gone fishing: Gone Fishing: A basket full of what?! - 07/03/17 07:40 AM
Gone Fishing: A basket full of what?!
A man was stopped by a game warden with his basket full of fish. 
Warden: Do you have a permit for all these fish? 
Man: No sir. These are all my pet fish. 
Warden: Your pet fish? How's that? 
Man: Well, every night I take all my pet fish for a walk to the lake, I let them swim for about half hour and then I whistle and they all come back and jump in my basket and we go home. We do this every night. 
Warden: Well that's just a crock of lies! 
Man: Here I'll show you... (Releases the fish … (17 comments)

gone fishing: Fishing on Whidbey Island! - 06/26/17 05:10 PM
Fishing on Whidbey Island!
You're not going to believe the size of the fish that were caught here on the ocean. They say everything is bigger in Texas but not always so! Another nature inspired creation that brings about a smile upon encountering. I believe they are a species of Woodrift Fish.
Pure FUN, especially for fishing enthusiasts! William Feela, this one's for you.
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at wanda@buynsellutah.com to help because Wanda Can!
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a local homeless shelter.

gone fishing: Good things come to those who bait! - 04/07/17 06:46 AM
Good things come to those who bait!
Fishing has always been a family favorite for us here in southern Utah. Most weekend days, we grab our gear and head to the nearest reservoir or lake to throw in a baited line with hopes of catching THE BIG ONE! Fishing season is just a pole cast away now that temperatures are warmer, the days longer! 
Washington County, Utah has some amazing fishing areas that are great for day fishing or weekend camping trips. Our 2-year old Gbaby Ruger will soon learn the basics of baiting, casting and in reeling a catch. The concepts of successful fishing can also be applied to real estate prospecting. Engaging … (10 comments)

gone fishing: Support your local bank. - 10/12/16 10:05 PM
Support your local bank.
While some people appreciate the ease and convenience of on-line banking, I prefer to do all my transacting in person. This fishing bank has been a solid force in our community and will continue to be a local favorite. 
It has proven to be:
User friendly Dependable Accommodating Rock steady Always open  Rewarding   
More often than not, I get so much more in return than I ever deposit and no waiting in line! This bank is gaining clients of all ages, putting smiles on their faces and welcoming new visitors daily. All it takes is a little time and effort.
This is a bank you … (10 comments)

gone fishing: Parking it in southern Utah! - 07/24/16 11:17 PM
Parking it in southern Utah!Southern Utah offers a friendly atmosphere with year round mild temperatures, sunshiney days, clean air and an easy-going lifestyle. St. George, Utah is more than a stop on the highway to gas up and continue on your way. It is a premiere outdoor destination! Boasting championship golf courses, hiking and biking trails throughout the county, internationally renowned Tuacahn Ampitheatre, offering entertainment for people of all ages. And we are centrally located between Salt Lake City, 3.5 hours and Las Vegas, a mere 1.5 hours away! If fishing is your sport (like it is ours), there are 6 great fishing lakes within a 30 minute drive from St. George, Utah, not to … (4 comments)

gone fishing: Getting hooked on prospecting! - 06/26/16 11:57 PM
Getting hooked on prospecting!
Beginning a career in any service related industry requires tenacity and staying power. Gaining a solid client base takes staying the course while implementing tried and true methods.
For me, prospecting for new clients is a lot like fishing...To be successful, YOU MUST:
Be patient Be prepared Be consistent Be persistent Follow-through Know your limits Have realistic expectations Make sure your message is clear Be prepared to lose a few... Catch & release a few as well Realize when you have some "keepers!"  
I highly recommend the proven methods of re-bait, re-cast, rinse and repeat often. Eventually, you will net the rewards of your consistent … (5 comments)

