natures gifts: Nerdin Gardens 2017: The Joys of Gardening - 06/30/17 12:28 PM
Nerdin Gardens 2017: The Joys of Gardening
Our back yard garden has always been a yearly labor of love for us. Much time and effort lends toward preparing the soil, sowing seeds, nurturing the plant material. Being responsible gardeners is also high on the list.
We prefer pulling the weeds manually as an all-natural method. Adding flowers, praying mantis' and ladybugs work as pest control. Preventative maintenance allows optimum results when harvesting.
We love the sounds that come from a healthy space and avoid harsh chemicals that can kill the wildlife around us, not to mention the soil. Our garden depends on nature's way to thrive or it will die.
Growing Bee Balm attracts bees … (10 comments)

natures gifts: I got the ___, ___, ___, ___, down in my heart! - 06/17/17 12:46 PM
I got the ___, ___, ___, ___, down in my heart! 
Walking along a scenic nature trail on a beautiful sunny day in Whidbey Island, Washington, imagine our suprise when we came upon several wooden works of art! The artistic twist was certainly creative, the message clear. I began humming a song from a long time ago.....I got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart....down in my heart.......

natures gifts: First born. - 05/31/17 06:52 AM
First born.
The first born sets a higher expectation for the rest to follow. Each bloom thereafter becomes eager to begin a new phase in life by:
Showing their true colors Encouraging sincere intention Opening themselves up to perfection  
Nature establishes a clear role of dependability in our flower gardens year after year. We appreciate each daily gift offered from the very first bloom to the last. Happy gardening all!
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natures gifts: Nerdin Gardens 2017: New Beginnings - 05/09/17 06:46 AM
Nerdin Gardens 2017: New Beginnings
The soil has been amended, worked through and through. Seeds planted, going vertical in a matter of weeks. As the plant life begins to thrive, so do the creatures that inhabit Nerdin Gardens.
A special treat to capture a newly hatched Praying Mantis at home, hanging about, where he will spend the spring and summers months, preying!
Can I get a witness?
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natures gifts: You gotta stop and smell the... - 04/08/17 06:34 AM
You gotta stop and smell the...
Going round and round the roundabout, I had to pull over on a side road to get a shot of this colorful landscape. It reminded me of Mac Davis's song, Stop and Smell the Roses. The song started in my head and before you know it, I was humming it for the rest of the afternoon.
Happy Saturday all!
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natures gifts: A blooming guide to a bountiful harvest. - 03/03/17 11:49 AM
A blooming guide to a bountiful harvest.
As pre-Spring temperatures rise, so does the desire to get out and begin preparing the garden for another growing season. Much of what we do is reflex-like, though there is more to learn, things to improve upon.
The following can help to create a successful home garden:
Preparing the soil. This includes cultivating, tilling and careful planting Consistent tending. Nurturing the plants, weeding and feeding them   Constant care. Maintaining all systems will produce excellent results  Self-motivation. Getting up, willing to work and showing up matters Paying attention. Growing a garden takes thoughtful detail daily  
Nature becomes enthusiastic by producing a thriving garden and eventually the rewards are evident with an abundant harvest. … (16 comments)

natures gifts: Life can be a real prick! - 05/11/15 10:31 PM
Life can be a real prick!
Better to admire from a distance, than reaching out and touching this cactus, armed with long, prickly spines. Who needs weapons when nature provides all-inclusive means for survival?
After several days of rain, this cactus's surface was saturated, creating the illusion that it had speared the droplets of moisture resting on it's barbs. Respect nature, avoid the pricks.
Happy day all!

natures gifts: Do you believe in praying on the job? - 04/20/15 12:24 AM
Do you believe in praying on the job?
This little one does and manages quite well. From hatch-ling to an immediate work setting, this Praying Mantis knows by instinct that it must adapt to its surroundings or immanent death is certain. 
Real estate agents must also learn to adjust accordingly when facing changing market conditions, to be consistent in their methods of maintaining and gaining new clients to be successful.
Another lesson from nature, Happy Monday to you all, it's LQQKing promising from here!

natures gifts: Nerdin Gardens 2015: From humble beginnings to a successful growing season. - 04/17/15 12:20 PM
Nerdin Gardens 2015: From humble beginnings to a successful growing season.
Our backyard has suddenly come alive in vibrant colors, textures, earthly and heavenly smells. Bees are buzzing, insuring pollination and ladybugs are fastidiously working to control the aphid population. The hollyhocks are greening out and will go vertical in the coming weeks. I love it here!
Most of the raised beds are planted and fertilized with anticipation of another successful growing season. There is one area left to plant and Nerdin Gardens will be well on its way. With some care and due maintenance on our parts, nature is sure to show up and do her magic! 
My husband moved the location of the tomatoes and squash for crop … (12 comments)

natures gifts: Keep looking up! - 01/26/15 11:09 PM
Keep looking up!

