real estate professionals: Presentation is everything but sales and stats rule in real estate! - 03/19/15 11:22 PM
Presentation is everything but sales and stats rule in real estate!


I learned a valuable lesson on my very first listing appointment with a savvy homeowner who had bought and sold many properties. I spent several hours creating a 4-color professionally bound listing presentation when I should have included a comparable market analysis. 
This mistake cost me the listing. We only get one opportunity to impress and convince home owners that we are the best agent for the task at hand with proper, up-to-date, reliable information. They expect real estate professionals to be above their knowledge base regarding:
sales abilities marketability of their home time-frames / deadlines … (15 comments)

real estate professionals: FYI: There are only 18 Fridays left 'till Christmas! - 08/22/14 03:10 AM
FYI: There are only 18 Fridays left 'till Christmas!

And that means, you are one step closer to achieving your real estate goals for the year 2014! Are your sales projections on target? If so, then great. If not, then there is still time to make the most of what is left of the year.
Phone past clients to catch up on what is happening in their lives and let them know you are available. Inquire if someone they know is thinking or looking to purchase in the near future. The answer is no unless you ask for business.
Of course, continue … (14 comments)

real estate professionals: Real estate success is more than just a pretty face! - 08/20/14 12:50 AM
Real estate success is more than just a pretty face!
When first starting out, it is essential to find a mentor to help gain valuable insights in your chosen industry. Someone willing to candidly share their many years of experience, along with an ability to stimulate and encourage business growth.
Mine was an agent who had been in the business 25+ years, who was still excited and motivated to meet the work day, no questions asked! He gave some timeless advice that I still carry today.
He advised me to:
treat everyone fair show respect to all and  be prepared above all else! I learned a hard lesson on … (8 comments)

real estate professionals: Wake up. You're dreaming at $10K over market value! - 07/30/14 12:50 AM
Wake up. You're dreaming at $10K over market value!
Homes in a hot, new-build community typically do not last long on the market. While doing research on listings, solds, pendings, I also travel to the site, talk to homeowner's and on-site agents to get a broader sense of livability.
I will call on For Sale By Owners to see where their price stands in regards to current comparables. As I began talking to an owner, I realized his home was built 7 years prior, had less upgrades and features and was $10K over market value.
He invited my client and I to come and … (15 comments)

real estate professionals: What do Niches and Rules of Engagement have in common? - 07/29/14 06:32 AM
What do Niches and Rules of Engagement have in common? 

The opportunity to create a business niche comes with many choices but also with guidelines that follow in order to be successful.
Planning on being a golf community real estate professional? Play golf, know each and every golf course community in the area, amenities offered, price points, CCRs, Homeowner information, available lots because you will be tested.
Thinking about a career in selling Luxury Homes? Master the language, subtle nuances and the culture of do's and dont's. Wealthy people do not like to be asked for proof of income, whether buying a property in cash … (8 comments)

real estate professionals: Homeowner Question: What happens when an offer comes in? - 07/16/14 12:20 AM
Homeowner Question: What happens when an offer comes in?

When an offer comes in, we will sit down together and I will:
Explain the offer in detail.  Answer any questions you may have. Help you determine which course of action to take. Negotiate counteroffers when required. Give you all information necessary to reach a final agreement. Work with buyer’s agent, title officer and others to maintain forward momentum. Discuss questions or problems that may occur with inspections or other contingencies. Meet at the closing table at the title company where final documents will be signed. Congratulate and thank you for the opportunity to help … (8 comments)

real estate professionals: Putting smiles on faces and welcoming new visitors daily. - 02/10/14 12:51 AM

Putting smiles on faces and welcoming new visitors daily.
When I became a REALTOR, helping people realize their real estate goals was at the top of the list, where it still remains. A journey that starts with much anticipation and expectation, that ends up with smiles-all-around! Here are some things that I have learned and can help along the path to success: 
Develop a Business Plan. Include short-term as well as long-term goals.  Can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. Keep it Simple:  If you take on too many things, it may be self-defeating and disappointing. Be realistic and … (13 comments)

real estate professionals: Meeting the day to make a difference! - 01/23/14 11:13 PM
Meeting the day to make a difference!

This morning I will meet and write an offer with 1st time homebuyers at the office. Then show a young couple who have 2 children available rentals in the area and finish the day going over details with a couple who are building their dream home.
It is looking promising from here. How is your day planned out?

real estate professionals: Dare to Care. - 12/15/13 11:46 PM
Dare to Care.
If you are determined to be successful in this business, put all processes in place in order to make it happen and dare to care. After all this is a people industry.
CARING about clients goes beyond:
getting paid peer acceptance and standing in the community  Exceptional service is far reaching and oh-so appreciated. Give clients more than expected, and who knows, they may just become clients for life.  Nothing wrong with that! So, as you begin writing out next year's business plan put a little extra care in there, it will come back to you!
Happy Monday … (21 comments)

real estate professionals: Call someone who cares to answer the phone! - 11/02/13 02:52 AM
Call someone who cares to answer the phone!