gone fishing: Angler Alert: Unlimited fishing at Gunlock State Park in southern Utah! - 08/12/15 11:00 AM
Angler Alert: Unlimited fishing at Gunlock State Park in southern Utah!
Come one, come all and test your fishing skills all day long, into the night with no limit on number of fish caught. Rinse, repeat and continue on until the fishing season concludes. A fishing enthusiasts dream!
The only items required are a valid Utah fishing license and payment of entry into Gunlock State Park. Everyone is encouraged to participate because there are plans to treat the water in order to eradicate the invasive, aggressive small mouth bass.
The Division of Wildlife is taking a proactive stance to prevent the fish from going past the overflow into the Santa … (7 comments)

gone fishing: Welcome to August. Did you know…? - 07/31/15 11:40 PM
Welcome to August. Did you know…?
August 2015 will offer 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This is an opportunity to take the extra weekend off, to explore some fun things to see and do with a quick trip. Go somewhere, anywhere!
You can:
Go camping & fishing Reserve a luxury suite Catch a NASCAR race Plan a quiet stay-cation Take the red-eye to Vegas Get to the beach, any beach Enjoy a full service spa resort Arrange a play & stay golf trip Tour a nearby historic city  
Whether looking for a family weekend getaway before school starts, couples trip, girlfriends, guys, there are always last minute travel ideas for everyone to … (36 comments)

gone fishing: Netting positive results! - 07/10/15 10:40 PM
Netting positive results!
Prospecting for new clients and fishing for trout requires patience and diligence, not to mention a consistent effort. Maintaining focus, being available and following up and through allows your efforts to be rewarded, netting positive results.
Fishing success is the exact moment to pull your pole upward at precisely the same time a fish makes the commitment. Prospecting success means engaging potential clients and showing them the benefits of hiring you as their real estate agent rather than someone else.
Guess where my prospecting efforts will be spent this weekend? Happy sales all!

gone fishing: Southern Utah Summertime FUN! - 06/29/15 12:02 AM
Southern Utah Summertime FUN!
Though the temperatures may climb in the summer months, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy! The Veyo Pool is 17 miles to the north from St. George at a steady climb and is a hidden gem surrounding by volcanic rock bluffs. Offering swimming, rock climbing, crawdadding and hiking, plus a full menu serving burgers, fries and more. There is nothing near that quite compares!
My husband and I can be found most evenings in the back yard, taking care of Nerdin Gardens. We know that attention to detail, constant nurturing and diligence plays a large part in our overall success. Our growing … (12 comments)

gone fishing: Nature's resort condominium community. - 06/28/15 12:26 AM
Nature's resort condominium community.
Electric blue Dragonflies vying for position among the reeds as a means to rest before traveling great distances across the wide expanse of water. In a way, it reminds me of a resort condominium community as they are, at times, two, three, four or more stories high with short term leases for all! Happy Tuesday!

gone fishing: I hope your day is filled with RAINBOWS! - 06/19/15 05:15 AM
I hope your day is filled with RAINBOWS!
We are preparing for our first fishing trip of the season and have been hearing the tall tales of ginormous fish jumping into boats and fish biting the hooks before the bait even gets wet.
Did I ever tell you the story of the time we went fishing and caught enough rainbow trout to open a fish market...?  Happy Saturday all!

gone fishing: Fishing is akin to prospecting, both can net positive results! - 12/02/14 10:10 PM
Fishing is akin to prospecting, both can net positive results!
Being successful takes time, whether fishing or prospecting for new clients. This advice can be invaluable when implemented and may result in a full belly and filling the business pipeline.
Prospecting: Maintaining focus. Follow up and follow through consistently, be available and informative. Fishing: Reacting too soon to the tug on the line and the fish is gone.  
Fishing: Pulling too hard and you may lose the bait, the rigging and the fish! Prospecting: You may lose a few but if patient, you will net positive results.   
Fishing: Success is the moment to pull your pole upward at precisely … (8 comments)

