportunity to dig in, becoming a dream maker for a happily ever after scenario for home buyers!
For a gardener: Adding to and tilling the soil lays the ground work and brings balance to the soil, encouraging reception. Sowed seeds and plantings will soon flourish with a reasonable amount of nurturing. Maintaining a balanced approach through fertilizing, weeding and watering are necessary … (10 comments)

excellent business relationships: Thankful for long-standing real estate industry relationships! - 12/09/16 09:16 AM
Thankful for long-standing real estate industry relationships!
Early in my career, I began receiving referrals across the country from the brokerage where I worked. When they closed the doors, I continued to get calls from around the United States from offices who knew people wanting to buy or sell in southern Utah. 
I gladly accepted the referrals, knowing they could have potentially called any agent in the area. One particular person has, without fail, recommended my services to consumers. I am forever grateful for the confidence she carried in me back then and to this day.
At least 75% of my transactions are referral based now. Without people-to-people relationships, we are … (6 comments)

excellent business relationships: Speak the truth, but leave immediately after -Slovenian proverb - 08/25/16 02:59 AM
Speak the truth, but leave immediately after -Slovenian proverb
This reminds me of some listing appointments I have sat through. Everything is going well, the rapport is strong, the connection made. As soon as the suggested price is revealed, the conversation quickly turns south because the sellers were thinking of a much higher list amount.
They refuse to listen to the facts. You are shown to the door, politely say thank you's and goodbyes and never see or hear from the sellers again. Before you know it, the home is listed well over the preferred price on the Comparable Market Analysis you did and it just sits.
Here … (7 comments)

excellent business relationships: Honoring all commitments. - 08/12/16 11:17 AM
Honoring all commitments.
It takes time, sincere effort and mutual respect to create a reliable working environment with others. Never, ever break trust with those who have created a long standing relationship at any cost.
If you're wrong , work quickly to make it right. 
When there is a mistake, correct it immediately. 
Apologize to anyone who may have been inconvenienced. 
Walk toward finding a solution rather than turning away. 
Own it when at fault instead of pointing fingers in any direction. 
We are all human and because of that factor, are fallible. By taking responsibility for actions and being accountable, absolute trust between parties will prevail … (12 comments)

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