A potential buyer called on a listing next door to the one I have. She said it had been 2 days of calls to the agent, with no response. I told her that I would try to contact the agent and get a showing scheduled.
I quickly phoned her back after speaking with said agent and set up an appointment to view the home. During our various conversations and text messages, they wanted to see other homes in the area to see where their money would be well spent.
Had the listing … (21 comments)

real estate professionals: One ring-dingy...two ringy dingy...three ringy dingy...four ringy dingy... - 09/25/13 11:32 PM

One ring-dingy...two ringy dingy...three ringy dingy...four ringy dingy...
Question: How many calls does it take before you give up or realize the other party may not be interested?
My Answer: Until I hear it directly from the person on the other end of the line, I will continue to call and leave messages.
After making 6 calls, with zero call backs, I finally reached a live person, was able to start a conversation and then was told they really weren't interested. Finally an answer! That could have been settled 5 ringy-dingy's ago with a return phone call.
Some replies that I have heard for no … (43 comments)

real estate professionals: Effective navigation is the nature of our business. - 09/17/13 11:18 PM
Effective navigation is the nature of our business.
Just as nature wreaks turbulent storms, our business may be party to such arduous times. It's clear sailing until a transaction goes south, then Bam! a storm ensues! It is then our duty to take the helm calmly, head toward safer waters in an attempt to salvage and continue forward momentum. Our clients expect and deserve no less than effective navigation to achieve their real estate goals.
I wish you all fair winds and following seas when the boat gets rocked!

real estate professionals: Being modest has its place but not in real estate! - 09/03/13 11:57 PM
Being modest has its place but not in real estate!

This post was inspired by Barbara Todaro in a post she wrote about self-promotion. She makes perfect sense! In the real estate industry, you are your own publicist. You must advertise and market yourself in a big way, along with achievements, however small to move your business forward. In other words, learn to toot your own horn!
  Get a listing?
    ~ Broadcast it!
  Close a transaction?
    ~ Notify everyone!
  Work in a high volume office?
    ~ Shout it out to the masses!

real estate professionals: Hey, look me over. - 08/27/13 09:48 PM
Hey, look me over.
Just don't overlook me!
This colorful daisy is easily recognized as a standout, though the field is ablaze with other vividly hued flowers that beg attention.
Are the advertising and marketing methods you currently have in place catching the consumer's eye?
If not, make those necessary changes online, in person and out in the field to put you front and center. Clients and potential buyers and sellers depend on you to provide them clear and concise communication, as well as up-to-date information. Without it, they have no choice and will quickly move on to someone else who grabs their attention! 
After all, the success … (22 comments)

real estate professionals: Got couth? If not, get some. - 08/26/13 09:53 PM
Got couth? If not, get some.
Growing up in rural Georgia back in the day was a simpler time, endless days filled with playing tag and hide-n-seek, picking muscadines off the vine, wiping them off on your shirt before popping them in your mouth. Evenings spent chasing lightning bugs and putting them in a jar so you could extend their magical glow.
We were taught manners very young, there were no exceptions made for smart aleck responses or snarly attitudes. Please and Thank You were a main staple and you learned it, durn it! My grandfather said that people lacked couth when they were rude, … (55 comments)

real estate professionals: Riverbend Estates Home SOLD! in just 37 Days! - 08/21/13 11:22 PM
Riverbend Estates Home SOLD! in just 37 Days!

My client is thrilled to be able to move on and the buyer is ready to move in! Consistent marketing and advertising this property plus follow-up on my part paid off quickly for the seller. After receiving a few offers that were well below asking price on her home here in southern Utah, my client accepted an informed offer from an excited buyer. I do love it when a transaction comes together when all terms are met, don't you?
There were smiles all around at closing and happy clients do refer their family and … (8 comments)

real estate professionals: You who? Wish I was as busy as yoo-hoo! - 08/15/13 10:55 PM

You who? Wish I was as busy as yoo-hoo!
We all get busy with deadlines to meet and details of transactions in progress but is that an excuse to let phone calls, text messages and emails go unanswered? Has common courtesy gone by the wayside for your business?
It sure seems that way because I just received a referral opportunity because you were just 'too busy' to get back to those viable buyers. Plans have already been made to meet with them, look at properties that may suit their search criteria and make myself available when necessary. Reaching their real estate goals … (11 comments)

real estate professionals: Social Media SOLD my Listing! - 08/11/13 11:16 PM
Social Media SOLD my Listing!

For those who continue to dismiss the power and reach of social media, this is a testimonial that proves people are looking and paying attention. As agents, we market to each other via the MLS, on our web sites and other real estate driven media. Advertising on Facebook is a great selling tool as well and here's why I say this:
Prado & Kramer Real Estate has a page on Facebook that advertises our listings and posts real estate tips and tidbits on a daily basis. Quite likely, the buyer for my listing never would … (61 comments)

real estate professionals: The Negotiation Dance: Should I stay or should I go now? - 08/06/13 11:36 PM
The Negotiation Dance: Should I stay or should I go now?
Negotiations stalled.
Both parties were at a stand-still and had given their best efforts to put the transaction to bed. It was a simple game of tug-of-war between buyer and seller, neither willing to give even another inch in their determination.
The seller was reasonable with his price and conditions, the buyers eager to get a great home, in a terrific neighborhood that would serve them well for many years to come. Both listing agent and selling agent submitted, received and negotiated aggressively for their clients.
At this point, … (13 comments)

real estate professionals: I'm ready to write a cash offer but... - 08/06/13 12:07 AM
I'm ready to write a cash offer boss is paying for the property. Oh! And it will also be in his name. 
I met with the potential buyer who wanted to purchase a home I had listed. After sitting down to discuss details, he then told me his employer is fronting the funds for the property and he will pay him back. He did not want a real estate agent to represent him in the transaction either.
Thanks for the information but the boss must:
Fill out the offer to purchase Write out an earnest Money check Show proof of … (105 comments)

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