gone fishing: It's not the real thing. It's just a fantasy. - 07/23/14 01:08 AM
It's not the real thing. It's just a fantasy.
On the way to and from our favorite fishing spot, I noticed a massive castle set way back from the road. The stark white tourets were just visible above the tree line. My mind travelled back to times as a young girl, dreaming about magical castles, gallant princes riding white stallions, beautiful princesses in sequined gowns and tiara's.
I often wondered who lived there and why would someone build a castle in such grand style at this location? So, needless to say, my curiosity got the best of me! 
As we drove down the wash-board, pot-holed road, I realized the king and queen of the castle … (9 comments)

gone fishing: St George Utah area. WHO wouldn't want to LIVE HERE? - 06/23/14 10:59 PM
St George Utah area. WHO wouldn't want to LIVE HERE?
Blue skies.
Sunny days.
Hiking trails.
Fishing haven.
Cycling friendly.
High desert beauty.
Mild climate year 'round.
Challenging golf courses just waiting to be played!
 Need I say more?  SunRiver Golf Course St. George - 18 holes - Public  Bloomington Country Club Golf Course - St. George - 18 holes - Private Green Spring Golf Course  - Washington City - 18 holes - Public  Coral Canyon Golf Course  - Washington City - 18 holes - Public  Dixie Red Hills Golf Course - St. George - 9 holes - Public  Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club - St. George - 18 holes - Private Sand Hollow Golf Course - Hurricane - 27 holes - Public  Sky Mountain Golf Course - Hurricane … (3 comments)

gone fishing: Catching rainbows! - 06/19/14 09:31 PM
Catching rainbows!
When in doubt, pull the pole out.
Having a hard time deciding on how to spend a day off? During the summer months, you will have no doubts where you will find us on any given week-end or Saturday and Sunday catching rainbows, cutthroat and tiger trout. We'll see you at Panguitch Lake, where the fish are running scared and getting schooled!


gone fishing: I'm having daydreams about night things…Let's GO FISHING! - 05/31/14 11:44 PM
I'm having daydreams about night things…Let's GO FISHING!

A fisherman caught a 13 pound rainbow trout at Panguitch Lake two days ago. Perhaps we will have the same luck!
Update: My husband and I caught our limit! Eight beautiful rainbow trout ready to fillet, smoke and eat. Not a 13 pound fish but a 5 pounder will do just fine.
Hope you all have enjoyed your Sunday!

gone fishing: Annual Fishing Derby & Youth Fishing Clinic in St. George, Utah! - 04/05/14 03:58 AM
Fishing Derby & Youth Fishing Clinic in St. George, Utah!
The Annual Fishing Derby is today from 8am-2pm at the TAWA Ponds! Kids 12 & under are encouraged to come out to the ponds and experience the simple joy of fishing. 

Enhance a child's fishing experience  by signing up for the Youth Fishing Clinic starting on Thursday, April 10 at 6:00 pm. The 3-week clinic will teach youth ages 8-12 about a wide range of topics related to fishing and provide them with opportunities to actually fish at Skyline Pond.
The clinic fee is $18 per youth and includes instruction, use … (5 comments)

gone fishing: Let yourself go. - 03/09/14 11:51 AM
Let yourself go.
Fishing that is!
During the warmer, sweet days of Summer you may find us at any given time letting ourselves go fishing on the banks in southern Utah. Baiting. Casting. Catching and releasing while making regular withdrawals. 
Looking forward to getting to the lake and catching a few again!

gone fishing: "Oh, you know, he's just fishing." - 09/23/13 11:29 PM

"Oh, you know, he's just fishing."
"Okay, when he gets back from fishing, please have him call me," I said. She then said, "No, no he's just fishing!" Not the explanation I was expecting.
She went on to tell me this was not his first 'test the waters' excursion, that he was 'just fishing' 2 years ago as well.
Purchasing a home two years ago would have bought them a home that fit their search criteria to a 'T', including price point. Now that prices have gone up, nothing comes close to fulfilling their current Wish List.
Oh well.
I wish I was fishing.
A … (9 comments)

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