pets are people too: I Shih Tzu Not! - 09/16/19 11:58 AM
I Shih Tzu Not!
Animal lovers adore their pets, often dressing them up in designer duds, bathing and blowing them dry, tying ribbons in their hair, dining with them, polishing toe nails, walking them in baby carriages, buying purses to stow them, transporting them in trains, planes, boats and automobiles when traveling.
But don't expect them to lease their investment properties to people with pets for the following reasons...
Example #1:
While home shopping one day with a client, we walked inside a tenant-occupied home with the most wonderful smells. He was cooking Mexican food, yum! Upon closer inspection of the house, there were dog droppings, mystery stain smears on the carpeting and deep gouges … (12 comments)

pets are people too: Holding a Successful Dog Friendly Open House Event - 06/24/19 09:41 AM
Holding a Successful Dog Friendly Open House Event
 Yes, that is me!
Themed open houses can make quite an impact, bringing the FUN into a community. Be sure to plan ahead, potential buyers with pets will request pertinent information and be wowed with your thoroughness and expertise.
Inviting buyer agents, the entire neighborhood and surrounding area residents with their dogs is crucial for a good turnout. Dressing up in a dog costume to greet potential buyers is priceless! Other homeowner's may appreciate the creativity, ask for business cards and keep you in mind when ready to sell their property.
Recommended items (but not required):
Dog costume Multiple signs  Bright balloons Play-list of dog … (10 comments)

pets are people too: Happy National Love Your Pet Day! - 02/20/19 06:34 AM
Happy National Love Your Pet Day!
Today is an opportunity to spoil your pooch, pamper your kitties or hand feed your Guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, fish or rats. After all, they are your staunch supporters, natural mood elevators and the welcoming committee year in - year out, day in - day out!
Make more playtime for the day, take your pup for an extra long stroll or to the lake (weather permitting) for a swim, turn the sprinklers on for a refreshing run or jog together. Your kitty will love a bit of catnip or a new jingle toy. Guinea pigs love fresh fruits and vegetables, wash, … (14 comments)

pets are people too: Rainbow included. - 01/30/19 08:16 AM
Rainbow included.
Sometimes life events impede all inspirational thought or forward movement. You can change the point of view by seeking solutions rather than relenting to what is ahead. The answer may be in the skyline, just above the eye line.
Rainbow included.
You're welcome!
This post is dedicated to Endre Barath, Jr., and Diane. May you find comfort in all your efforts to help Carmen through the love and compassion you have both demonstrated selflessly.

pets are people too: It's Caturday! Meow's the time to adopt a kitty from a local shelter. - 08/08/18 09:56 AM
It's Caturday! Meow's the time to adopt a kitty from a local shelter.
Today, this day is a great time to donate to your local Animal Shelter. Normal adoption fees for cats are $40 however, during this event if you bring a pet supply donation to the St. George Animal Shelter those fees will be waived.
Just like the cat in the picture I am in shock too!
Come on, celebrate International Cat Day aka Caturday. Adopting a pet while also helping other animals at the shelter sounds like a good plan to me. This event will start today, August 8th and will go till August … (12 comments)

pets are people too: Misting rain masks veiled tears as the clouds silently weep. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - 03/15/18 09:32 AM
Misting rain masks veiled tears as the clouds silently weep. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin
This has been a tough week. On Saturday, our pet pot-bellied pig Miss Prissy passed away. Then on Tuesday, Bacon, her soul companion died. Together they created quite a legacy, seven offspring! Theirs was a true love affair from the very beginning as he was infatuated from the moment they became house mates. He always had to be touching her as they slept. When Miss Prissy passed on Saturday, he refused to eat or drink and died of a broken heart. We knew it was just a matter of time.
Godspeed Bacon, … (6 comments)

pets are people too: Mother of Seven Quietly Passes Away. - 03/11/18 08:32 AM
Mother of Seven Quietly Passes Away.
There will be no news headlines to grab attention and go viral or grand funeral procession for this beloved local celebrity. Only quiet reflection as we start our first day without a dear family member. 
Local Veyo patriarch, loving partner and mother of seven offspring died yesterday and was put to rest surrounded by loved ones. Miss Prissy lived a good, long life in the comfort of the well appointed condo shared with Bacon, her constant companion.
We will all miss her greatly as she transitions on from this world. Goodbye sweet one, you brought love, many smiles and much happiness … (10 comments)

pets are people too: Do invisible fences make better neighbors? - 10/12/17 06:39 AM
Do invisible fences make better neighbors?
A rural homeowner in a Home Owner's Association recently received a certified letter complaining about his dog at large. Most likely it was one of the neighbors who felt threatened.
His pet is on an invisible electronic fence system so it only appeared the dog was on the loose, when in reality she was contained. The dog never left the property, charged or growled at passerbys.
My question is: Why didn't the complaining neighbor have a friendly conversation with the owner instead of turning him in to the HOA?
As a society, it seems we are getting away from effective communication and leaning more … (6 comments)

pets are people too: Happy Monday: A True Love Story. - 07/17/17 07:44 AM
Happy Monday: A True Love Story.
Our pot-bellied pigs truly love each other. My husband threw two overripe bananas into the pen. Bacon, the male pig, picked one up and carried it over to Miss Prissy, the female pig, who was sleeping, dropping it right in front of her snout. 
He then went back and ate the other one. True Story! Special moments are meant to be shared, Happy Monday all! 
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at to help because Wanda Can!
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a local … (16 comments)

