good business practices: Are You PRODUCE-ing Substantial Results? - 08/12/19 08:18 AM
Are You PRODUCE-ing Substantial Results?
Back yard gardening is much like running a business. It takes nurturing, passion, care, with intentional follow-through. Tilling, installing water systems, planting seeds lend to abundance in receiving nature's gifts.
Creating room for growth weeds out what is not working. Consistency is also ultra-important for encouraging favorable outcomes. If your business is lacking, look at it from all angles and proceed accordingly.
Happy Gardening and Produce-ing Substantial Business Results!
Questions about residential real estate in the southern Utah area or any Washington County, Utah? Please contact me at 435.632.9374 or email to: Glad to help because Wanda Can!

good business practices: Plan it true. Do the work. Your best gets. - 02/26/19 07:15 AM
Plan it true. Do the work. Your best gets.
The idea of success differs from person to person and may include a number of things that are most important. My focus is to avoid allowing others to determine desired outcomes with clients goals in mind.
Success is:
Paying close attention. Differentiating between what works and knowing when to let go of something that doesn't. Being surrounded by motivated people willing to share, to give that push when required. 
Maintaining clear purpose. By that, it means focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses, solutions rather than problems. That is necessary for forward progress while building a better business.  
Aiming to achieve. Retaining short term and long term goals and implementing them both … (7 comments)

good business practices: BREAKING NEWS! Wanda Kubat-Nerdin Celebrates 9th Year at Prado Real Estate. - 02/21/19 09:55 AM
BREAKING NEWS! Wanda Kubat-Nerdin Celebrates 9th Year at Prado Real Estate.
Washington County, Utah - Recently, Wanda Kubat-Nerdin celebrated her 9th year at Prado Real Estate while maintaining a noticeable presence in the St. George, Utah area real estate market. The secrets to her success? She consistently shows up for clients, achieving their sales goals.
After all, she is #1 in St. George, #1 in Washington County, Utah and #1 in the state of Utah on AR. Her dedication to the real estate industry shows in the results year after year. Stats speak for themselves, no manipulation necessary.
Striving for improvement has been a long-time pursuit for Wanda in … (10 comments)

good business practices: Buy. Sell. Repeat. For Client's Sake! - 11/09/18 09:03 AM
Buy. Sell. Repeat. For Client's Sake!
Repeat business is important for maintaining or pushing business forward. Since beginning a career in the real estate industry, I have been lucky to continuously receive referrals from past clients to their family and friends.
Starting in a down market was challenging financially at first. Once I gained a foothold on how to be effective and helpful to those who owned distressed properties, trust eventually formed and the phone began to ring.
None of these relationships have ever been taken for granted. My business model extends past the success of a transaction. An Agent for Life status is what I strive for. … (27 comments)

good business practices: Old MacDonald's work ethic still going strong! - 10/25/18 01:05 PM
Old MacDonald's work ethic still going strong!
Ever wonder what the E-I-E-I-O meant in the song about Old MacDonald and his farm? Well, here you go!
E - Every dawn to rise and shine
I - Inspired to do better, be better
E - Ethics that include hard work
I - Important chores first, then play
O - Out the door to get to work
The tested and true adage of waking before the crack of dawn, dressing up and getting to work remained a priority for this dedicated farmer. Each day meant achieving the goals set forth, no matter the time of year or type of weather presented.
If more people had a clear … (8 comments)

good business practices: Upping the Standard From Ordinary to Exemplary! - 10/22/18 08:06 AM
Upping the Standard From Ordinary to Exemplary!
In any profession, there are those who put in 110% and then some who get by with minimal effort. Our daughter-in-law is proof that when you consistently embrace the challenge and move forward with confidence, the rewards are endless.
We are so very proud of our daughter Devyn and all that has been accomplished during her tour in the United States Navy. Not only has she received a Navy Achievement Medal but also made Junior Sailor of the Year for the Pacific Northwest.
She has exceeded her obligation and duties to the Navy and we are excited to see what … (7 comments)

good business practices: Pointing fingers in thin air. - 09/10/18 06:17 AM
Pointing fingers in thin air.
Playing the Blame Game takes the personal and professional responsibility away from outcomes. Being overly self-absorbed can often be defeating and disappointing and may also cause a complacent or negative attitude.
Are you a firm believer that setting goals and continuing good work habits allows them to be achieved? Putting it to writing sets the pace for fruition, so does the responsibility of getting up, dressing up and showing up for clients.
I am, because of the level of commitment made to succeed. Will I fail? There is always the possibility but will not be pointing fingers outward, instead, there may be need to … (12 comments)

