friends at activerain: Sweet Blogging Success in the Rain! - 10/20/22 02:58 PM
Sweet Blogging Success in the Rain!
It used to be widely thought that bloggers here should only write about local market reports, community information and other serious real estate subjects that attracted google juice. Thankfully, AR allows the freedom to write freely, as long as subjects fall within community guidelines.
Besides, I blog about EVERYTHING southern Utah and that includes:
Local industry news Market reports Blooming flowers My family life Our garden Going fishing The Silo
  And even wrote a blog about a horse's petute one time after an unsavory experience. That post has gotten almost 11,000 views so far! When writing about something I … (38 comments)

friends at activerain: Fall Silobration 2022 - Southern Utah Style! - 10/10/22 07:39 AM
Fall Silobration 2022 - Southern Utah Style!
Invitations were sent and party preparations made way for a one-of-a-kind event on Saturday the 8th at the Silo. As guests descended upon Veyo, Utah, it was evident that the festivities would become memorable.
The band showed up at 4PM to fine tune their instruments and put in a little practice before playing for the crowd at 5PM. 
A special ActiveRain member guest showed up bearing gifts. Brian England and I talked like we'd known each other forever. I gave him the grand tour of Nerdin Gardens, the Silo and the now famous, 1/2 bathroom.
Homemade Filipino food … (33 comments)

friends at activerain: Thanksgiving 2021: Dancing in the Rain - 11/25/21 10:31 AM
Thanksgiving 2021: Dancing in the Rain
In 2009, I found a voice here at ActiveRain after a fellow agent suggested this unique real estate platform. A little hesitant at first, sitting back observing, until realizing I had something to say.
Since then, I have not held back. 
I gained confidence, industry insight and valuable knowledge that otherwise may not have been available, once taking that first step. There are so many wonderful people I have met here on ActiveRain who are true experts in their fields and are always more than willing to help.
Engaging in wonderful conversations with other members takes it to a more … (28 comments)

friends at activerain: Playing in the Rain: Zooming with Anna Banana! - 01/28/21 12:16 PM
Playing in the Rain: Zooming with Anna Banana!  Several years ago, I visited Miss Anna 'Banana' Kruchten in Phoenix before heading down to a baby shower in Safford, Arizona to meet our expectant daughter-in-law Devyn.  She had just finished one of her meditative hikes up the canyon. It was as if we'd known one another a lifetime because of the virtual connection here at ActiveRain.   Anna's PresentationThe subject for this week's Zoom Meeting, January 26,2021, Writing a Business Plan, well suited her. It was very informative, streamlined and captured my attention throughout. The following are important to master in order to be successful in business: … (25 comments)

friends at activerain: The Heart of ActiveRain Beats Strong! - 11/16/20 07:22 AM
The Heart of ActiveRain Beats Strong!
Who knew that becoming a member back in January 2009 would lead to posting, blogging, sharing and learning, still today? Though many professionals have long since moved away from this forum, the heart of ActiveRain membership continues to beat strong.
It was difficult going through several ownership cycles and then recently as well, with all the growing pains to get ActiveRain back up and running smoothly again. Yet, here we are, weathering through it! (1.) Thank you Ben Kinney for staying the course.
ActiveRain has been an almost daily business regimen for this real estate agent. Seems like only a few years ago that I wrote the first … (12 comments)

friends at activerain: IRISH You MUCH SUCCESS! - 03/17/18 07:16 AM
'Tis a time of well wishing and celebration in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. I will be joining in on the festivities and am putting this right here because I have been tested and truly believe every single word!
To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone. ~ Reba McEntire
Those in the industry can appreciate the sentiment. I find myself laughing often, it sure beats crying any day. Enjoy your Saturday, I am well on my way in search of rainbows and a pot'o'gold today!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 … (9 comments)

friends at activerain: Lou asks, "Will this matter a year from now?" - 02/13/18 07:28 AM
Lou asks, "Will this matter a year from now?"
Holding on, letting go. Deciphering between levels of business importance, personal priority, meaningful moments spent with family and friends that are meant to last beyond the test of time.
Lou Ludwig had a way with words, possessing the ability to grab and hold the attention while sending out motivational messages meant to impact the reader. He succeeded in the many years here.
One of his posts positively touched my life. I am learning that negative actions or behaviors by another is not meant to be held by myself, only by that one person. Though it may have affect.
Often, I ask myself..."Will this matter … (12 comments)

