realizing the clients goals: Unexpected and incredible prayers have answered the call. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - 05/06/18 09:28 AM
Unexpected and incredible prayers have answered the call. ~ Wanda Kubat-Nerdin
The Praying Mantis will emerge from their cocoon as soon as other insects they consider food, show themselves. Yesterday was the day as 100's of little ones made their way into the flower garden among the many varieties of pink, yellow, red, lavender Roses, Snapdragons, Daisies, pink and purple Clematis, Hollyhocks and more.
These tiny creatures, if they survive in the great outdoors, will grow to be several inches long and become stealthy hunters, often camouflaging themselves to be unseen by the naked eye.  Masters of remaining motionless for long periods of time, a 180 degree … (11 comments)

realizing the clients goals: How to Get a Seller Thinking in a Brisk Market. - 04/25/18 06:56 AM
How to Get a Seller Thinking in a Brisk Market.
Southern Utah continues to be one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. My buyer clients have exhausted all possibilities of homes in their price range with the amenities they require. 
Realizing I needed to get creative and think of a way to grab homeowners attention and to satisfy the buyers needs in the neighborhood of their choice. Moving quickly was most important to sustain their interest.
Creating a postcard that can be hung on doorknobs was just the thing to do. I took a photo of the area they held interest and designed a card with … (53 comments)

realizing the clients goals: A remark left or taken. Seriously, you must decide. - 04/02/18 06:48 AM
A remark left or taken. Seriously, you must decide. 
The art of listening lends to giving undivided attention by showing sincere interest in a discussion. It is imperative to decipher subtle nuances in conversations that may be brushed over quickly but become a major point of awareness once the home search begins.
Such things as:
Room for pets Near schools Golf course views Gourmet kitchen Workshop for him Spa in master bath Room for entertaining Quiet neighborhood Upgraded amenities Low HOA monthly fees Close to medical facilities  
Body language can also be very telling, so be sure to observe clients when they enter a neighborhood or cross the … (6 comments)

realizing the clients goals: Umee? Meyu? O-M-G! - 03/12/18 11:39 AM
Umee? Meyu? O-M-G!
Reciprocity comes in all forms in this industry. When I discovered my husband's cousin was planning to purchase a home in the Washington state area, I phoned clients who will be listing their home there and moving here in a week.
After a short discussion, I quickly called the listing agent on their home and put her in touch with the cousin.  The home resides 5 miles away from where she was looking to relocate and it just may fit her search criteria!
A win-win I'd say for everyone. Trust with the people you do business really matters. As a long-time referral agent here in Utah, it pays to return business when … (12 comments)

realizing the clients goals: The Hound and his Bone - 02/06/18 01:41 PM
The Hound and his Bone
A hound dog found a juicy bone, holding it tightly in his mouth so it did not get lost. He intensely growled, snarling at anyone who came near enough to pose a threat. Soon he ran into thick forest to bury his prize. 
Carrying the bone over a small bridge, looking down into the water, seeing its own reflection, he discovered another dog with a bigger bone. Without any further thoughts, he knew he wanted that one too!
He growled and made a big fuss, so did the other dog. He continued this for some time, snapping and snipping aggressively. As he opened his mouth wide to bite, the bone fell into … (41 comments)

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