putting the clients first: Smiles All Around is The Goal for This Southern Utah Realtor! - 05/05/18 10:00 AM
Smiles All Around is The Goal for This Southern Utah Realtor!
From the first point of contact with potential clients, asking very specific questions prior to showing properties, then listening helps to qualify. Ensuring a price point is pertinent before setting out to different communities to gain a feel for each area. 
Agreeing on similar ground is necessary once they discover a potential home sweet home in a desirable neighborhood. The spirit of cooperation and negotiation comes into play for all parties to get to the closing table, achieving the goals set forth.
Smiles all around is the intended end result, right? It certainly is for me. Happy sales all!
Buying or selling a home … (5 comments)

putting the clients first: A remark left or taken. Seriously, you must decide. - 04/02/18 06:48 AM
A remark left or taken. Seriously, you must decide. 
The art of listening lends to giving undivided attention by showing sincere interest in a discussion. It is imperative to decipher subtle nuances in conversations that may be brushed over quickly but become a major point of awareness once the home search begins.
Such things as:
Room for pets Near schools Golf course views Gourmet kitchen Workshop for him Spa in master bath Room for entertaining Quiet neighborhood Upgraded amenities Low HOA monthly fees Close to medical facilities  
Body language can also be very telling, so be sure to observe clients when they enter a neighborhood or cross the … (6 comments)

putting the clients first: Who's gonna fill your shoes? - 02/26/18 06:39 AM
Who's gonna fill your shoes?
~ Little Kenslee Mae - our 7-month old Gbaby's feet ~
As time continues to march on despite any efforts to slow it down, this thought comes to mind. Will there be someone to take over business, to ensure that it runs smoothly in the future?
Could it be a son? Daughter? Nephew? Grandchild? Fellow agent?
Many agents come from a long line of industry professionals, where others, like me, are first generation real estater's. My oldest son has shown some interest in joining the ranks of sales people.
Will that person show a sincere commitment with a desire to serve clients to the fullest, through self-motivation? … (16 comments)

putting the clients first: The Hound and his Bone - 02/06/18 01:41 PM
The Hound and his Bone
A hound dog found a juicy bone, holding it tightly in his mouth so it did not get lost. He intensely growled, snarling at anyone who came near enough to pose a threat. Soon he ran into thick forest to bury his prize. 
Carrying the bone over a small bridge, looking down into the water, seeing its own reflection, he discovered another dog with a bigger bone. Without any further thoughts, he knew he wanted that one too!
He growled and made a big fuss, so did the other dog. He continued this for some time, snapping and snipping aggressively. As he opened his mouth wide to bite, the bone fell into … (41 comments)

putting the clients first: Finish what you started. People are depending on you! - 12/19/17 06:10 AM
Finish what you started. People are depending on you!
From the time I was a small girl, a simple lesson was set to motion. Once you begin a project, see it through to the end. This has served me well through the years, especially as a real estate agent.
Following up and following through has become a reflex. When taking on new buyer clients, good communication from the start is also pertinenet to discovering their want and needs in a new home.
Listening to subtle nuances in the conversation and observing a client's body language can be very telling as well. Sometimes what is not being said … (10 comments)

putting the clients first: Reduce the risk by hiring a local agent. - 12/05/17 07:35 AM
Reduce the risk by hiring a local agent.
Just yesterday, I met with an out-of-towner looking to purchase in the southern Utah area. He agreed that home buyers need the guidance of real estate agent professionals who have local understanding.
A local agent:
Minimizes risk with local knowledge Has local insights on specific properties  Is privvy about local market conditions Possesses local community information  Lives, works and plays in the local area  
There are so many instances where living in southern Utah has opened my eyes, broadening the knowledge base. Sharing that with potential buyers is crucial to helping them make an informed decision.
Thankfully, some consumers understand the process and are more than willing to reduce their risk of making a poor … (52 comments)

putting the clients first: Show them honesty by example, integrity through actions. - 02/21/17 09:42 AM
 Show them honesty by example, integrity through actions.
It appears that an influx of new real estate agents have recently come on board because of the increase in local market activity. Most newbies are looking for inspiration, direction and perhaps a little mentoring.
Taking the time to help a fellow peer may ensure their success, which in turn lends to purposeful accomplishment for all. Learning from seasoned agents encourages an advantageous wealth of knowledge shared.
Adhering to the Code of Ethics that drives our industry means intentionally serving the consumer to the highest and fullest degree. Though mistakes may be made, most likely they will be honest.
This past decade … (3 comments)

putting the clients first: Getting an accepted offer is akin to sinking a 30 foot putt! - 08/07/16 05:21 AM
Getting an accepted offer is akin to sinking a 30 foot putt!
It takes patience, fortitude and focus to accomplish the goal set forth. All conditions must be met, the line of sight clear of all obstacles, no impediments blocking the intended path.
Maintaining a confident stride, knowing that success is within striking distance and with sincere intention, it can be attained!
Happy sales all!
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