A beautiful end to a work day includes a most vibrant sunset. I can always depend on nature to orchestrate a spectacular light show that leads the way home. And as I keep looking up into the sky...I also become elevated!
Happy sales all, it's looking promising so far!

natures gifts: Let's face it! - 10/05/14 03:11 AM
Let's face it!
I do remember my mother telling us more than once to stop playing with our food. I guess it was something that never did stick with me, as you can see...
Gardening takes our time during the week evenings and weekends as schedules allow. There is nothing like a peaceful Sunday morning among all the greens, yellows, oranges while picking and at times, grinning.
Hope it made you smile! Happy Sunday all!

natures gifts: Nerdin Gardens: A message of gratitude. - 09/30/14 01:43 AM
Nerdin Gardens: A message of gratitude.

A season's worth of hard work has paid off in the form of an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables from our home garden.
From crook neck squash, to green and yellow zucchini, we are indeed blessed to have green beans, snow peas, red potatoes, artichokes and strawberries.

Fresh rosemary, thyme, sage, onion chives, garlic chives, parsley, basil and oregano are just a few steps and a pinch away from plant to table.
Our tomatoes, six varieties that include: Roma, Early Girl, Beef Eaters, Heirloom and two types of cherry tomatoes … (9 comments)

natures gifts: Merely passing through... - 07/21/14 01:20 AM
Merely passing through...

Descendin' sun glowing starkest red, golden rimmed vapor beams shimmerin', reflectin', meltin', cominglin'...
Surrounding fires, ash and smoke tend to create amazingly beautiful sunsets. It is interesting that something so destructive can offer a tantalizing sight. I took this photo going 65 miles per hour in the back seat of a car while travelling down the highway.
Happy Monday folks, it's well on the way!

natures gifts: Nerdin Gardens: Playing Peek-a-Boo in the Strawberry Patch! - 05/23/14 01:01 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Playing Peek-a-Boo in the Strawberry Patch!

It's gardening season once again and as we prepare the soil for receiving seeds and plantings in Nerdin Gardens, the stawberry patch is producing beyond our ability to consume.

They sure know how to disguise themselves underneath their greenery until they turn a vibrant red, this is. Perfectly ripe for picking!

We enjoy the daily trips to play Peek-a-Boo with these delicious morsels, another delicious example of nature's gifts. Just like eating candy! Mmm-mmm!
Happy gardening all!

natures gifts: WARNING: Visually tantalizing! - 03/28/14 12:16 AM
WARNING: Visually tantalizing!
I knew this was going to be a spectacular sunset at first sight, with clouds forming a seashell effect along the horizon, sunbursts punching through at intervals.

After stopping several times to get the best vantage point, I became transfixed at the event rapidly transpiring before my eyes.

Boom! Suddenly there was a vibrant color explosion from the center of the formation speading outward and upward.

Just when I thought it was over, nature amped up the pulsating hues then quickly went out in a fiery blaze! What an amazing sight to spectate.
Happy Friday all, it is looking promising from … (28 comments)

natures gifts: Oomph to the highest power! - 03/02/14 01:15 AM
Oomph to the highest power!

You know what they say..."If you got it, flaunt it!" Nature can and does, day in, day out from dusk to dawn without fail. No time to pause nor pass the duties to another, to instead accomplish the goals set forth.
Bragadocious ultra-ego? Not a chance, just quietly confident and awe inspiring.
Happy Sunday all!

natures gifts: Elation elevated. - 02/28/14 11:07 PM
Elation elevated.

Up and at 'em early in the day presents opportunites abound that will be missed by those still in slumber. How could anyone who witnesses such an elevated performance, not be inspired to make the most of their day?
I'm all in and meeting this day before me. You might even say I'm elated!
How about you?

natures gifts: It's more than just being thankful! - 03/20/13 10:46 PM
It's more than just being thankful!
It's important to show it as well. Whether voicing gratitude or displaying it, the gesture goes much further than we can measure. So, this summer when the blooms on our apricot tree come to fruition, we will once again show sincere thanks to nature by making apricot jam.
Friends and family may also benefit from the gift that nature gives freely! Thankful for the opportunity to share them.
Happy Thursday all!
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natures gifts: Wordless Wednesday (almost!): Cumulus differus! - 02/12/13 09:53 PM
Wordless Wednesday (almost!): Cumulus differus!
A genie's magic lamp comes to mind when I look at this cartoon-like cloud formation while traveling home. If I were granted 3 wishes, I'd wish for 3 more wishes...then 3 more...and then 3 more and so and so on and so on. Just to prolong the experience!
How about you, what would you wish for?
It's time to go out to make a differus difference!

natures gifts: Speechless Sunday (almost!): Partly sunny or cloudy? - 02/10/13 12:01 AM
Speechless Sunday (almost!): Partly sunny or cloudy?
The answer depends on perception. Life events may lend you less than optimum results but what you learn, in turn, to light your way, will decide your future days. Will you be a shining beacon that illuminates from within or a dim reflection of time gone by?
Your decision. Your life. Shine on!
Have a Sunny Sunday!
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