good business practices: En Garde'n Nerdin Gardens! - 08/02/18 08:15 AM
En Garde'n Nerdin Gardens!
Preventative maintenance allows an all natural approach for pest control, creating optimum results when harvesting. The Praying Mantis takes advantage of every opportunity to obtain a successful end result.
This Mantis has landed on a vivid yellow Hibiscus, maintaining an upside, inside, downside, onside or outside stance, always on-the-ready for action! Though small, he is already taking on all-comers.
The En Garde while on guard approach truly works in Nerdin Gardens!
Nature knows: Learning to take advantage of every opportunity that presents in business can yield positive outcomes. Staying on top requires much diligence, patience plus strategic, successful methods!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at to help … (4 comments)

good business practices: The Art of Mirroring - 07/26/18 07:26 AM
The Art of Mirroring
  In a effort to better connect with clients when showing homes, it is necessary to watch subtle nuances in body language that can be very telling, with few words exchanged between parties.  Looking at their posture, their eyes, how they hold their hands, tone of voice, listening closely to what is being said. Take notes if necessary, clients may feel you care more if you write it down. An extrovert is outgoing, able to conversate easily in any situation. An introvert is more inwardly situated, thinking things through, speaking only when necessary, weighing words carefully. Some people carry their emotions on the inside … (6 comments)

good business practices: Good, Better, Best... - 07/24/18 07:35 AM
Good, Better, Best. Never Let it Rest. Till the Good is Better, And the Better Best! 
Have you ever heard of this simple but effective rhyme? The origins go way back to the 4th century, prior to the invention of modern conveniences, the internet and leading technology. 
The lesson remains the same today. Doing the work is essential to achieving good results, therefore, setting the tone for success. Being humble enough to ask for help when needed, adds dimension.
Some important aspects of real estate:
Being accountable Making the client feel you care Offering the solutions they need   
The skill set will get better, developing in time when methods are … (11 comments)

good business practices: Anything with a mouth can bite! - 05/15/18 06:15 AM
Anything with a mouth can bite!
There is much participation as a member of a gardening group on Facebook. People post their prized produce and flower photos. Questions are asked and seasoned dirt lubbers are more than happy to answer, based on their experiences.
A woman found a Praying Mantis pod on a tree she pulled inside for the winter and set outside again. She was curious, asking members what in the world it could be. Should she take it off...could the mother still be in the basement...would the pod damage the tree? Soon she had more answers than she could handle, adding to her gardening knowledge base and was … (16 comments)

good business practices: Dog Gone -vs- I Pity the Kitty! - 05/09/18 06:36 AM
Dog Gone -vs- I Pity the Kitty!
In business, refraining from jumping to conclusions will serve you well. It's always best to possess all information necessary before haphazardly moving forward with an important decision. Remaining calm in chaotic times, helps.
My uncle raised chickens as part of the family income. He counted on the money he would yield for his eggs every day. Once Spring came, an abundance of fertilized eggs would hatch and little furry chicks would become part of the overall population.
Every morning he'd count the chicks, noting the hens that mothered them. The little ones numbers starting declining, and at first, was at a … (25 comments)

good business practices: Market Smarts Matter to Home Sellers - 05/07/18 07:53 AM
Market Smarts Matter to Home Sellers 
When gathering comparables for a property listing appointment, Realtor's look on the local Multiple Listing Service for accurate information, forgoing some unreliable national sites that only hold a fraction of pertinent figures and facts.
We have responsibilities to our clients to be knowledgeable about the local market in which we reside, to convey accurate details from reliable sources. This is another reason why having a pulse on your selling area is so important.
Typically, you may get one opportunity to impress home owners with up-to-date, true data. They expect real estate professionals to be above their knowledge base regarding:
sales statistics marketability of their home time-frames / deadlines … (13 comments)