pets are people too: It's FRI-YAY! It's FRI-YAY! - 05/05/17 06:07 AM
What does that mean to you? For this REALTOR, it means catching up, readying for the weekend and being available for clients. Good thing my office assistant is on standby. 
He is:
on-the-ready, taking good direction with a good attitude willing to take on what the early morning hours bring and  happy to oversee making copies of documents, ensuring none get away or slip through the receiving tray  
Tux creates a drama-free atmosphere and continues to put his best paws forward, ensuring the work gets completed in a timely manner. I think he can take SATUR-YAY off once he finishes the work list.
What does your assistant bring … (5 comments)

pets are people too: Complete trust is mutually inclusive. - 04/22/17 08:15 AM
Complete trust is mutually inclusive.
Every morning at the home office, Ashley, our 18 year old 'sometimes in - sometimes outside' cat climbs into my lap. Soon she sets to purring as I gently knead her furry head and body until she falls asleep. This has become our daily ritual. She holds a special place in my heart. Growing up with the boys, she often walked them to the bus stop. They are both grown now, living on their own.
p.s. I think she is too!
Haruki Murakam said it best..."Holding this soft, small living creature in my lap this way, though, and seeing how it slept with … (6 comments)

pets are people too: FREE PUPPY with every SALE! - 04/01/17 11:12 AM
FREE PUPPY with every SALE!
For a short time only, for every successful home buyer transaction with me, you will receive a puppy. What better way to make a Home Sweet Home than to hear the click of puppy paws rushing to greet you every time you cross the threshold of your new home?
Do not delay. Buy NOW! Limited supply!
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at to help because Wanda Can!
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a local homeless shelter.

pets are people too: A cute animal behavior. - 02/17/17 06:43 AM
 A cute animal behavior.
Paying attention to animals and their instinctual behavior can definitely teach us more about how to:
approach tasks overcome adversity and how to survive major setbacks  
Our 17 year-old Ashley cat has managed to survive long past the average age for a rural, outdoor kitty. Her skillset to survive is honed, especially the fight or flight response when it comes to prey or territorial disputes.
She loves being outside, foregoing the comforts of indoor living. Ashley spends a generous amount of time alone, taking in her surroundings, determining her days. She is an independent one!
Animals are motivated out of necessity. They are not dependent on others to achieve their … (12 comments)

pets are people too: Let yourself go! - 07/17/16 11:25 PM
Let yourself go!
Laughter really is contagious! Have you ever noticed that when you hear a good belly laugh that you can't help but to chuckle yourself?Laughter has been proved to reduce stress levels and strengthen stomach muscles. So stop and think of something funny and let yourself go! Laughter is good for the heart. Laughter lightens the mood. It releases endorphins into your body and elevating your mood.
Remember: Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone! Happy Monday all.
Know anyone thinking about moving to Washington City, Utah? Questions about the southern Utah area or any Washington County, Utah homes for sale? Please contact … (11 comments)

pets are people too: "She will fill you in on the vegetables… - 05/12/16 11:55 PM
"She will fill you in on the vegetables..."
I bet you thought this was going to be a garden post! This was a text I received late last night, thanks to auto-correct. Though instant messages are convenient when exchanging information, ensuring the true message comes through to avoid any misunderstandings is paramount.
Scenario: A potential buyer went under contract, only to find out that all pets, dogs and cats, were required to be maintained inside the home, held while outside or on a leash at all times. No running in the back yard unattended, especially barking dogs. The rule was created and enforced to ensure the quiet … (5 comments)

pets are people too: Merry Christmas from our home... - 12/23/15 10:20 PM
Merry Christmas from our home...
To yours.
As you journey through the day, whether working or preparing for visitors or planning a family feast for Christmas dinner, we want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas with many amazing blessings ahead!
Our son Spensyr took this photo of our outdoor cat Ashley a few years ago and I thought it was very appropriate to represent our Christmas card this year.

pets are people too: Get in shape? Round is a shape! - 02/25/15 10:30 PM
Get in shape? Round is a shape!

While visiting my sister, her 'fat cat' made a candid appearance to say hello before quickly heading back to his business. Believe it or not, he is pretty nimble on his, when on his paws, that is!

She is not quite sure how he attained his rotund appearance or large size but some the following sayings may play true...

The cat who frightens the mice away is as good as the cat who eats them - German proverb  
The cat is honest when the … (8 comments)

pets are people too: Warning! Huge dog running amok! - 02/18/15 06:28 AM
Warning! Huge dog running amok!
Zero notice in the Showing Instructions...No mention from the agent when setting up the appointment...Lack of effective communication! Is it necessary to remind listing agents that dogs loose inside a home may pose a danger?
We pulled up in front of the home to view. I rang the bell two times, got the key out of the electronic box, opened the door, stepped inside and yelled real estate. Glad that I didn't have to run too far to make it out the door.
As soon as I saw the huge Boxer making a beeline straight toward me, I let out a … (8 comments)

pets are people too: …and keep your hands to yourself! - 11/18/14 06:59 AM
…and keep your hands to yourself!
Body language is very telling, especially when it comes to animals. They are extremely honest, downright rude at times and do not discriminate socially.
Hiway, our cat was a perfect example of letting us know if she had enough human interaction, no questions about that! Just the look on her face told us so.
When pets wish to be left alone, they usually will retreat. Of course there are exceptions and the reason dog bites are reported daily.
Once a cat is ready to strike, it will:
Turn the ears back Hiss or spit to warn  Extend … (11 comments)

pets are people too: Awe-mazing moments of inspiration! - 09/01/14 10:41 AM
Awe-mazing moments of inspiration!
Though small in stature, the Hummingbird's presence is quite captivating. Flitting here to there collecting pollen among the Red Salvia, the focus evident, never wavering from her dutiful mission.
Fall is near and many plants that are now in full bloom will go dormant with the approach of cooler seasons. Food will be less plentiful, the effort will be greater to forage.
Take on the Hummingbird's work ethic and you too can make a big impression. You never know, you could even be awe-mazing. Happy sales all!

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