friends at activerain: Don't mimic someone else. Find your own strengths. - 01/23/18 07:09 AM
Don't mimic someone else. Find your own strengths.
This was one of the comments that Liz Wallace left on a post I wrote. It was about the willingness to create your own path. In life, there are special people who impact our lives, those who quietly command respect, share tender moments that make us cry. They can bring about a healthy belly laugh while selflessly giving success tips for industry longevity.
Liz Wallace was one of them for me. She quickly grabbed my attention because of her professionalism and healthy sense of humor. I'd find myself laughing often at her comical insights about real estate life. Her true love for … (8 comments)

friends at activerain: We may never pass this way again... - 05/21/16 02:24 AM
We may never pass this way again...
Change is imminent, that is certain. Some people possess the ability to 'go with the flow' without missing a step, while others lament, stress and worry on incessantly about unexpected events, feeling powerless. 
A book that helped me cope years ago was "Who moved my cheese?" I learned that sudden progression is not all about me and often has everything to do with outside forces. That life moves forward whether ready or not.
So many wonderful members here have gone on to other social media avenues or have simply taken a clear break from it all. Their choice, their way. The most recent being my friend and many … (11 comments)

friends at activerain: Barbara and Roger showed you theirs, here's mine too! - 01/06/16 10:09 PM
Barbara and Roger showed you theirs, here's mine too!
My husband and I have become more diligent in our efforts to find healthy, tasty alternatives to some foods that we enjoy, pizza is one of them.  When Barbara Todaro  posted her healthy crust and then Roger D. Mucci posted his, it was something we just had to try!
I followed the instructions of mixing 8 ounces of fat-free cream cheese, 8 ounces of low fat grated Parmesan cheese with 2 eggs, spread it on parchment paper and put it in the oven for 20 minutes on 350 degrees. When I pulled the crust out, it was golden brown and looked delicious!
I loaded it … (11 comments)

friends at activerain: Please LIKE this post. - 01/20/15 10:32 PM
Please LIKE this post.
What attracts your attention to another blogger's post?
Is it the:
Author Style of writing Diverse material Humorous content Informative approach  
Whatever it may be that encourages you to continue logging in, posting, liking and participating, we can all agree that there is something for everyone here in the Rain. 
Questions about the southern Utah area? Please contact me at 435.632.9374 or Glad to help with your real estate needs because Wanda Can!

friends at activerain: Ever had this happen? - 12/08/13 04:05 AM
Ever had this happen?
12/07/2013 Home Again... 12 71 71 24
12/06/2013 Self-important Pompous Prince or Born Leader? 15 71 71 15
12/07/2013 Allow others to shine without casting shadows! 19 71 71 13
71 views and 71 clicks for all 3 blogs...just thought it was interesting because they were all in a row. Is it a glitch? Maybe so...It doesn't take much to entertain me as you can see! 
Anything FUN or interesting happening today? Happy Day to you!

friends at activerain: I am currently in 2nd Place and with your help, I can WIN this contest! - 08/28/13 08:38 AM

I am currently in 2nd Place and with your help, I can WIN this contest!
First of all, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has gone to the Prado & Kramer Real Estate page on Facebook and Recommended me, I have 55 recommendations so far. Your efforts have put me in 2nd Place and we all know that 1st Place is where we want to be in business! 
Please take a moment and go to the page below and Like it and in the Recommendation Box, write a recommendation for me? I can win a fantastic prize! Please include my … (13 comments)

Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can!, St. George Utah Area Residential Sales Agent (Red Rock Real Estate (435) 632-9374)

Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can!

St. George Utah Area Residential Sales Agent

St. George, UT

More about me…

Red Rock Real Estate (435) 632-9374

Address: 90 East 100 South, St. George, UT, 84770

Mobile: (435) 632-9374

Office: (435) 632-9374

Southern Utah has over 300 days of sunshine per year while offering mild winter temperatures for outdoor activities every day! Add that to the picturesque canyons, red rock cliffs, sandstone bluffs, clean air plus small town atmosphere and you are Home, Sweet Home! Come and experience Southern Utah for yourself! I cover the following areas: - St. George - Hurricane - Washington City - Santa Clara - Ivins - Central - New Harmony - Pine Valley - Toquerville - Veyo - Central Follow @soutah




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