panguitch lake: Catch and Release? No Way! - 06/12/18 07:45 AM
Catch and Release? No Way!
My husband and I love to go fishing at Panguitch Lake. It has been our favorite spot for many years. A weekend spent in a rustic cabin suits our needs and allows us to unwind and enjoy being present together.
Packing a few meals early morning, we then set out to the water. Most of the daylight hours are spent on our pontoon boat, casting, baiting and catching. We have been known to do some night prospecting too! 
Some people fish, catch, then release. Why go through all the preparation and planning to just let them go? Which reminds me of business. Are you in it to capture clients … (22 comments)

panguitch lake: Happy Labor Day ahhhhhhhll! - 09/04/17 04:37 PM
Happy Labor Day ahhhhhhhll!
After working most of the weekend, my husband and I quickly planned a day trip to Panguitch Lake. As we threw in the anchors at 7:10am this morning, we settled down for a day of cast, bait, catch, rinse and repeat.
Because the lake was turning, a slight change in pole configuration was necessary. Instead of filling the bobber with water and allowing it to sink to the bottom, we now floated it off the top with night crawlers.
As soon as we did that, BAM! we caught three nice size Rainbow Trout. It is amazing what can be accomplished when you are … (19 comments)

panguitch lake: In search of pirates on the high seas...! - 08/07/17 07:43 AM
In search of pirates on the high seas...!
Oh, to have the imagination of a 3-year old again.
Early Saturday morning Popop, Ruger and I woke at 4:30 am ready for the day's adventure at Panguitch Lake.  We arrived at 7:30, launched in calm waters, setting out to catch a few fish. And we did!
Before leaving, Captain Ruger and First Mate Popop took a brisk spin, slicing through the high seas in search of pirates. Though we caught sight of a pirate's boat, no one was aboard.
Cannon fire was unnecessary at that point, so we hooked up, heading toward home. Picking fresh strawberries from the patch in Nerdin … (8 comments)

panguitch lake: ANGLER ALERT: Free Fishing Day in Utah - 06/09/17 11:12 AM
ANGLER ALERT: Free Fishing Day in Utah 
Let's go FISHING! Saturday, June 10, 2017 is Free Fishing Day. Everyone in Utah can fish for free that day. Please remember to follow the rules and laws in place, they still apply and remember to have FUN!
Washington County, Utah has some amazing fishing areas that are great for day fishing or weekend camping trips. Local lakes and streams are teeming with fresh water fish. Utah yearly fishing licenses cost $34 dollars for adults, less for seniors and children. For more information go to:
If you have the patience and the right lure, fly or jig...Good Things Come to Those … (2 comments)

panguitch lake: Chasing rainbows...again! - 06/12/16 11:22 PM
Chasing rainbows...again!
I love rainbows... and browns...and cut throats...and tigers...and brookies...and goldens...and splakes... What is a splake, you ask? A hybrid fish that is a cross between a Lake Trout and a Brook Trout.

It is found and can be caught in Utah's lakes and reservoirs at:
Causey Reservoir Fish Lake Mill Meadow Reservoir Joe's Valley Reservoir  
Are you ready for some FISHING? I am. We'll see you on the water when finished at the closing table!

panguitch lake: 10 Acres at Asay Creek Ranch Near Mammoth Creek, Utah For Sale. Incredible price of $55K! - 11/18/15 04:56 AM
10 Acres at Asay Creek Ranch Near Mammoth Creek, Utah For Sale. Incredible price of $50K!
Escape from the noise and traffic of city life and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Asay Creek Ranch with panoramic mountain views. Located between Duck Creek Village and Mammoth Creek Village.
Live and fish among the abundant wildlife, the towering pines and natural landscape. This gated community offers unmatched beauty with views of Dixie National Forest and a nearby seasonal stream. 
Yearly taxes are only $233, HOA fees: $250 and land is zoned R-10.
Listed by: PK Real Estate Utah South | 21 North Main Street, St. George, UT
Call Wanda Kubat-Nerdin | 435-632-9374 or wanda

panguitch lake: Catching rainbows! - 06/19/14 09:31 PM
Catching rainbows!
When in doubt, pull the pole out.
Having a hard time deciding on how to spend a day off? During the summer months, you will have no doubts where you will find us on any given week-end or Saturday and Sunday catching rainbows, cutthroat and tiger trout. We'll see you at Panguitch Lake, where the fish are running scared and getting schooled!


