nerdin gardens 2022: Growing Common Sense in the Garden & for Business - 11/09/22 10:52 AM
Growing Common Sense in the Garden & for Business
For most, this means a level of practical knowledge and judgment. For those lacking, it is overlooking the obvious in an objective way, especially when getting to an accepted end result, is more important than all else.
Be the one who possesses the necessary information, can troubleshoot and also find solutions to problems as they arise, while achieving goals. Your garden & business will grow and flourish rather than stagnate.
Avoid salespeople that can make the simplest advertising idea seem like the next biggest, sure thing. They use high pressure tactics to spurn a quick decision. Base product purchase on whether … (25 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: Mum's The Word - 11/04/22 09:00 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Mum's The Word
As fall slowly brings some plants closer to the dormant stage, we are glad for those that continue to thrive in the cooler, evening temperatures. Nerdin Gardens has produced a bevy of delicious fruits and vegetables.
For that we are most grateful and thankful!
While taking a stroll, I encountered some mum's just begging for attention. It didn't take much to inspire a quick poem when taking in their natural, sun-shiney blooms! Here are the words that came to mind. Enjoy!
Dear Mum,
Soft petals sweetly sun kissed,
Igniting a beauty entirely of whist.
Bright yellow, sunshiney yoo-hues,
Draw me in with rapt ahh’s … (22 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Garden Harvests and Agent Growth - 10/25/22 07:04 AM
Garden Harvests and Agent Growth
Eager blooms wither on the vines, as fall invades the entire perimeter of our back yard garden. The flowers have surpassed the timeline to thrive, to experience intended fruition, in an optimum setting.
It is nature's way to prevent growth within certain time constraints. In a business setting, it can be a 'snooze-you-lose', scenario. 
Knowing when to perform is just as important as following up and through for satisfying outcomes. Without forward movement, it becomes a lost opportunity, until / or if, another chance will present.
As the Nerdin Gardens growing season slowly yields, harvesting quickly becomes significant to avoid … (12 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Fall Silobration 2022 - Southern Utah Style! - 10/10/22 07:39 AM
Fall Silobration 2022 - Southern Utah Style!
Invitations were sent and party preparations made way for a one-of-a-kind event on Saturday the 8th at the Silo. As guests descended upon Veyo, Utah, it was evident that the festivities would become memorable.
The band showed up at 4PM to fine tune their instruments and put in a little practice before playing for the crowd at 5PM. 
A special ActiveRain member guest showed up bearing gifts. Brian England and I talked like we'd known each other forever. I gave him the grand tour of Nerdin Gardens, the Silo and the now famous, 1/2 bathroom.
Homemade Filipino food … (33 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Backyard Gardening to Table - 09/23/22 07:58 AM
Backyard Gardening to Table
Growing season is a yearly affair for us. As some of you know, we use all-natural methods to plant over 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables. We have enjoyed many dinners straight from garden to table!
We are thankful that our garden has produced zucchini, bell peppers, lettuce, fresh basil, tomatoes, carrots, grapes, cabbage, asparagus, artichokes, cucumbers, basil, garlic chives, sage, oregano and more. 
Hard work, follow up daily and careful diligence goes into cultivating while maintaining the garden and has much to do with continued success. Methods are similar to running a thriving business!
To all gardeners out there who … (14 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022:, I mean Abductive Reasoning. - 09/06/22 07:05 AM, I mean Abductive Reasoning.
If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck. When something can be identified by some of it's characteristics, it is called Abductive Reasoning. This yellow squash is similar to the color of a duckling and also appears to have a beak. Of course, just because something looks very familiar, is it?
Not necessarily. Trust but verify comes to mind!
Happy Tuesday all!

