excellent client agent relationships: My Llama Wouldn't Stop Barfing... - 03/06/19 12:38 PM
My Llama Wouldn't Stop Barfing...
Now that I have your attention...
Do you get aggravated when other people make excuses, fail to follow through or sorely lack the spirit of cooperation? Seems we've all experienced this in our lives and though completely unacceptable, it continues to occur.
You may:
find yourself...Making phone calls, sending text messages and emails that go unoticed or not returned, weighing negatively on deadlines.notice that...Setting appointments are not conveyed to tenants and when you show up, you look intrusive and inconsiderate, rude even.discover...Missing signatures, initials and dates on documents, producing paperwork extending time-lines/deadlines again, then again.  
Success means showing up for clients sake, thinking ahead, submitting then … (11 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Plan it true. Do the work. Your best gets. - 02/26/19 07:15 AM
Plan it true. Do the work. Your best gets.
The idea of success differs from person to person and may include a number of things that are most important. My focus is to avoid allowing others to determine desired outcomes with clients goals in mind.
Success is:
Paying close attention. Differentiating between what works and knowing when to let go of something that doesn't. Being surrounded by motivated people willing to share, to give that push when required. 
Maintaining clear purpose. By that, it means focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses, solutions rather than problems. That is necessary for forward progress while building a better business.  
Aiming to achieve. Retaining short term and long term goals and implementing them both … (7 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: BREAKING NEWS! Wanda Kubat-Nerdin Celebrates 9th Year at Prado Real Estate. - 02/21/19 09:55 AM
BREAKING NEWS! Wanda Kubat-Nerdin Celebrates 9th Year at Prado Real Estate.
Washington County, Utah - Recently, Wanda Kubat-Nerdin celebrated her 9th year at Prado Real Estate while maintaining a noticeable presence in the St. George, Utah area real estate market. The secrets to her success? She consistently shows up for clients, achieving their sales goals.
After all, she is #1 in St. George, #1 in Washington County, Utah and #1 in the state of Utah on AR. Her dedication to the real estate industry shows in the results year after year. Stats speak for themselves, no manipulation necessary.
Striving for improvement has been a long-time pursuit for Wanda in … (10 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: When Achieving Goals, Don't Go Half-Vast! - 02/20/19 10:10 AM
When Achieving Goals, Don't Go Half-Vast!
Attempting anything half-vast can mean the difference between a favorable outcome or missing out on amazing business opportunities. Minimal effort by winging it or sheer lack of commitment is a set up for failure. Who wants that?
Success takes:
real work  sincere interest  an enthusiastic attitude  
Turn problems into challenges, find solutions quickly, forgo complaining, people will tune you out eventually. Ask for help, there is no stupid question and assistance may be just an answer away. 
When business becomes brisk, continue to feed the pipeline and pursue work, it will not magically appear. So, avoid half-vast efforts when people are depending on you to help guide them to success.
Had the turtle … (15 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Wanda, we only trust one agent. You! - 02/15/19 02:52 PM
Wanda, we only trust one agent. You!
Music to my ears from a long-time past client who has referred my services to family members and friends. No prompting necessary, just a sincere statement made during a recent face-to-face conversation.
Maintaining personal and professional relationships means a genuine effort must be made to stay front of them. Monthly newsletters, quarterly mailings, an invitation to a favorite, local event are good, soft touches.
This particular client told me when first meeting, that he did not trust any real estate agents due to a past negative experience.  I became determined to change his mind. We started looking for homes and finally found one … (5 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: The Measure of LOVE is a State of Mind. ~Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - 02/14/19 07:25 AM
The Measure of LOVE is a State of Mind. 
The same can be said about business success. The measure of business is also a state of mind. 
Relationships and businesses both need nurturing care to grow, ensuring personal and professional success by:
Maintaining sincerity Consistently showing up Being attentive to needs Jumping in with enthusiasm Seeking solutions to problems  
Companionship and respect go hand-in-hand. There is a lot of energy involved in being successful at anything worth taking on and relationships based on trust stand can withstand anything due to the state of mind. 
Happy Valentine's Day all! 
Questions about the southern Utah area? Please contact me, I'll be … (10 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Doing a Walk-through Matters! - 02/12/19 07:54 AM
Doing a Walk-through Matters!
Some clients will forgo the pre-closing inspection, thinking that everything remains the same when first viewing the property. That may not necessarily be so. Any number of things can/will happen during the process.