panguitch lake: I'm having daydreams about night things…Let's GO FISHING! - 05/31/14 11:44 PM
I'm having daydreams about night things…Let's GO FISHING!

A fisherman caught a 13 pound rainbow trout at Panguitch Lake two days ago. Perhaps we will have the same luck!
Update: My husband and I caught our limit! Eight beautiful rainbow trout ready to fillet, smoke and eat. Not a 13 pound fish but a 5 pounder will do just fine.
Hope you all have enjoyed your Sunday!

panguitch lake: Quiet reflection amid the chaos. - 08/25/13 12:16 AM
Quiet reflection amid the chaos.

The lake offers an optimum setting for reflection, especially when the water mirrors the everchanging skyscape. Seeking tranquility is necessary to reenergize, reboost for hectic times. The surrounding solitude offers peace to clear the mind...shhhh! If you lend an ear, you can almost hear the clouds rolling by.
Oh! I think I got a bite!
So much for quiet, here comes the chaos!
Are you ready for it?

panguitch lake: Ode to a day of fishing: Rinse and repeat often. - 08/18/13 12:44 AM
Ode to a day of fishing: Rinse and repeat often.
Bait. Cast. Wait. At last! A catch. Throw back.
Re-bait. Cast. A tug! Success. Rinse and repeat. Often.
There is nothing quite like being on the lake with optimum temperatures, a cooling breeze keeping you company while fishing the memorable day away. In order to be successful while fishing you must rinse and repeat often. This applies to business too!
Happy Sunday all!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at to help because Wanda Can!
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a … (16 comments)

panguitch lake: CAUTION: Do not use babycrawlers when prospecting... - 08/14/13 11:45 PM
CAUTION: Do not use babycrawlers when prospecting...
Unless you're looking for less than average results!
While at the store buying last minute items for an afternoon fishing trip at Panguitch Lake, my husband inadvertently grabbed a container of Babycrawlers rather than the usual large, beefy earthworms. We get to the lake, settle in and cast our lines. Immediately, my husband snags a trout and as he begins to reel in, he notices the fish is not putting up much of a fight.
To his surprise, a 5 inch fish is on the other end of the line! He cuts the line and throws … (19 comments)

panguitch lake: Re-bait. Re-cast. Rinse in the drink and repeat often! - 07/04/13 10:59 PM
Re-bait. Re-cast. Rinse in the drink and repeat often!
Early morning travels to our favorite fishing spot allow us to capture the day's beginning. The cloud cover creates some beautiful scenes with the sun peeking through at intervals, as we continued to our destination. 
We arrive and set up for a day of fishing...
Sweet success! We caught our limit, including a nice 3 pound trout that is perfect for smoking! What an amazing day that yielded excellent results! I highly recommend the proven methods of re-bait, re-cast, rinse in the drink and repeat often, you will net some rewards for your efforts!
Happy Friday … (42 comments)

panguitch lake: We caught a Double Rainbow! - 05/28/13 12:04 AM
We caught a Double Rainbow!

