positive thoughts and motivations: Stormy sideshow previewing... - 02/23/19 11:42 AM
 Stormy sideshow previewing...
Disappointment presents an opportunity to grow through adversity, awakening dormant reflexes. Confidence is knowing that intentions still reside in the outcome, fully aware that the future holds interminable possibilities.
Happy Sunday all, it is looking promising from here!
Stormy sideshow previewing before a sunny display! ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin
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positive thoughts and motivations: Buy. Sell. Repeat. For Client's Sake! - 11/09/18 09:03 AM
Buy. Sell. Repeat. For Client's Sake!
Repeat business is important for maintaining or pushing business forward. Since beginning a career in the real estate industry, I have been lucky to continuously receive referrals from past clients to their family and friends.
Starting in a down market was challenging financially at first. Once I gained a foothold on how to be effective and helpful to those who owned distressed properties, trust eventually formed and the phone began to ring.
None of these relationships have ever been taken for granted. My business model extends past the success of a transaction. An Agent for Life status is what I strive for. … (27 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: Presence presents precedence. - 10/01/18 07:24 AM
Presence presents precedence.
This is the day to outdo all previous ones. Another chance to make that call, gain a client, self-improve, sell a home. Before the sun sets today, 'a new you' outlook can be attained when you glance inward. See it, seize it with eyes wide open!
Presence presents precedence. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin 
Happy Monday all!

positive thoughts and motivations: In honor of Lou Ludwig, an ActiveRain Leader. - 12/22/17 03:01 PM
In honor of Lou Ludwig, an ActiveRain Leader.
Oh my heart, Lou Ludwig has passed away! What a bright, blessed soul and a favorite 'achieve and succeed' mentor of mine here in the Rain. I read his posts almost every day since joining in 2009.
The inspiration he exuded touched many people's hearts, minds and souls. His contributions here, there and everywhere will continue on and there will never be another like him.
Sending his family and all AR friends love and comfort at this time, Godspeed Lou 'til we meet again!

positive thoughts and motivations: Is there a secret to happiness? - 12/14/17 07:04 AM
Is there a secret to happiness?
My husband and I ate at a local Chinese Restaurant last night in St. George. After the meal, we were excited to reveal our fortune cookies. Mine started out well and as you can see, was cut off.
So it became a fill in the blank fortune, where I could create my own ending. I would have to say...The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in loving what one is doing.
Sounds like my family life and real estate career!
How would YOU finish the fortune cookie saying...?
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me … (18 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: Remember to turn on the light! - 10/14/17 07:24 AM
Remember to turn on the light!
Recently, I experienced a short lull in business. Instead of becoming paralyzed with fear, I continued to show up everyday at the downtown St. George office, doing floor time, working on my new web site and making calls.
Times like this can be very uncomfortable and are a lesson in patience, faith and tenacity. 
There were several potential buyers in the pipeline who had decided to pursue other areas of the country for their dreams of home ownership. I sincerely wished them well, then quickly changed the focus.
Quarterly mailings do work. You may not see immediate results but a text message here and a phone call or e-mail … (10 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: Every morning you have two choices... - 03/25/17 06:56 AM
Every morning you have two choices...1. Sleep with your dreams -or- 2. Wake up and chase them. - Unknown
For me, meeting the day, rather than waiting for it, works.
Getting up, dressing up and showing up has been a reflex that still gains positive results. While most meet and greets are intentional, the possibilities are endless of who may be met by chance.
And who wants to miss an opportunity like that?! 
Buying or selling a home in southern Utah? Call me at 435.632.9374 or contact me at wanda@buynsellutah.com to help because Wanda Can!
A portion of every successful real estate transaction goes to Bed 'n' Biscuits to help fund Switchpoint, a local homeless shelter.

positive thoughts and motivations: The TRUTH. The whole TRUTH and nothing but... - 01/10/17 06:12 AM
The TRUTH. The whole TRUTH and nothing but...
We are, unfortunately, living in The National Enquirer of times. No longer is the media held accountable to relay the truth through un-biased reporting, they are more interested in being the first to to gain the attention of the public through salacious, sensationalistic means, no matter the cost.
Thankfully, the real estate industry is still made of truths and we are held responsible to communicate only accurate information, no hearsay involved. Solid facts backed by reliable data enables clients to be well informed about the decisions they will make, whether buying or selling.
Putting clients first means adhering … (5 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: Day 8 of 10 Thanksgiving Challenge | Life's Struggles - 11/20/16 10:37 PM
Day 8 of 10 Thanksgiving Challenge | Life's Struggles
Without challenges, there'd be zero growth. A person's full potential never to be met.
Growing up poor meant going hungry some days and living homeless, sleeping in a station wagon with 9 other people taught me self-motivation! Perhaps that is why I continue to get up, dress up and show up. My own hard work has helped create a satisfying lifestyle.
In a post written several years ago that described myself similar to a Weeble because even though I may get down, I manage to pick myself up and move forward. Thankfully, a loving, thoughtful family stands beside me now, offering support when needed.
The attitude … (1 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: He asked. She said YES! - 10/24/16 12:00 AM
He asked. She said YES!
Now that we know the who, what and why, the when and where will take careful, thoughtful planning. Our son Spensyr and Mandy will be getting married the first week in November 2016.
Soon they will live together in marital bliss to continue as one. Guess who will be ready, willing and able to assist them when they are ready to purchase their first home sweet home?
Glad to help because Wanda Can!
Questions about the southern Utah area or any Washington County, Utah homes for sale? Please call 435.632.9374 or wanda@buynsellutah.com. Glad to help with your real estate needs because Wanda Can!