Photo of condo units splitting apart due to erosion of the soil on the hillside. I could fit in between the breach.
A walk-through is part of the Real Estate Purchase Contract but not a requirement on the buyer's part but I strongly request doing so for the following reasons:
Hidden defects: A home that is fully-furnished may hide defects that an inspector misses due to furniture placement, large rugs or over stuffed … (16 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: 5 Showing Tips for Newbie Buyer Agents. - 02/01/19 06:47 AM
5 Showing Tips for Newbie Buyer Agents.
Potential home buyers are anxious to begin the process. While things may happen outside the scope of control, new agents can offer clients a higher level of professionalism they deserve by representing them properly.
Here are 5 tips that will help!
One. Get clients pre-approved with a reputable lender before setting out to view properties.
Two. Show homes to buyers they can purchase rather than ones they cannot afford.
Three. Know that you cannot control the actions of other agents, only yours.
Four. Be courteous to home owners and ensure that all is locked up when leaving.
Five. Encourage an offer to be written now, rather than clients sleeping on it.
What an exciting … (25 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Southern Utah Market Snapshot - December 2018 - 01/22/19 08:00 AM
Southern Utah Market Snapshot - December 2018
As winter wreaks havoc in other parts of the U.S., with freezing rain, snow storms and frigid temperatures, the southern Utah mild weather continues to draw buyers looking to make a purchase while owners are putting their homes on the market to sell.
Here are some end of 2018 southern Utah statistics: 
Sold Listings
December - 349 Year To Date 2018 - 5183  
Pending Listings
December - 260 Year To Date 2018 - 5159  
Active Listings
December - 1457 Year To Date 2018 - 8244  
New Listings
December - 320 Year To Date 2018 - 7038  
Median … (8 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Another Land Lot SOLD! Wells Fargo Lot 44, Brookside, UT 84782 - 11/13/18 07:20 AM
Another Land Lot SOLD! Wells Fargo Lot 44, Brookside, UT 84782 MLS# 18-197717
Buyers were looking for a piece of land to build a custom forever home once they retire to the southern Utah area. We looked extensively in many rural areas outside of St. George to the north. A one-acre listing came online, we went to walk the lines and view the surrounding neighborhood.
They loved it! Only 20 minutes from St. George, it is zoned for horses. The lot is flat, has frontage to a paved road, passed soils percolation tests, and ready to go with plenty of culinary and irrigation water shares included. … (1 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Buy. Sell. Repeat. For Client's Sake! - 11/09/18 09:03 AM
Buy. Sell. Repeat. For Client's Sake!
Repeat business is important for maintaining or pushing business forward. Since beginning a career in the real estate industry, I have been lucky to continuously receive referrals from past clients to their family and friends.
Starting in a down market was challenging financially at first. Once I gained a foothold on how to be effective and helpful to those who owned distressed properties, trust eventually formed and the phone began to ring.
None of these relationships have ever been taken for granted. My business model extends past the success of a transaction. An Agent for Life status is what I strive for. … (27 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Another Land Lot SOLD in Beryl, Utah 84714! - 10/26/18 08:44 AM
Another Land Lot SOLD in Beryl, Utah 84714!
Unobstructed mountain views in Green Valley Acres offers two adjoining lots on the corner just north of highway 56 in Beryl, Utah. Lots 1 & 2 Block A Green Valley Acres, Addition 2 for a total of 4.30 acres.
Buyer wanted a place to spend time, enjoying the high desert outdoors by day while gazing at star-filled skies of southern Utah at night. Buyer/Seller agreed to the terms and they went under contract, closing quickly.
Sold for the price of $3750.00. MLS#17-181693 - Wanda Kubat-Nerdin, Listing Agent for Prado Real Estate South in St. George, Utah 84790
Have questions about … (5 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Another Home SOLD at Coral Canyon Golf Course Community, Washington, Utah in 3 Days! - 09/29/18 08:20 AM
Another Home SOLD at Coral Canyon Golf Course Community, Washington, Utah in 3 Days!
2208 N Territory Canyon Drive, Washington, UT - MLS#18-196988 - SOLD for $289,500
Repeat clients called and asked for a current Comparable Market Analysis on a southern Utah home they purchased with my help 4 years ago. Due to a new job opportunity, they were thinking of putting it on the market.
Realizing that home values have gone up considerably in the last several years, they signed all docs. I hired a professional photographer to take the photos, planted the sign in the yard, uploading information to the MLS.