After a full week of celebrating our son's high school graduation, my husband and I decided to head to Panguitch Lake, our favorite fishing spot, to relax for a bit. We set our chairs up on the beach, baited our hooks, cast the lines and got settled in for half day of fishing. The weather was perfect with a slight breeze that continued through the afternoon to early evening.
All of a sudden our poles bent toward the water simultaneously, both holding a nice size rainbow trout on each end. You could say that we … (8 comments)

panguitch lake: If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. ~Doug Larson - 11/12/12 10:17 PM
If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.  ~Doug Larson

The fishing season may be over for us but the days spent casting, baiting and catching are well remembered. So as we prepare for Winter's arrival, we will also be thinking ahead to Spring and of future visits to our favorite fishing spot. Ahhh! The memories will carry me over 'till then...maybe.
Enjoy the day!

panguitch lake: Motivational Monday: Awe inspiring moment! - 09/24/12 12:24 AM
Motivational Monday: Awe inspiring moment!

When was the last time your mouth dropped open because you witnessed something spectacular? No special effects. Flashing lights. Or themed music. Just pure nature taking hold? For my husband and I, that would be yesterday.
We met the greatest of fishermen yesterday at Panguitch Lake, the Bald Eagle. Soaring high overhead, it took him less than 2 minutes to achieve the goal, due to his honed eyesight, keen ability to focus and efficiency. His wing span must have been at least 8 feet or more and what a beauty to behold!
I attempted to get a few shots of … (14 comments)

panguitch lake: Fishing or Football? What would YOU DO? - 09/08/12 09:52 PM
Fishing or Football? What would YOU DO?

After contemplating whether to watch the first regular season game opener...Broncos vs Steelers or go fishing, my husband and I decided to record the game and GO FISHING! This may be our last opportunity of the season to sit on the lake and catch our limit!

Ok, so we catch our limit, then do we fry, bake or smoke the trout? Decisions, be continued. Enjoy your Sunday, we are hoping for a sunny day on Panguitch Lake!

panguitch lake: Wordless Wednesday (almost!): With grace. - 06/06/12 12:06 AM
Wordless Wednesday (almost!): With grace.

While fishing this weekend at Panguitch Lake, I couldn't help but notice how alert the sea gulls were when food became available. From afar, they honed in on a man cleaning his fish at the shoreline, then one-by-one they floated through the air, landing side-by-side, patiently awaiting the fresh meal drifting toward them.
While some may call them 'trash birds', scavengers or greedy guts; I say they are nature's opportunists, utilizing what is of no value to others. Somehow their keen eyesight or built-in sonar system reminded me of past mealtimes at my parent's house with … (13 comments)

panguitch lake: Motivational Monday: Some lake somewhere... - 06/04/12 12:38 AM
“Some lake somewhere...I'm there!

Due to a burst pipe, Panguitch Lake drained down quite a bit so we have been reluctant to bring the boat. We have been fishing from the bank instead. My husband and I have enjoyed sitting, baiting, casting and catching fish.
Whether your place of relaxation is a beach, an island, a lake or your own back yard, one thing is sure, it's time well spent!
Happy Monday folks! It's now time to get back to work.

panguitch lake: Wordless Wednesday (almost!): Tiger Trout Alert! - 05/29/12 10:17 PM
Wordless Wednesday (almost!): Tiger Trout Alert!

Prior to catching this beauty at Panguitch Lake, I had only seen a Tiger Trout in photos which did this exceptional species no justice. The swirling gold and brown colors, unusual pattern design and rich sheen was a mystical sight as I reeled it in. Unbelievable! It measured 19 inches; just 3 inches shy of becoming a keeper and a fine meal!
I caught a healthy 5 pound Cut Throat Trout that measured 20 inches and set it quickly back into the lake to live another day along with 4 others. My husband was … (21 comments)

panguitch lake: Good Weather = A Great Day of FISHING! - 05/27/12 11:36 PM
Good Weather = A Great Day of FISHING!

Anyone who knows our family can attest that fishing has been a regular activity once fishing season opens. The following are a few posts that I have written on this enjoyable sport: Hoping to catch our limit as we make our way to Panguitch Lake for a day fishing trip but will settle for good weather and a full day spent with my husband. To be continued...  

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