good business practices: Demandum Dum-dum-de-dum! - 03/18/18 10:59 AM
Demandum Dum-dum-de-dum!
 After a series of text mesages (a short novel) regarding repairs, the agent sent over a resolution of due diligence, then verbally said the buyers wouldn't move forward unless the sellers agreed to remediate the list.
Sellers countered, in writing, offering to credit the buyers a fair amount at closing in lieu of repairs. Buyer's agent again stated verbally that the buyer most likely was not moving forward on the transaction.
Then he asked for more money at closing on behalf of his clients before submitting the counter, saying that the buyers just may not move forward if the sellers were not willing to offer a higher amount.
I … (20 comments)

good business practices: Sold so fast she freaked! - 03/10/18 06:46 AM
Sold so fast she freaked!
In this market, when a home is priced well, located in a desirable area and in great condition, it sells fast. Some sellers think if several offers come in within the first few days of listing a property, it is priced too low. 
I completely disagree.
Real estate is local and market specific and when a property sells fast, it means people are looking for that type home to fill their wish list. I have those very clients and encourage them to respond quickly.
If their 'Dream Home' sells before they are willing to act, they will be very disappointed. When a home that fits their search criteria … (9 comments)

good business practices: The Fox and the Grapes & Real Estate - 01/26/18 10:29 AM
The Fox and the Grapes & Real Estate 
On a hot summer's day, a Fox was strolling through an orchard, he suddenly came upon several juicy bunches of grapes, suspended high above his reach. Hungry and drooling, he thought, "Just the thing to quench me." 
Taking a running start, he leaped, just missing the tasty bunch. Turning around again and once, twice, three times, he jumped, with no success. Trying again, again and again, he failed to be rewarded for all the effort. 
He finally gave up, walking away with his nose in the air, saying: "I am sure they are sour anyway." It is easy to despise what is not easily attainable. The Fox's appetite … (28 comments)

good business practices: All Jack'd Up! - 01/16/18 06:26 AM
All Jack'd Up!
Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack jumped ohhhh..., that has to hurt!
Nimble Jack, in the past, always met yearly goals by networking with real estate industry professionals, business to business and past client referrals. Business was great, so he decided to cut out advertising.
He fell short.
You could even say he got burned. Affiliate relationships suffered, reciprocating businesses found other agents. Past clients stopped calling. They all thought he went out of business because he no longer had a local presence, never called any more or sent out mailers.
To attract future business, you must:
Advertise. Be consistent.  Stay motivated. Remain in touch. Know … (41 comments)

good business practices: Don't get upset with the results... - 07/06/17 08:07 PM
Don't get upset with the results...
Hard work still pays off. Some advertisers will tell you otherwise. Enticing vendors often promote instant results or financial freedom with just a click of the mouse. Refuse to buy into the fast track of success. 
Beware of ads that make false promises, ensuring superior outcomes without knowing if the clicker:
is self-motivated has good work ethics possesses industry passion  
These ads lend a premise to lead you on the path to riches, adoration and fame. They may offer a one-time only business opportunity or guaranteed client closing base with a lead generation company. 
In my experience, the Sphere of Influence is still the best database for business now and in the future. If … (6 comments)

good business practices: I'm better than you...Neener, Neener! - 04/22/17 12:23 PM
I'm better than you...Neener, Neener!
Kathleen Daniel's March Contest: No Fooling Around April 2017 Let’s Get Real Contest really got me to thinking about things that really bug me in this industry when, at the same time, there are so many facets I love. That being said, here goes!
One thing that bothers me more than anything in any walk are people who are guided by an ultra-ego, often placing themselves above everyone else. In my opinion, we all have something unique to offer consumers and success means something different to each of us.
Acting hoity-toity and high-n-mighty, controlling everything does not resonate well with me either. Remember Toby Keith's song, "I Wanna Talk About … (75 comments)

good business practices: I have been known to ASK FOR IT! - 04/04/17 11:17 AM
I have been known to ASK FOR IT!
A listing was about to expire and with recent activity, it became necessary to ask for an extension. So I did. The home can be sold with the right buyer crossing the threshold with all parties rewarded with a positive outcome.
By asking for business opportunities, you can:
Turn problems into Possible solutions. Remain Accountable for  business results.  Create Attainable short-term and long term goals.  Surround yourself with Capable, positive people. Become Available to clients and potential business.   
The second quarter of the year has passed and the third quarter has begun. Where will July, August and September take you professionally? You have the opportunity to achieve excellent results. Let no one hold you back from moving … (12 comments)

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