Three days later, UNDER CONTRACT!!! The … (6 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Ever get Starstruck? - 09/15/18 07:09 AM
Ever get Starstruck?
I do when it's Rod Stewart! When meeting potential buyers or sellers, no two days are alike in this industry and helping people from all over the globe is so very exciting! A new adventure starts once introductions are made and the process begins.
You might say it's music to my ears! 
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at wanda@buynsellutah.com to help because Wanda Can! 
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a local homeless shelter.

excellent client agent relationships: Do What Works. - 08/22/18 07:14 AM
Do What Works.     
Tried and true methods implemented consistently gain desirable results. Hard work remains a priority for most of us, though some think taking an easier approach takes precedence. Have you ever been taken by a heavy hitting, high pressure salesperson who promised spectacular results but instead were lackluster?
You were enamored because it sounded so good!
I have and apparently many others have experienced the same thing, whether it involved purchasing a vacuum cleaner, high cost alarm system, grocery cart advertising, bus stop bench ads, timeshare, hair care products, diet pills, etc. The list goes on and on as emotions are targeted with a … (20 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Good, Better, Best... - 07/24/18 07:35 AM
Good, Better, Best. Never Let it Rest. Till the Good is Better, And the Better Best! 
Have you ever heard of this simple but effective rhyme? The origins go way back to the 4th century, prior to the invention of modern conveniences, the internet and leading technology. 
The lesson remains the same today. Doing the work is essential to achieving good results, therefore, setting the tone for success. Being humble enough to ask for help when needed, adds dimension.
Some important aspects of real estate:
Being accountable Making the client feel you care Offering the solutions they need   
The skill set will get better, developing in time when methods are … (11 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Residential Relocation/Referral. Rinse and Repeat! - 07/19/18 06:16 AM
Residential Relocation/Referral. Rinse and Repeat!
This is an entry to the July contest, Your Riches Are in The Niches! When first starting my career, I thought that on-site sales was THE place to be. That did not last long as I prefer to be consistently on the move. 
Besides, people at that time, were buying or building few upper-end homes in the area. Those in the industry that survived that last downturn in the market can attest to the importance of trusted business relationships.
That time was difficult for everyone in real estate and no one was immune to some of its devastating effects. Wanting to make a positive difference, … (8 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Another home SOLD in St. George, Utah to a special first-time home-buyer. - 07/16/18 07:56 AM
Another home SOLD in St. George, Utah to a special first-time home-buyer.
MLS# 18-193351 - Sold at $188,150
When the call came in, I was so surprised and pleased to hear the voice on the other end. A long-time friend asked if I would help her find a home to purchase. Absolutely, was the reply! I knew this one would be special due to our past history.
We wrote eight real estate purchase contracts and she understood that avoiding the emotional aspect was very important to moving ahead and getting under contract. An end unit came available again, she offered and the terms were finally accepted.
The centrally located 3 … (7 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: And then her Do-It-All hairdresser said, "I could've handled that transaction." - 06/28/18 08:57 AM
And then her Do-It-All hairdresser said, "I could've handled that transaction."
Inside, I started laughing uncontrollably (hoping she didn't notice my face...).
If only she knew the amount of work that goes into a real estate transaction, especially when limited agency is involved. She'd definitely get an abrupt reality check once realizing the liability factors alone.
She took classes 10+ years ago. Never tested. Never practiced. *sigh*
My advice: Stick to your profession unless you plan on taking the classes (again) and passing the real estate exam. Otherwise, it is like an electrician giving listing/selling advice. Quite shocking in the least (pun intended)! 
She is currently looking for another hairdresser...one who does hair very … (10 comments)

excellent client agent relationships: Pressing Forward with Purpose! - 06/25/18 07:01 AM
Pressing Forward with Purpose!
Be more like a butterfly and move with momentum, always on the go, prioritizing time, knowing its own expectations will be met. For us, there is no time to be still when clients are dependent on fulfilling real estate goals.
Every work day must be spent:
Pursuing businessFurthering education Gaining new opportunitiesCreating marketing / advertising strategies Getting out to meet people in the community  
Greeting the day with a Can-Do mindset and constant movement gains positive results. Just look at the life of this amazing creature, flitting here and there, taking little time to refresh and then moving forward with purpose. 
Enjoy your Monday. It's looking great from here!
Buying or selling … (14 comments)

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