positive thoughts and motivations: Adapt and adjust, that's what we do! - 08/27/16 03:41 AM
Adapt and adjust, that's what we do!
After seeing a question posted on another social media site discussing whether REO's are prevalent or a thing of the past, it got me to thinking. While very few foreclosed homes have hit the real estate market in the last couple of years, there is indeed a cyclical nature to the business.
Mention of a coming market adjustment gets one to re-thinking current business methods and how to prepare for such an event. Every presidential election year brings hope for a better future but it also creates a lot of doubt among the American people on decisions made that can adversely affect our way … (9 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: Stangry? - 06/23/16 11:36 AM
stan-grē: constant state of ugly disposition or bad temper, difficult to deal with on a daily basis
We've all known our share of people that fit the description. Those who have a filter but refuse to utilize it for a softer approach. Anything can set them off, even minor trivial issues become magnified beyond boundaries. They tend to put a negative spin on every subject in an effort to interrupt and overtake conversations in person and online.
I’d rather have FUN and appreciate the day-to-day opportunities that are presented and if you do too, repeat after me...Stangry, stangry, let me be, keep your madness far from me. Happy sales all!
Thinking … (10 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: Don't ask. You say? - 06/03/16 01:11 AM
Don't ask. You say? 
A 10 year old article adamently stated you should not ask for referrals, ever. For me, that is like giving up the potential for future referrals because of someone elses idea or business model. I say, do what works best for you!
One way to clinch referrals from past and present clients is to do a fantastic job through representation. Part of that is being inquisitive enough to talk about their friends and family who may be moving to the area or selling.
From a young age, I was always told the answer is NO until you ask. And besides, if you fail to market and … (11 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: He said - She said: It's Not MY fault! - 05/25/16 11:48 PM
He said - She said: It's Not MY fault!
Society continues to lay a weak foundation where it has become a practice to point fingers at others for a person's own lack of success, irresponsible spending habits or deficient motivation for earning a living.
Do you think it is acceptable to forgo personal accountability and responsibility by making excuses and playing the Blame Game? This person doesn't, at all!
Want to purchase a home but can't qualify for a mortgage? Speak with a professional, reputable lender on what to do to get moving in the right direction. Follow instructions implicitly and if you don't, pick up a mirror and look into it. Your fault! 
Spending … (4 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: Angry spittle-flinging conversators. - 05/21/16 05:26 AM
Angry spittle-flinging conversators.
Have you noticed that no matter the subject, target audience, tone or point of view of a written post on social media, someone will take a different line and want to argue the point?
During my 7+ years on ActiveRain, I have written over 3,000 posts on everything from gardening, family life, to hiring an experienced REALTOR to help consumers realize real estate goals.
It has brought business from other real estate agents across the country due to subject matter, consistent methods, transparency and is actively read daily by potential buyers and sellers alike.
Social media can be a powerful force in pushing a business forward by generating … (7 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: Making a true connection! - 05/05/16 12:14 AM
Making a true connection!
Being genuine helps to cultivate long lasting personal and professional relationships. It also means paying close attention to what really matters while building a rapport. Avoid rushing the process, anything worthwhile takes time to cultivate.
Using care when interacting will grab the attention of those intended. Sharing information about common interests can also help find out what matters to them and can determine the direction of the relationship. Avoid over-thinking, be natural.
And when it happens, Wow!, what an uplifting experience!
The rest follows...

positive thoughts and motivations: REALTORS -are- SUPERHEROES! - 04/29/16 12:21 AM
They tackle every challenge with selfless graces,
Using enhanced listening with smiles on their faces,
They are ultra-diligent and wise about local spaces,
And quick as a flash when looking at places!
They shield buyers and sellers from unnecessary stresses,
Building ironclad trust on a day-to-day basis,
Their lightening quick reflexes match the clients paces,
Zooming in on real estate goals that the consumer embraces!
We are a humble group of professionals who put clients first every time while contributing to the communities in which we live. The next time you see a real estate agent, ask what superpowers they hold, you may be surprised at the answer. Here I go to save the day...!
Washington County Board of REALTORS Annual Golf Tournament … (4 comments)

positive thoughts and motivations: Transparency in business. - 04/21/16 11:47 PM
Transparency in business.
Service industry related business demands transparency. Customers and clients want to know you, the the real you, not just the 'business only' professional. The best way to gain know-a-bility is face-to-face, through social media web sites, public functions and local organizations.
Of course, there is such a thing as too much exposure online. Stay to the positive side, no rants or personal attacks. Talk about or post about a hobby or activity to engage an intended audience, like gardening, painting, or hiking the great outdoors. You will soon gain a healthy following.
Mother Nature knows all about this transparency thing, nothing hidden just pure beauty. Happy sales all!

positive thoughts and motivations: Spring performs brilliantly! So should we. - 04/05/16 11:39 AM
Spring performs brilliantly! So should we.
With nature, it takes more than just being present, it's Show Time! A one chance act to make that lasting impression, to fullfil the timely goals set forth. As real estate agents, we can learn much from the inherent creations of plant life and the earth's ever evolving environment.
Happy Wednesday all, enjoy!

positive thoughts and motivations: Do I bug you? - 04/04/16 08:04 AM
Do I bug you?
Like a kid in a candy store, I get excited when it comes to cute little things in fun packages, especially Lindt chocolates dressed up like beetles, ladybugs and bumble bees! They take me back to a simpler time when smiles came much easier and were more plentiful.
What little things in life make you smile?

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