nerdin gardens 2022: Labor Day: Enjoying The Fruits - 09/05/22 08:05 AM
Labor Day: Enjoying The Fruits
Without much thought, we have always intentionally maintained a strong work ethic of getting up, dressing up and showing up, prepared. We do the same for the back yard garden by pulling weeds, encouraging growth. 
Luck? I don't know anything about luck. I've never banked on it and I'm afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else: Hard work — and realizing what is opportunity and what isn't. — Lucille Ball
People often exclaim when visiting, how 'lucky' we are to have a beautifully maintained property. Rather than luck, it is careful planning and implementing consistent … (14 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: It's a grape day! - 09/04/22 10:29 AM
Nerdin Gardens: It's a grape day!
Taking advantage of ripe grapevines in the back yard garden, means picking them before the birds and other creatures get more than a fair share. The kitchen countertops are overflowing with nature's candy!
Grapes are found in clusters of 15 to 300 and can be:
crimson black dark blue yellow green orange and pink  
We grow green, seedless grapes and Muscadines from Georgia, that are deep purple, round, with two seeds and a sour skin.
Grapes are in the berry family and can be eaten fresh, used in wine-making, in jam's, grape juices, jellies, grape seed extracts, vinegars … (17 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: Hot stuff! - 08/22/22 10:57 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Hot stuff!
Prior to picking peppers in Nerdin Gardens early morning, things started heating up and getting mucho spicy! I heard some of them say...
 “It’s getting hot up in here!”  “Hey, there hot stuff!” “You’re steaming hot!”  “You warm my heart.” “You can ring my bell!” “I am mildly amused.”  “I’m just over here chillin‘.”  
Realizing that I needed some corn. I asked the neighboring gardener, “Cayenne you help me, do you habanero two?”
He said, “No poblano!”
~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin in Nerdin Gardens

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: Early Pickings - 08/21/22 11:39 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Early Pickings
Vines are staked,
Weeds are pulled,
The ground is raked,
While plants get sun-baked.
Sunday mornings are meant for taking a relaxing stroll to the back yard garden, where all senses are awakened. From the sights, sounds and smells, to the touch and taste of ripened fruits and vegetables. Today, we will be making pico de gallo from fresh ingredients taken from the raised beds.
We do enjoy early morning pickings in Nerdin Gardens and enjoy eating the results of our work and nature's blessings. Happy Sunday all!

nerdin gardens 2022: A quantifiable frequency of vibrations... - 07/31/22 09:16 AM
A quantifiable frequency of vibrations...
Sunrises and sunsets are a visible and quantifiable frequency of vibrations that lends to a strong sense of inner-awe connectedness. Several rainy days have given us some spectacular settings here in southern Utah. 
We often sit on the covered patio of The Silo to ooh and ahhh over the lightening skittering across the skies, as the thunders booms in all directions. The end result is an amazing early morning light show like no other!
From the very deepest of purples to neon pinks, to vibrant yellows to brilliant oranges, to glowing reds, what is your favorite power color?
~Wanda Kubat-Nerdin

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: A Wee, Busy Honey Bee - 07/22/22 08:29 AM
Nerdin Gardens: A Wee, Busy Honey Bee
I see a wee, busy Honey bee,
Drifting toward a flowering tree.
While working at feeding the nest.
'Twas warily pressed to take a rest,
It strives to perform for the hive,
So the swarm may all remain alive.
~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin in Nerdin Gardens
Even bees need to take an occasional break in order to gain momentum once again and perform. Very seldom, have I witnessed one completely still on a blooming plant until ready to fly, going about it's day.
We are so very thankful for the work ethic of the honey bees because it they shirked their responsibilities and duties … (10 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: Taking a Pea - 07/13/22 06:55 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Taking a Pea
Just when I was getting ready to take a pea in the back yard garden, I was suddenly interrupted by an unexpected but welcome visitor!
Satisfaction comes from being able to pick fresh fruits and vegetables early mornings or later in the day when the temperatures start cooling, knowing they are organic as nature intended.
#NerdinGardens2022 #MyPeasInAPod #BackYardGardenHumor

nerdin gardens 2022: Iffin Winn of Nerdinshire - 07/12/22 10:50 AM
Iffin Winn of Nerdinshire
A wee, lovely girl was born unto the royal Winn family of Nerdinshire. She was a quick learner, especially when it came to manners. The please’s and thank you’s came quickly and her curtsy was simply adorable!
Iffin and the family attended many special engagements on behalf of the royal family throughout the year, such as christenings or weddings and more public events. Most often, she became the center of attention.
Children of royal means were expected to follow a higher standard of attire than other young villagers. Her gowns were made of the finest crushed velvet in all the … (28 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: MANtaining, MANaging and MANual Labor - 07/10/22 08:17 AM
Nerdin Gardens: MANtaining, MANaging and MANual Labor
Every new growing season brings a great share of excitement in awe of nature's ways plus challenges to be met in the back yard garden. Warm temperatures, nutrient rich soil, adequate sunshine, weeding by hand and plentiful water creates an optimum growth environment.
My husband Michael has a green thumb. He enjoys MANtaining the plant material and possesses the ability to encourage favorable outcomes while also creating beautiful, relaxing spaces for everyone's enjoyment.
Nurturing a home garden is akin to MANaging a business.  All systems must be in place, a strong work ethic is required plus proper … (10 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: Hedging Inflation - 06/15/22 06:48 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Hedging Inflation
A food shortage may be inevitable if American farmer's are unable to grow crops because of contrived, inflated costs. Gardening and canning your own food is a viable option to fill in the meal gaps.
My brother, who lives in Pittsburgh, went to the grocery store for a week's worth of supplies. There was absolutely no chicken in the displays. What about the baby formula shortage? This is outrageous!
Wait, there's more...
Many young people believe that food appears on store shelves via a magical unicorn delivery service... And then some city folk say that successful farming is simply putting … (18 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: I'll take mine TO GO, please! - 06/15/22 05:42 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Nerdin Gardens: I'll take mine TO GO, please!
Humans like flowers because they are visually pretty, bees simply see a quick meal. Flowers have a big, “We’re open, come on In” sign that beckons all species of bees to feed on their nectar and pollen. 
Bees appreciate flowers because the pollen feeds the larva aka baby bees in the hive plus adds greatly to a hive’s food storage. It is also used as an energy source and yet another reason to garden, naturally.
Easy access makes blooms appealing for a quick trip to collect while pollinating the blooms that bud out, further ensuring … (12 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: Honey Bee’s Do Not Float! - 06/08/22 08:47 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Honey Bee’s Do Not Float!
Pulling weeds, row by row,
Dutifully nurturing what we sow.
Looking over, what did I see?
A little, water-soaked honey bee.
Thinking, ohhh-me, ohhh-my!
Let’s get this guy safe and dry.
I quickly placed him upon the stone,
Once ready, he happily buzzed home!
-- The End 
Bee's are our garden friends and may need a drink of fresh water, especially on hotter days. Place a rock in the center of a bird bath or container, above the surface for them to land safely. 
Glad I was there to save this one!
~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin in Nerdin Gardens

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: A Hidden Cache - 06/05/22 08:56 AM
Nerdin Gardens: A Hidden Cache
A Hibiscus bloom blew off the plant, as the wind gusted, twirling all around, making itself known to all. Bending down to pick up the pink flower, I spied a red-caped visitor that had crawled inside the stem cup.
Upon closer inspection, it was obvious the ladybug had discovered a colony of aphids that were depleting the host plant of nutrients. She was quite busy you see, paying no mind to me, only the task at hand.
Taking advantage of getting her fill was of utmost importance before the ants showed up again, making their rounds to herd or … (10 comments)

nerdin gardens 2022: Nerdin Gardens: Nature's Sincere Gifts - 05/09/22 07:28 AM
Nerdin Gardens: Nature's Sincere Gifts
What do you give someone who has everything? Well, now that growing season is upon us, a tasty treat from Nerdin Gardens hits on all marks! Prior to meeting with clients on a listing, I visited the raised beds.
There, under the greenery of the leaves, sat about a dozen red, juicy strawberries just daring to be chosen and I picked every single one. Popping one in my mouth, it sang the sweetest tune on the tongue!
After arriving at their house, I presented the bag to the owners and their faces lit up with gratitude. Who knew such … (16 comments)

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